Last Week’s Jams, Today (1.10 – 1.14)

Well, I will admit, there were so many songs last week that I loved that I may have gotten a touch carried away. I mean that new Methyl Ethyl with Stella Donnelly is a banger, plus new stuff from our friends in Blushing and the Reds Pinks and Purples! We even got to premiere some sweet tunes that only exist in special places, like our site, namely the latest from Yea-Ming and the Rumors and Good Grief. So, browse through this hour of tunes, and I beg you to find a bad one in there. You can’t! I’ll try to keep up the momentum this week!


Louise Weseth Releases Woodlands EP

Last week I brought you the title track from Louise Weseth‘s Woodlands EP, and today, I just want to give her an extra bump, as the EP is officially out today. The entirety of the EP seems to match the title, taking on this sort of woodland creature brand of folk, then mixing it with dreamy arrangements that build texture throughout each little track. For instance, “Retrograde” opens with this great light strum and Weseth’s voice, then you hear faint piano tinkering, and the song gradually begins to swell with emotion as the song even builds in some distant percussion; the arrangements make for a marvel track after track. This feels like a great day to wrap up your week, letting your mind drift off into the weekend.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (1.3 – 1.7)

Well, we’re back at it folks, scrambling back into the new year, which feels an awful lot like the last year, except, well, there are new tunes. I didn’t go too overboard, as I was trying to get my feet underneath me for another semester, so we only had about 10 news jams, but unfortunately, only 9 are available via everyone’s least favorite streaming service. Most of these are brand new singles, with a heavy focus on the forthcoming Slumberland catalog, courtesy of Artsick and Kids on a Crime Spree, plus some of our favorites like Modern Nature, Nah… and Husbands reminded us what they’re all about. So, have it. Stream on!

Louise Weseth Shares Woodlands

It’s a chilly day down here in Texas, and with that, this Louise Weseth song feels perfectly fitting. The Norwegian songwriter is about to release her debut EP, and this particular tune, to me, feels a bit like trudging through the snows of the nearest “Woodlands.” Her work benefits from the production and arrangements, with various elements rising to the front of the mix, then falling away to let different moments shine. At times the light strum of her guitar rises, then fades away to join her voice in the distance as strings sweep through the tune, twinkling on the horizon. It’s the perfect place where wintry longing and dreamy folk meld together, so we’ll be looking forward to her debut next week!