Last Week’s Jams – (9.11 – 9.15)

It seems weird to say, but last week was the first time in a long time where I was able to find every song we covered on all the DSPs! Does this mean I’ve gone mainstream? Anyways, we had a few premieres running from the likes of Class and Alijca-Pop, so be sure to check those jams out.. And, as per usual, dipped our toes in the Austin pond, with new stuff from Holy Wire and the stream of Will Johnson‘s new LP. Oh, and we made sure we had as much Oceanic coverage as possible, throwing our weight behind Soft Covers, Native Cats, The Small Intestines and Exek! Give a listen to the singles below!

Lost Film Shares New Singles

Jim Hewitt’s knack for writing subtly charming pop tracks continues with the latest Lost Film single from the forthcoming Keep It Together LP. As his writing’s progressed, his pop sensibility has been omnipresent, albeit moving in a new direction as of late. Jangling riffs still hang about, but there’s a warmth to the recording that softens the edges a bit, crafting more of a billowing brand of pop than we might have heard in the projects earlier days. It kind of feels like he’s taken a few notes from his past, then moved them into the musical stable with other acts on Relief Map Records, which reminds me of a dreamier version of Hovvdy. Speaking of the label, they release Keep It Together on Friday! There’s another new track too, if you’re looking for something more akin to Wild Nothing, streaming below.

Last Week’s Jams (8.7 – 8.11)

Admittedly, we might have outdone ourselves last week; I’m fairly certain I’m the one to blame. Somehow, we tossed up 40 songs, though a few are unavailable in the streaming sites, so you’ve only got 38 tracks on this week’s playlist. There’s a ton of Austin stuff, with new music from Daiistar, Semihelix, Half Dream and more…obligatory A Giant Dog is in there and such. Plus, still continuously impressed by the magic that is Prewn. Oh, and Australia’s buzzing at the moment, and their music isn’t half-bad either, with new tracks from the Small Intestines and Soft Covers being considered as must listens. So, if you’ve got an hour or two to kill…go on and stream!

Lost Film Share Another Single

Never a bad day to come across new music from Lost Film, particularly as we know there’s a new LP in the very near future. This track was really interesting; I kept spending the first 20 seconds or so thinking of Pavement, but as soon as Jim Hewitt enters the picture with his voice, the song immediately sinks into a more subdued landscape. That softness pervades through the entirety from that point on, with those little classic 90s guitar noodles wiggling their way in and out of the tune. Safely landing the song in that guitar pop landscape just seems like the natural step for Hewitt’s songwriting, illustrating all the work he’s put in to fleshing out Keep It Together; the album will be out on September 15th via Relief Map Records.

Last Week’s Jams (7.17 – 7.21)

We’re still in the middle of a great year of music, and as we hit that sweet spot, there seem to be more tracks coming out every day; we try to cover as much as we can, but admittedly, we’re not perfect! It was really nice to see Emma Anderson of Lush pop her head up with a brand new track from her forthcoming solo LP. Personally, I loved that new Pachyman jam, as that guy rules and I’m totally hoping everyone catches on to his vibe. A little Austin love for Holy Wave who continue to impress with the sounds of their new LP. Then there’s old ATH faves like Pia Fraus and Tan Cologne, plus the Who Is She supergroup making the cut too. Browse, stream, enjoy.

Lost Film Announce Keep It Together

I’ve been jamming to Lost Film for a long while now, but Jimmy’s mostly been quiet the last few years, save for the odd single here and there. I reckon he’s been working on the Relief Map label side a bit. But, none of that matters one bit as Lost Film is back with its first new full length in about 4 years! Those of you who’ve followed the project will notice the jangling guitar lines, twisting and turning around Jimmy’s voice, though they do seem a bit more patient here, moving the sound more towards a more modern bit of guitar pop. There are some snappy drum bits and emphatic vocal turns to tether the project to its origins, but absolutely nothing is wrong with a bit of growth! Keep It Together is out on September 15th.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.16 – 5.20)

It’s that time of the week friends, where you get to revisit all the stuff we covered last week, mostly because we’re too lazy to do it on a Friday. We had a lot of super rad stuff, with fresh tunes from the likes of Living Hour, Interior Geometry and Lost Film. Plus, with Liars reissue treatment, I get a chance to post an old school Liars jam, so I was stoked there. Plus, our friend Nick Rad documented his fun at the Turnstile show, so I included a jam in here too, because why the heck not?! Happy Monday!

Lost Film Share Big Talk Single

Jimmy Hewitt, aka Lost Film, is one of my favorite current indiepop songwriters, but he’s mostly been quiet the last few years, focusing on his great label, Relief Map. But, today a fresh new single is ready for your ears, built with “not much more than an electric guitar, a drum machine and distorted synthesizers.” The simplistic beat just keeps your toes tapping and your head bobbing, while the dreamier guitar edges wrap themselves around each melodic note Hewitt has created. Jimmy’s voice takes the track into that hazy jangle sound, dreamily draped over that natural kick. Looks like this song is part of a greater collection of tunes written during the pandemic, so we’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

Lost Film Shares Baseball

Did I mention how much we love Lost Film? I put Zero Summer as one of my favorite indiepop releases back in 2019, and Jimmy and his guitar pop work are back with a brand new Between Melting and Freezing EP. As always, Hewitt manages to make the mundane seem extraordinary; here, he’s talking about his adoration for baseball. It’s tied up in this really catchy drum beat, which really serves as the song’s focal point, aside from the lyrics. Sure, there’s some atmospheric notes swirling around the two like pop vultures waiting to swoop in, but they never seem to interfere with the simple hooks of drums and vocals. This release should be out pretty soon via Utility Tapes.

New Indiepop from Lost Film

Having just recently announced a brand new album, we’ve now got the next single from Lost Film‘s forthcoming Zero Summer. For me, I was struck by the way the vocals were done, at least in the opening few lines; there’s this group vocal vibe that almost gives off this feeling that we’re all in this together. There’s a slight uptick in energy during the chorus, with the beat working just a little bit faster, holding tight to Jimmy Hewitt’s crisp guitar lines throughout. This is shaping up to be a collection of heartfelt pop songs that are sure to charm the pants off anyone who takes the time to indulge their sweet tooth here.

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