Sludgy New Single From Adult Books

Over the years, I have grown quite fond of Nick Winfrey and his musical project known as Adult Books. We’ve posted tons of singles from the Los Angeles based artist and even had him and his band on a SXSW bill a few years ago. Late last week, Winfrey sent over this new tune called “Innocence” which I am lazily just getting around to posting today. Adult Books first on new label Taxi Gauche Records, the track is a sludgy, noisy bit of rock music featuring some majorly distorted guitar work and complimentary drums from friend Sina Salessi. Here’s to looking forward to more new music and a new LP coming early next year.

Cheekface Cover Rosie Tucker’s Lauren

I’ve admitted my adoration for Rosie Tucker‘s hit LP Never Not Never Not Never Not, and one of my favorite tracks on the record “Lauren” is getting the cover treatment from fellow Angeleno outfit Cheekface. They keep the core of the song’s infectious pop chorus, but they ramp up the rock side during the verses, giving a touch more punch. The vocal combination in the chorus does a great job of adding in that added layer of melody that pop fans crave. Plus, it gives me another reason to write about a Rosie Tucker jam, and I rarely shy away from that…thus why you can also stream the OG version below.

Gabriel Bernini Shares White Room Video

Earlier this year, I was super high on Sweeties, the latest LP to drop from Gabriel Bernini via Dadstache Records. It was a solid listen, with Bernini grappling between his natural pop tendencies and his love of a hard rocking sound. Take the standout “White Room,” with its video below; it uses a heavy riff, but somewhat muted, allowing this sugary nugget to seep into your soul…you want to tap your toes and bob your head…yet still rock out a little. These moments fill the record, and gives it this sort of playfulness, tying into the video version you’ll find at the end of this. The video features Gabe stalkers chasing him through the streets to his apartment where they find success whilst stealing his guitar. Its good fun with a great song, all of which you can still grab from Dadstache!

Intimate Number From Runner

Noah Weinman is a musician who sometimes performs solo, but also gets together with a musical collective of friends under the moniker Runner. Weinman recently made the move from the more gloomy Eastern coast of Rhode Island to the sunnier skies way off in L.A. For me, one can almost hear this transition in Weinman’s new song “New Sublet” as things start off fairly quiet, and subdued, but slowly some brighter elements get sprinkled in with a banjo and more urgent vocals. It feels like we just drove across the country. Lovely.

Runner will release this song as a part of a a new EP entitled One of One on September 23rd.

Have Another Photo Ops Tune

Our old Texas friend Terry Price, now based in Los Angeles, has clearly been putting a lot of heart and soul into his new release Pure at Heart under his Photo Ops moniker. Already we heard the upbeat number “Play On” from the upcoming album, and now we have been treated to this more ballad style tune called “Take the Long Way”. For me, the guitar work is absolutely superb on this song as it plays well with the quiet, hushed delivery of Price’s vocals. The addition of some light drums and expertly placed piano work combine with Price’s guitar work and vocals to create a truly memorable piece of folk music.

Pure at Heart will drop on September 18th via Western Vinyl.

SXSW Interview: Deserta

SXSW is here! Well not literally here, but it is getting ever closer as the days go by. I know it’s hard to believe, as many of us feel like we just recovered from the week long fest yesterday. Well it’s here people and it seems like a perfect time to start preparing. As usual, your friendly ATH staff will be providing previews, playlists and our much anticipated SXSW interviews/questionnaires. Now we send these out to a lot of bands in the hopes you can pick up some varying perspectives on the vast amount of bands coming to town and how they approach the week. Our very first interview this year comes by way of Los Angeles based Matthew Doty and his project known as Deserta. Hit the jump for questions and responses from Doty.

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Did You Listen to Dummy?

There was tons of music passed over during our little hiatus, but one that I was really looking forward to sharing was this delightful track from Dummy (featuring members of Wildhoney). It’s a five second wait before the band reveal their pop-heavy sounded; I love the way the “ba-ba” backing vocals are almost used as their own pop instrument rather than just a vocal. The main vocal sits back coolly in the mix, kind of hanging out while the fuzz swarms and pulses in and out of your eardrums; the song’s filled with all these little layers and textures you’ll keep coming back to sample each bit. It’s the sort of ear candy that builds the anticipation for a future release, which we’re told is slated for later this year.

Progressive Folk From Crywolf

I don’t know about you, but I love music that can be hard to pin down into a certain genre or one specific sound. Take for example this new single “Your Joy is Your Sorry Unmasked” from Justin Taylor Phillips and his recording moniker Crywolf. It’s a song which starts simply with some acoustic guitar over quiet, solo vocals yet builds and builds with these beautifully layered vocals and sparse percussion. As I continue to listen over and over, I am finding interesting and mesmerizing layers to peel back with each time I hit play. Quite a stunning song.

Nice Pop Number From Cones

Los Angeles brother duo Cones built up a lot of buzz over the last couple of years having slowly dropped some singles here and there. After all the hype, the boys recently announced the release of their debut album entitled Pictures of Pictures out on September 20th via Dangerbird Records. As the release date draws near, a new single called “Laugh of the Party” has found its way to the interwebs. What you’ll find is a truly impressive piece of indie pop music which might remind you of a band like Generationals or even earlier, non sucky Vampire Weekend. It’s a hit. Maybe you should pre-order the new album now?


Behavior Drop the Thirsty Garden

It seems like now is the perfect time for acts like Behavior to drop back into our consciousness; their new single “The Thirsty Garden” seems to take cues from the present batch of post-punk, while still brandishing its own distinctive flare. The first minute seems intent upon inviting you into the song, fueled by tension-building guitar and the indifferent cool of the vocals. Then there’s 30 seconds of angsty rising action that recalls (to me anyway) touches of Shellac or Fugazi, all waiting to be unleashed just after the 1:30 minute mark. From there, you get this odd time contract that throws you off, with this little gruffness at the 2:07 mark kind of hinting at a Paul Westerberg nod. It’s fucking cool, that’s what. The new record, Spirits and Embellishments comes out on October 18th via Post Present Medium.

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