Stream Welcome to My (Strange) Jangle from Lil Hospital

Our friend Kevin Hairs is back again with his Lil Hospital project, having just released the brand new Welcome to My (Strange) Jangle EP this week. We’ve loved Kevin’s work, plus it’s great, so feels like you should have it on your radar! This whole EP hits a little bit of everything I’ve been into this year, kind of drawing on the San Francisco sound (of late), mixing it with a fondness of Robert Pollard and company, then drenching it in a heavy coat of indiepop jangles. Suffice to say, it’s classic guitar pop you can’t seem to get out of your head. Plus, if you’re in the Brooklyn area this weekend, Lil Hospital have a show with Jeanines at TV Eye…and if you’re not…listen to both bands.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (October 4 – 8)

Sorry we took yesterday off, but it was a full day of training for us teachers, so I’ll be honest…I didn’t even look at the Internet because I was being trained on how to administer a test that I have to give today, so there’s no pressure there. Anyways, we covered some great tunes last week, so I reckoned we’d jump back in and share those out to get us started on Tuesday…that and the tunes are slowing down as we near the end of the year. Anyways, I’m still stuck on “Authenticity” as one of my favorite jams of the year (just jump in at 2:35 for starters), so be sure to spend some time with that one below.

Lil’ Hospital Returns with Revenge of Lil Hospital

First, let’s take a moment to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. Happy Birthday Kevin. Second, who is Kevin? Well Kevin is one of our favorite songwriters (see Kevin Hairs), but he’s returned to use his Lil Hospital moniker for a quick little release that I missed on Friday. It’s self-described lo-fi twee, but it employs the typical Kevin quirks, like undeniable hooks naturally creeping through your speakers. Of course, they do get a little extra bit of fuzzy noise to hide behind on this go round. It’s honestly like Wavves, if that band was playing for me instead of all the indie bros out there. So yeah…jam these songs and enjoy Revenge of Lil Hospital.

Kevin Hairs Shares New Tune

There’s good and bad with Bandcamp Friday’s; you get great new tunes from band’s you love, but sometimes you don’t catch them until the day after, so you’re bummed you couldn’t help raise a little funds. But, let’s make up for it by sharing a new tune from our friend Kevin Hairs…so now you can donate to the cause! Influenced by listening to the Microphones, Kevin’s looking back at his own early history as a musician with his project Lil’ Hospital. There’s a heavy coat of guitar fuzz on this tune, letting Kevin stay as the song’s gravitational pull with his vocals, keeping those guitars and minimal beat orbiting behind him. Never a bad day when you start with a Kevin Hairs tune!