The Small Intestines Share Stop Pretending

For those following the nerdy side of Australian pop music, The Small Intestines is one of the most anticipated releases dropping before the year is up. Featuring members of Chook Race and Peach Happening, with a nod to Go-Betweens, The Bats, etc, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with every song. But, before they drop Hide In Time, they’ve got one slow-churning hit to satiate you pop fans. I love the breeziness of the tune, particularly the way lead guitar seems to sway back and forth between your ears. There’s a nice little sugary moment in the chorus when you get a little of a swell in the vocals, leaving you with the perfect bite of Aussie guitar pop. Hide In Time is out September 29th via Meritorio Records/Lost and Lonesome.

Monnone Alone Share New Single

Monnone Alone have a new LP in the works, and as we await final details, Mark Monnone has been teasing us with great singles to whet our appetite, like today’s “Loose Terrain.” The song takes the band’s soft pop approach and blends it with these little psychedelic flourishes on the border, giving off this sort of spiritual burst that adds a bit of boogie to your day. I love how there’s this natural swing that hits in the chorus, as Mark always maximizes a bit of playfulness in his craft, letting you get swept up in the musical charms being churned out. Have a taste, courtesy of Lost and Lonesome.

Premiere: Hot Coppers Share Soft World Video

For a long while, Gareth Parton has been working on the production side of things, working with acts like The Breeders and Go! Team. But, now he’s working on his own as Hot Coppers, dragging in some friends from The Lucksmiths, Zebras and other heralded Aussie outfits to create the songs that make up his debut LP. Our first sneak peak has us journeying with Parton as he takes us on a subtle pop journey; he’s got this heavy warmth to his voice that reminds me of a more polished Richard Hawley. The song itself is an ode to that lost love, and what’s left behind. If you’re searching pop balladry that soars, then you need look no further than this Hot Coppers tune. This song appears on a brand new 7″, and there’s a debut LP is slated for May via Lost and Lonesome!

Monnone Alone Are Back with Ways to Wear My Hair

You know Monday will be alright if you wake up to that fresh Monnone Alone single in your inbox. After Stay Foggy, the band have regrouped to begin work on a new record, and the first single from that release has made its way overseas to my desk. Mark Monnone’s voice is always a sure-fire winner, so this track really owes its success to the stunning guitar work. I love that it employs a shuffling jangling guitar line to keep the beat of the song, while the lead guitar sort of takes itself for a walk. Plus, you get a nice little breakdown just before the 2 minute mark to keep the track moving beyond your ordinary fare. Let’s hope the new LP is just as good as this tune!

Unreleased Recordings of Zac Denton Announced as Love, Lust, Lost

Zac Denton was one of the many heads of the Ocean Party, which to be honest, probably turned me onto the Australian scene as a whole. He was also a member of various other acts from Cool Sounds to Ciggie Witch to No Local and more. Unfortunately, tragedy took Zac away from us, but we’ll always have his songwriting to hold onto. Today, Osborne Again/Spunk/Lost and Lonesome/Emotional Response announce the limited release of some of Zac’s unreleased songs. I’d like for you to slide into this unreleased tune, and I’m not going to go on and on about its finer details, instead letting you just take in the pure joy that is a Zac Denton penned tune. Love, Lust, Lost will be released on August 26th, celebrating Zac’s birthday.


Exclusive Album Stream: The Smallgoods – Lost in the Woods

It’s been almost 15 years since The Smallgoods dropped their last album, but with Lost in the Woods scheduled to hit Friday, we were fortunate enough to snag an early listen to the record for you. When we first brought you news of the band’s forthcoming LP, we said that the band aimed to drop bold pop rock, railing against a stale musical climate! While I love the record’s opener, I think a great way to sample the goods from this album is to jump to track two, “Where’ve You Been All This Time;” I’ll go out on a limb here and say this sounds like Dear Catastrophe Waitress era Belle and Sebastian, swelling with arranged sounds and striking power. But, things aren’t always full of bombast; I’m totally in love with “Satellite;” it feels like the perfect pop song and thus I dare you to find a better one to have on repeat today. Shit, now I can’t stop pressing play on “A Month of Sundays;” this record is filled with twists and turns, each equally rewarding. Just imagine yourself on a scavenger hunt of every great pop sound in the last 30 years, but instead of tripping over 30 years of songs, you’ve got the only 10 tunes you’ll need today! Lost in the Woods drops Friday via Lost and Lonesome.

The Smallgoods Schedule Lost in the Woods

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a released date for the long-awaited new LP from The Smallgoods. Having mostly been quiet, at least as a collective unit, for the last 14 years or so, the band wanted to pick up where they left off with 2007’s Down on the Farm. According to Gus Franklin, the idea then and now was to rail against the staleness of the musical climate, crafting huge bold pop music with just a little quirks; they even went so far as to reference the Muppets. Here, you get that blast of pop, with layers of vocals and bounce thrown on top of extra layers of pop; it’s like building a fort out of pop blankets where you can hide out with all your friends. The band are set to release Lost in the Woods on September 24th via Lost and Lonesome.

Monnone Alone Shares Pepper Jar Single

We’re just a month or so away from the new Monnone Alone LP, so you’ve got to dip your toes into the warm water in Mark’s pool of pop. This new single quickly slides into this huge ringing chords, meant for arena rock status, but brought back to Earth by the softened jangling style of Monnone’s guitar play. While I love that big sound, bordering on crunchy power pop, I think I’m in love with the vocals on this tune; they kind of hang out there on a laundry wire of pop, blowing in the wind, occasionally gusting with these delighting notes that rise and fall so effortlessly. And if that wasn’t enough, how about the song’s fade out, just budding with infectious pop bravado. Stay Foggy will be released on September 3rd via all the usual pop purveyors: Lost and Lonesome/Meritorio/Emo Response/Royal Mint.

Monnone Alone Drop Time Is On the Run Video

Opening with Hamish Kilgour (the Clean) in your new video is bound to get some eyes turning your way, and well, if not, then at least the new Monnone Alone song is a ray of light in these rainy Austin days. I love the uplifting jangle of the guitar tones, almost hinting at sort of surf-worthy vibes, though the bright spot is the way Mark always plays with monosyllabic lines; the do-do-dos add an extra melodic texture that matches the electronic pulse of the tune. Plus, there’s a lot of open space in this tune for the guitars to kind of run and play, frolic about in the mix if you will. This is the second single on Stay Foggy, the new LP out in September via Lost and Lonesome/RoyalMint/EmoResponse/Meritorio.

Hot Coppers Share Sunflower Seeds Single

You’ve likely heard Gareth Parton’s work before; he’s produced work by the Breeders, Foals, the Go Team and more. But, the pandemic gave Parton the time to fall back in love with songwriting, which benefits us all as he shares his debut single as Hot Coppers. I’m not sure what I’m more in love with, his velvety vocals or the way the song’s have been masterfully arranged. Give it a close listen and you’ll hear an array of sounds, all lifting the song’s melodic core to listeners waiting at the altars of pop music. This has that early Jeepster Records feel to it, if that’s your cup of tea. Look for the debut album later this year via Lost and Lonesome.

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