Talk Show Share Closer

Late last year, South Londoners Talk Show really delivered a breath of fresh energy with the release of their six song Touch the Ground EP. That one has been seeing heavy spins both at home and during ATH vinyl happy hours around town. As we push into 2023, the band continues to churn out post-punk bangers, as evidenced by this sort of slow burning, change of pace hit “Closer.” You can tell the band is just straight having fun at this point and any listener has got to feel that energy.

This track will be par of Talk Show’s upcoming debut LP due out in early 2024.

ME REX Prep Release of Giant Elk

Admittedly, I’m a huge sucker for the pop punk/indie rock that sounds/feels British, and ME REX has been at the top of that list (along with Martha) the last few years. Today, they dropped a fresh single out there that’s the perfect encapsulation of their sound. As you listen, you’ll notice that the song rolls to match the stomp of the vocal delivery from Myles McCabe; it seems like each drum fill and guitar riff was there to wrap a blanket around him. But, where the song excels is that euphoric joy that hits in the chorus as the tension finally releases. Sure, they could hit me with more bombast there, and I wouldn’t hate it, but as is, you get this punchy gem of a tune that you’ll soon be singing the rest of the day! Look for Giant Elk to drop on October 20th via Big Scary Monsters.

Groover From Exit Kid

After a string of EPs over the last few years, London based outfit Exit Kid took some time in the studio and now have a full length debut LP ready for release later this year. Prior to that drop, the band just shared this new rocker called “Classic Life.” It features a driven guitar inspiration falling in a sort of alt-rock genre but with some brightness and delicate touches to make it softer around the edges. Stay tuned for more on the upcoming debut LP release date and surely more singles to come.

Bangin New Single From Nothingheads

We’re rolling through the start of summer over here in the ATH offices and we needed a lil pick me up this morning to give us a jolt for the week. Luckily we have London based Nothingheads ready for just such a jolt of energy with their banging and driving new song called “Beam Engine.” This one is full of energy with some passionate vocals like if the B52s took their quirky vocals and pop beats and blended them with say Death From Above. It’s fun as hell.

Nothingheads will release this track as part of a new EP entitled Sunlit Uplands due out on Friday the 9th via Just Step Sideways.

Supermilk Drop Fresh 7″

Listening to the new tracks that are on Supermilk‘s new 7″, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards a band I know a lot of people hold dear, though keep quiet about, Superdrag; the similarities aren’t just in the “Super!” When the song below kicks off, things are in this sort of brooding punk mentality, but when the quietness of the vocals trickle in, the song emerges as this darkened piece of alternative pop. You only have to wait a few moments for the chorus to drop and that’s where it soars; the vocals burst into a higher octave and the band brandish a catchy distorted wall of guitars. It’s catch and it’s fun and it rocks and you need it, so grab the new 7″ HERE.

Legss Share Epic New Single Fester

If you’re in the mood for something new, fresh, yet sort of slow burning and contemplative, might I suggest this new track “Fester” from London based quartet Legss. It certainly takes a bit of time for the song to truly set off, but when it does kick in, be ready for an intense and emotional payoff. Give it a little time and I promise you’ll be happy you did.

Legss will release new EP Fester on June 9th via The state51 Conspiracy.

Island of Love Share I’ve Got the Secret

Try listening to Island of Love and imagining them as anything other than a Southern American band channeling classic alternative rock with a bit of attitude. But, the band are from London, so they’re far removed from the history of blending some of the sounds you’re going to here in their latest single, making this new drop all the more likeable. You’ll hear some of that swampy blues style in the guitar work the instant you press play, but they add in a bit of tenacity that really makes the whole of the tune seem refreshing. There’s no frills, but it’s all flare, so keep an eye out for their debut self-titled LP from Third Man Records on May 12th.

Dream Wife Drop Orbit Video

If at any point in the last few years you’ve come down for SXSW, odds are one of your friends or even you were caught falling in love with London’s Dream Wife. They’ve been one of the hottest acts as show-goers marvel at Rakel’s vocal work and stage presence, with Bella and Alice holding their own too. Now we’ve got “Orbit,” which has this ripping guitar line that absolutely hooks you into the groove put down by the bobbing bass grooves. You’re going to love the playful chorus too, with some rapid lines delivered from Rakel before a few big old howls echo about your brain. They drop Social Lubrication on June 9th via Lucky Number.

Pynch Share London Video

When I think about the sound’s that London’s Pynch are crafting, it feels like they’re rooted in the New York scene of the early 00s, specifically anything with James Murphy’s hands on it. There’s that underlying pulse that feels like it’s ready to explode at any moment and drop a hook that’ll stick for days. But, rather than delve into the easy path of build and release, the band let the song sort of shimmer on the edges, holding onto the release to let the song explore the edges of pop territories. If you’re digging on it, the band release Howling at a Concrete Moon on April 14th.

Stream Debut LP From Hotel Lux

While we all chill inside today here in the ATX, why not take the time to check out some new tunes and listen to a few just released 2023 albums. My personal suggestion for your streaming pleasure today comes from London based outfit Hotel Lux and their just released debut LP Hands Across the Creek. We stumbled upon these guys during their appearance at SXSW last year, fell hopelessly in love, and have been following their moves ever since. This album should strike your fancy if your a fan of Brit pub rock like say Kaiser Chiefs with some slight hints of Fontaines D.C. but also touches of Idles swagger. Stream the entire album below and consider a physical purchase on blue smoke vinyl from state51.


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