Subtle Beauty From Mise En Scene

Winnipeg is home to the Jets, Neil Young, and my new favorite band from the city, Mise en Scene. Formed while studying art together in the city, BFFs Stef and Jodi formed the band over mutual musical tastes and have ignited a spark with unique sounds and vibes. For a taste of the duos sound, hit up this new song “Beautiful People” and left yourself fall into the dreamy tune as it flows and slowly builds throughout.

This is part of a new EP entitled Reality Bites which is available to purchase now via Light Organ Records.


Sleepy Gonzales Announce Mercy Kill EP

Today is one of those days when I get to reflect on the last 200 or so, looking back at another school year under my belt, so it feels right to settle into those thoughts with this new Sleepy Gonzales tune. The Vancouver outfit have created this dense bit of open-air pop, which feels like the snowy imagery you find in the video; it’s cold and stark in spots, beckoning for a bit of warmth, which fortunately arrives via Ally Lowry’s vocal performance. From time to time, guitar chords ring in the background, like little pats of assurance on your shoulder, letting you know the band is there to carry you with them in song. If you like the sound, Mercy Kill EP will be out on Jun 23rd via Light Organ Records.

Bodywash Release Perfect Blue

This Friday comes the release of Bodywash‘s new LP, I Held the Shape While I Could, so why not offer up one final tease before the record is out everywhere, eh? Listening through, there’s a whole lot to the vibe, with texture after texture being built into the gradual swell of the song. At times, I can hear earlier Spiritualized in the semi-psychedelia, but then they pull back the curtain to offer up these sweeter melodic moments that play upon your expectations of where the song should go. Ultimately, the song embodies a heaviness that reverberates through your home, yet still has this coy little smile beckoning the pop-heads to come hither. The new LP is out Friday via Light Organ Records.

Bodywash Share Massif Central Video

You’re not going to want to miss out on this new Bodywash track, particularly if you’re dabbling the darkened corners of the post-punk industrial complex. For starters, the video’s really great, mixing in various components to build this futuristic world that meets up with the musical element. That music is both propulsive and noisy, though it remains wholly tied to the central melody that drives the band’s creation. Guitar notes swirl angularly, until they forced to skitter off into the noisier realms; the vocals lurk somewhere in the song’s shadows, careful not to outshine everything that surrounds them. The duo will release I Held the Shape While I Could on April 14th via Light Organ Records.

Twin River Share Over and Over

Vancouver based group Twin River has really impressed me with this new single called “Over and Over” and I had to share my enthusiasm with the ATH readers. The track features this sort of rustic, countryish theme but with super bright guitars, nice vocal harmonies, and a tight as hell rhythm section. All things I love to find in my Monday morning playlists. I think you’ll also enjoy the accompanying video which features some lovely visuals from in and around Vancouver.

This track will appear on a new EP from Twin River entitled When We Think About Time due out on August 12th via Light Organ Records.

Twinkling Pop Rock from Twin River

twinriverThose who know me, know I’m a sucker for the guitar sound that you’ll hear throughout the latest single from Twin River. It’s a little bit dreampop, a little bit indie pop, but when employed here it’s the energetic source for “Settle Down.” Deeper inside the track comes a more casual approach with the vocal delivery, letting your soul relax while the song moves around you. That guitar we mentioned gets its own spotlight mid-track as it’s allowed to solo all over the place, holding the song together in its own dynamic fashion. This tune will appear on the group’s new LP, Passing Shade, which comes out on June 17th via Light Organ Records.

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Rambling New Track From The Shilohs

140318-the-shilohs-songI love this new track from Vancouver based indie group The Shilohs.  It’s almost like this weird sort of indie pop tune with a southerny, sort of classic vibe to it.  Maybe we can chalk these guys up as another Canadian band who really wished they could move to the south?  Maybe these guys really love the great white north, but I’d welcome them down here to play us more of these sweet jams.

Pick up the band’s new self-titled album on May 13th via Light Organ Records.

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