Premiere: Peter Matthew Bauer Shares Miracles

Though the demise of the mighty Walkmen broke hearts here in the ATH offices, we’ve loved all the impressive material coming from the band’s members since the break up. Peter Matthew Bauer, former guitar player and songwriter for The Walkmen, has offered two delightful LPs since his band’s demise with Liberation! from 2014 and Mount Qaf from 2017. Here in the present, Bauer has prepped another new LP entitled Flowers slated for a release on September 23rd via Fortune Tellers Music. Prior to the full release, we’ve been given the sheer pleasure of dropping Bauer’s latest single “Miracles” for all you fans to consume and enjoy. The progression and production of this stellar tune is some of the best I’ve heard in quite some time. We’ve got the single along with a quote about the track from Peter after the jump.

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Hey You Danceateria Types! Check Out World’s End Press

WorldsEndPress_PhotobyMaclean_Stephenson_2.132234I’ve got no qualms with my adoration of the Australian music scene, though I tend to have a certain arena from the country that I fawn over.  This new tune by World’s End Press doesn’t necessarily fall into that category, but it’s something worthy of including on your Friday night playlist.  It’s an electronic dance tune, playfully constructed to emit the maximum amount of frivolity. It’s got pulsing grooves, nicely spun harmonies and a general attraction that invades your spirit.  Yep, Friday’s are for dancing.  Stay tuned, as the world will get more from the band when their debut album is released on October 4th.

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