Slow Jam from Benjamin Jones

Slow jams are where it’s at, especially as the weather calms and we move into the Winter. Today, this Benjamin Jones tune is really doing it for me, especially with the mellow opening moments, coating the drums and piano in Jones delicate voice. Through the track’s progression, the percussive elements pick up, though the song’s mood never really seems to deviate from the calm. This little number is going to be on a limited 7″ that’s being released via Plastic Jurassic on November 1st…but for now sit back and let the vibes wash over you.

Slowcore from O. Chapman

10906312_10153013184579699_2869604486636749248_nThis new tune from O. Chapman drifted my way over the weekend, and it fit in completely with the dreary weather Austin encountered, including that ridiculous hail storm on Saturday night. Still, a great track succeeds despite the weather, and I think you’ll hear something you’ll love when listening to this tune. There’s a slow pace to the tune, allowing the band to really establish a vibe that sinks you into your chair, or your soul.  I like how there’s some little vocal samples hiding just beneath the track too…it’s a weird effect that definitely benefits the song. It’s part of the Art is Hard limited hand-cut 7″ series, so you’ve got to scramble to get one of the 25 available copies…otherwise just enjoy this tune.


Download: O. Chapman – Best Friend [MP3]