Noisy Number from Big Deal

jpegIt seems like Big Deal have decided to up the ante on their blend of electronic bedroom pop, choosing this time to add a full line-up that would help flesh out their sound.  Almost from the moment their new single starts, you can feel the buzzsaw guitars and the pounding rhythmic drumming in your ears, pausing ever so briefly to toss a softer moment in between.  It’s a heavy-handed track, but one that’s exciting in its very approach, offering a new look at the London group.  They’ll be releasing their newest album, June Gloom, on June 4th.  Be sure to hold out for the soaring bit of vocal at the end just before the group breaks into a nice little group chant.


Download:Big Deal – Teradactol [MP3]

New Music from Being There

This is perhaps my favorite discovery of the weekend, so I hope it makes your Monday an extra special one.  Being There are an up-and-coming London act, making waves by pretty much killing an old school alternative sound.  Their album, Breaking Away, comes out early next year on January 29th, and I promise you that it’ll warm your heart.  The pacing of the tracks, like the one below, is steady, with hints of distortion on the guitars; the vocals are soft, almost whispered, creating an incredible effect.  I’m really hoping huge things happen for this band; this record deserves all the love it can get.


New Tunes from Flamingods

Please excuse us, it’s going to take a little bit of time to get our wings under us after a glorious weekend soaked in sun and booze at Fun Fun Fun Festival. I had this upbeat jam from Flamingods that I wanted to toss up from late last week.  The London group focuses on creating tighy little collage pop tunes, and this single is definitely a resemblance of that fact, using tribal drum beats, almost inducing a dance rhythm.  Oh, and the release comes via our good friends over at Art is Hard Records and features Dustin Wong, so that should make your day!


Download: Flamingods – Quesso

Sprawling New Song from Lost Left

Lost Left is a three-piece, recording their music somewhere between London and Glasgow.  They’ve just put up their new record, Levollinen, which has really caught my attention.  It’s full of these extended soundscapes, crafted with truly remarkable melodies that come in and out, and then in again.  It takes a truly willing ear to listen to this record in its entirety, but the reward you receive will have you reeling.  It’s some of the more emotional compositions I’ve stumbled upon this year, and the band’s currently offering it up for the convenient Name Your Price.  If you’re looking to lose yourself this weekend, this is the perfect place to find yourself.


Download:Lost Left – Thank You For The Lung [MP3]

Cool Vibe from Electricity in Our Homes

I stumbled upon this great track from Electricity in Our Homes, and I really wanted to share it with everyone. At first, I started to think of their album, Dear Shareholder, as a bit of constructionist pop-art, but the more I listen the more I can’t help but compare them to the early work of our dear friends in Colourmusic.  It combines odd time structures and off-kilter melodies/harmonies; somehow, it all fits nicely together giving you a nice groovy listen that’ll keep your toes tapping throughout the day. You’re definitely going to want to give the following number some repeated spins today!



Fresh Punk Rock from Throwing Up

Our good friend Kevin is legit.  Not only does he run What’s Your Rupture and Krazy Punx, but he always manages to send me these great tracks when I’m feeling like a sad bastard.  That’s not at all what he’s got on his plate when he releases a new 7″ titled Mother Knows Best by UK punks Throwing Up.  Immediately it’s brash and abrasive, banging away furiously at your ears.  All of a sudden, the vocals kick in, and you’re hooked on the female vocals, giving it a bit of jubilance along with lo-fi ferocity.  Turn it up and let it blast…then grab it from What’s Your Rupture on November 28th.


Download: Throwing Up – Mother Knows Best [MP3]

New Jam from Fanzine

One of the places I frequently troll for new music tipped me off to this great little London act, Fanzine, They also alluded to a possible signing with Fat Possum, which wouldn’t seem out of line after they picked up Yuck last year.  The group are self-releasing their Low EP, and there’s definite gems for you to enjoy.  Whether you want a slow-pace pop ditty or a nice upbeat stomper, you can find it on this short EP.  One things for sure, the band has the hooks, seemingly, to write a great track, so I’m sure we’ll hear more from them in the future.


Download: Fanzine – Rocket Fuel [MP3]

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