One More Milly Jam

You’ve probably read my praise for Los Angeles based Milly and the new music they’ve been pushing out this year. It should come as no surprise then that when they dropped this brand new track “Bittersweet Mary,” I had to share it with all my reader friends. While I still pick up on the post-emo vibe, I’m also getting these hints of like mid to late 90s alt-rock akin to maybe Silverchair or similar bands. Who knows, maybe I am way off base. Either way, you should check it out below and enjoy.

You should of course pre-order the new Milly album Your Own Beginning from Dangerbird Records. It drops on July 28th.

Milly At it Again

If you were paying attention to our website back in 2022, you may have noticed a multitude of posts about the Los Angeles based band Milly. Likely due to our newfound love and resurgence for the post-emo days, the band has straight hit a chord with me personally and turned me into a forever fan. This year the group has another sure to be stellar album planned for summer which will feature this new single “Spilling Ink.” You can give me a million more songs just like this one and it’d be a solid day for me.

The new album from Milly entitled Your Own Becoming will be out on June 28th via Dangerbird Records. Pre-orders are live now!

New Single & Video From Love Fiend

Well we are cruising through another wild week after coming down from the Record Convention, and the new tunes just keep flying our way. If you’re down for a little kick of energy and fun, I suggest you check out this new track “Hard Feelings” from the L.A. based group Love Fiend. Certainly you can hear that quirky new wave sound in there which is set off and given a driving beat with a hint of post-punk. I am sure you will love it.

This new song appears on the upcoming album entitled Handle With Care which is due out on July 12th via In the Red Records. Pre-orders are up now.

Ariella Shares Ready Single

Ariella, who just recently signed up to work with Lauren Records, has dropped two tracks this year. A month or so ago, “Blindsided” offered a glimpse at an artist working out the kinks while finding their footing; the song had great production and was a step up from the early demos, ultimately leaving us with a voice that would go on to haunt us for a few days. On this new jam (a rerecording of an early demo), the song just hits you like the Texas heat when you step off a plane in July; it’s in your face, and you’re unsure if you’re meant to be welcomed or encouraged to run. I stay stick around in order to find Ariella Fett’s voice gently weaving its way inside your brain as the heavy riffs punch through the speakers. With a voice this moving, only time will tell where she takes us.

Breezy New Tune From David Robert Pollock

It’s been a bit of a slow week for me on the new music end as I still try to shake off the Spring festival lull. Los Angeles based artist David Robert Pollock is helping ease me into a chill Thursday with his lovely and enchanting new tune “I Want the World.” I am totally mesmerized by the delicate, intimate, and brutally honest nature of his approach to songwriting. What a lovely way to start your day.

This track appears on a new EP of the same name which is due out on April 30th via Snack Shack Tracks/Anxiety Blanket Records.

Mirrorball Share Take a Shot Single

If you’re looking for that dreamy realm of pop music this morning, you don’t need to go further than the Mirrorball single below. It will instantly recall some of the sweeping melodic work that Beach House pulled off early on, which makes sense considering Chris Coady was behind the production duties on their forthcoming EP. All those comparisons aside, I think one difference I’ve been drawn to here is the clarity in Alexandra’s vocal performance; she’s got these heavy tones that don’t need varying levels of effects, as they create their own powerful emotion. Stream the hit below.

Checkout Shapeshifter From Mini Trees

Oh how we adore Lexi Vega and her musical project known as Mini Trees. She’s been bringing us hit after hit for the last several years, and this new tune “Shapeshifter” proves to be yet another jam for her repertoire. Often time people can confuse indie pop with things from just a straight radio ready pop style, but this track perfectly hits on both elements of indie with hints of pop. I can’t get enough of it.

This track is part of a new EP entitled Burn Out which is due on March 1st via Run For Cover Records.

New Single From Gold Star

Los Angeles based artist Marlon Rabenreither has been making music under the moniker Gold Star for near on a decade at this point with three full lengths and multiple EPs in his growing catalog. Today he’s adding to that impressive repertoire with this straight jam of a new single called “Wild Boys.” It features a twangy, indie folk inspiration pulling from a Dylan style of songwriting paired with sweeping crescendos and beautiful moments throughout. Hopefully this is just a taste of more to from from Rabenreither.

New Single From Slow Hollows

It’s been a bit of a slog for me to get back into the swing of things here in the new year, but I am finally starting to open my ears to some fresh tunes for 2024. Los Angeles based artist Austin Feinstein, who records under the moniker Slow Hollows, has this fresh new tune called “Idle Hands” available today for your enjoyment. After right on three years since we last heard from him, this is a welcome return from Feinstein. His familiar deep voice pairs well with his sort of indie folk rock tunes.

Slow Hollows will release a new album entitled Bullhead on Marth 8th via Danger Collective.

Check Out Future Memory From Rocket

There has been a growing trend in indie rock music as of late with a focus on heavy guitar riffs and loud drumming from primarily female fronted bands. Think of the heavy hitters like Slothrust, Bully, Girl Scout, etc. etc. I am HERE for it and will push any and all new tunes from this style/trend. Los Angeles based Rocket just released this new single “Future Memory,” and it certainly hits on these themes while expanding the sound. I love the light touch of the verses as they explode into some super raucous and energy filled choruses. Bang on.

This track is part of a new EP from Rocket entitled Versions of You due out tomorrow! It will be available to stream on download on the Rocket bandcamp page.

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