Lost Tapes Return with The Bill

It’s been a few years since we last heard from Lost Tapes with their collection, We Thought It Was Okay at the Time. One thing’s for sure today, the band definitely are doing okay right now, hitting that musical sweet spot of my personal tastes. For starters, there’s a wash over the track, matched by some of the shadier attributes of the accompanying video; this haze hangs on to the vocals too, giving off this dream state. But, just beneath that fuzzy pop is this stuttering jangle pop; it’s sounds a great bit like “Rip It Up” by Orange Juice, which is a sure-fire dance number for me and my wife. Not every day you come across a number that hits the dream pop and the jangle at once; this tune appears on the group’s new EP, out on Shelflife on February 22nd.

Lost Tapes Release New Video

12742816_1027405533983391_6617029569881673984_nBeen spending a lot of time listening to the dreamy pop sounds of Lost Tapes over the last few weeks. They just got up their debut album, Let’s Get Lost; it’s an understated bit of dreamy electro pop. I like the imagery of the video, especially the fact that it’s shot in black and white. It seems to fit well with the song, as the vocals are resting just behind the mix, at least in my ears. If the song strikes you, you’ll love listening to the record…relaxing and thoughtful, but filled with emotion.

Get Weird With Mr. Divisadero

mr-divisadero-promo-2015-650x400The story of Mr. Divisadero is a long one, and I won’t bore you with some long, drawn out story here (Pop Matters has a good full length).  My short version tells it that co-founders of record label Axis Mundi happened upon a long since lost album, got in touch with the original band members, and decided to release the damn thing because the tunes are so rad.  So after nearly a decade of being forgotten, we are treated to some tunes from our yesteryears in the form of this hot new track “Dreams”.  I dig the quirky, yet bright pop sounds created here complete with riffing guitars and interesting vocals.  Maybe the band will reunite and tour the country?

Pick up Mr. Divisadero’s debut, self-titled album on September 4th via Axis Mundi Records.


Pure Pop from Lost Tapes

LostTapesCover500x500-300x300Two things are great about the following track. One, it comes from the Spanish duo, Lost Tapes, who’ve managed to craft some really outstanding pop songs, which I will never tire of hearing.  Two, it’s the latest release from Eardrums Pop, one of the great small labels doing their best to promote great music across the globe. I like the bouncing rhythm of the drums, and the gliding feel of the vocals.  If you’re into this tune, you can head over HERE and grab the EP from EPop, but do the site a favor and toss a dollar or two their way so they can keep bringing us sweet tunes.


Download: Lost Tapes – War in The Netherlands [MP3]