Lithics Release Nature Observation Poem

If you’re one of those that missed the brilliant Tower of Age in 2020, then be sure to rectify that by heading to Trouble in Mind and grabbing it. But today, and thanks to Andy at RSTB for pointing this one out, I’m rocking a new Lithics single. If you’re looking for a marching percussive element to drive some wonky art-punk, then, well, you just need to jump on this train as it’s all about a rolling snare mixed in with some light hi-hat. Aubrey Hornor’s deadpan vocals march to the same beat, all before the guitars start to jitter in your speaker, shaking the room with angular spikes. From there, the song snakes its way in and out of your brain, weaving sharp cuts across the backbone of the marching drum beat. I love this band, and you should too!

Nathan’s Favorite Albums of 2020

It’s been a crazy year, and a depressing year, so perhaps we all retreated more into our record collections to seek out that fleeting joy. On my end, I spent a lot of time running/walking in the ‘burbs, so these are the records that played the most in my life…thus they are my Favorite Albums of 2020. The validity means little to anyone other than myself, but since you stop by, perhaps come by and check out my list!

And, just an FYI…there are 30 bands, and I linked back to Bandcamp pages so you can buy directly from the artists…except that one band because apparently they’re too cool…even though that album rips.

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Lithics Share Title Track Tower of Age

Those of you scrambling to get your hands of angular no-punk better be ready for the new LP from Lithics; it’s a collection of 13 jittery pseudo-pop rockers like the album’s title track, “Tower of Age.” One of the best things about this song, like many on the album, is the band doesn’t waste any time; their newest single starts immediately, tossing out sharp guitar stabs that step aim to dodge the spoken lyrical delivery of Aubrey Hornor. Things get frayed near the 30 second mark, momentarily shattering the momentum before the solid rhythm section takes the song back on track. Frantic and thought provoking in a quick burst, closed out by the fading of Hornor’s voice in your speakers; it’s another spot on single! Tower of Age is out on June 5th via Trouble in Mind Records.

Lithics Announce Tower of Age

Today rules. There’s so many rad tunes, but one you can’t miss is this fresh single from the new Lithics LP. The first two minutes of this track are all about the deliciousness of the rhythm section; the bass line alone is the perfect background for everything that follows. Aubrey Hornor’s vocal delivery has its own sort of bounce, almost like the pulse of the song revolves around her lyrics. It all sets up perfectly to allow the various guitar chords to knife their way in and out of the rhythm, splicing up these little angular sonic notches. It all crashes around the 2 minute mark where the song erupts into this jittery noise. Tower of Age is going to rock your socks; the album is out June 5th via Trouble in Mind.