Love Sport Share Wrong Kind of Evil Video

Not too far in the past, Finnish outfit Love Sport dropped their most recent LP, And Justice For All; today we share the band’s video for “Wrong Kind of Evil,” opening with one of my favorite guitar lines from the record. Immediately building tension, the song expands into more traditional rock territory with Teemu Tanner bringing his distinctive howl into the picture. But, its the chorus here that really sells this tune, bringing in this balance between heavy rock and melody; I can always hear the band having fun as their rocking through it…great to hear the joy in recording shine through. If you dig this tune, grab And Justice For All from Soliti!

Stream Love Sport’s And Justice for All LP

Helsinki four-piece Love Sport are no stranger to these pages, particularly with their latest batch of rocking singles. But, today we’ve got more than singles, we’ve got the whole album for you to stream before it’s official release this Friday! While “The Biggest Liar in Town” introduces the record with the group’s own brand of alternative rock, they’re not here looking back to the good ol’ days, instead channeling a “vision of four friends playing music together.” My standout favorite was “Life’s a Joke” at the beginning; it kind of reminds me of the Men if they were to bring on more of a pop flavor. “Keying Cars” was a nice little twist too, tossing in this slow burning ballad that brims with pop sensibility. Walking away, “Giant Hoof” might also be my favorite jam…those guitars falling off the tracks, only to be reined in by the vocals! And Justice for All has a little something for everybody! Look for the record Friday via Soliti Music.

Love Sport Share Giant Hoof Video

This week’s been a real struggle; I feel like it has to be Saturday, yet its Thursday? Whatever, I need to rock this day into gear, so I’ll turn us all towards this new Love Sport jam. It instantly feels like you’re out of control, as discordant guitar lines feel like they’re hurtling towards disaster. Then another guitar line comes in to settle things down, drive the song forward with intensity and purpose. Still, the vocals feel like they’re harnessing the band’s wild side, especially when the vocals get their backing reinforcement, often done in a euphoric howl. They’ll be releasing their excellent new And Justice for All LP on May 22nd via Soliti Music.

Love Sport Share New Single

Finnish act Love Sport have been away for a few years, but they’re back with a new tune that’s worthy of a good Thursday morning listen (it’s Thursday, right?). The tune starts out with a definite purpose, hitting hard with discordant notes ringing out furiously so as to set the scene for the voice. Those vocals have this faint hint of psychedelia in them, sort of curling the notes and softening them with a faint wizardly attitude. There’s a nice little cleanser at the song’s close, as the energy recedes mildly and draws the song to a close. Let’s hope the band has more to offer us in 2020.

New Video from Love Sport

I’ve talked about Finnish act Love Sport several times before, and we’re back today to bring you this brand new video from the band, featuring a “boy who could not dream.” This track has a hook-laden guitar that rings through your speakers, while you watch the journey of the stuffed pig traipsing through nightlife in Helsinki. I always enjoy the balance between the bands discordant notes and their warm pop underbelly, with a special change in tone around the 2.40 mark. Their debut album Dull Tracks will be released by Soliti Music on April 13th worldwide.

New Tunes from Love Sport

lovesportI feel like you deserve this Love Sport track today, that’s if you dig great guitar jams. I can hear the slightest hint of Guided by Voices in some of the vocal notes, though they bring in a bit more angst during the chorus. Still, the emotional bounce in the verses actually has a rather uplifting affect…it hits hard with just enough melody to make the world a brighter place. Indulge yourself in a band that aims to bring you Dull Tracks (they’re anything but) once the new year breaks via Soliti. It’s a steady dosage of feel good throughout, so why wait, indulge yourself now.

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New Video/Single from Love Sport

Love Sport have graced our pages a few times before, and they’re back again today with a brand new video for you from their forthcoming record, Dull Tracks. The video is a shot in a home-video format, telling the story of a cursed guitar that just won’t quit until it’s burned into ashes. For the song, you’ll find the band bending chords, throwing down semi-psychedelic guitar licks and working with some distinctive vocal tones. I can see people making comparisons to Mac D or that horrifically named genre, slacker-pop. Regardless, I’m digging it. Look for the LP from Soliti later on this year!

Have You Met Love Sport?

lovesportHonestly, if you’re thinking, who the fuck is Love Sport, then that’s totally understandable; it’s not every day that Finnish bands break in the US.  That’s until our friends over at Soliti sent me this catchy new single from the fan, and I was instantly hooked, meaning the band have officially made it Stateside.  It’s got the appeal of modern slacker indie rock, but the production is ten times better than that of someone recording in their bedroom. It gives the tune more punch, but also encourages you to spend time with the track, rather than listen to it in passing. They’ve just completed their 6 track EP, Almost Doesn’t Mean You Made It, which will be released on September 4th by Soliti…sounds like a deal to me.

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Introducing Love Sport

loversThe waters in Finland have been growing strong, and Soliti Music has been handling the allocation of such waters to it’s many great artists.  They’ve just added a new act to their roster who I think will catch your interest, Love Sport.  The group is a hodgepodge of the label’s roster, with members of Black Twig and Big Wave Riders to name a few.  Their first single is this driving burst of psychedelic pop music; the vocals are hiding behind the main mix just a smidge, begging you to put in a closer ear.  You can also check the video for the single HERE; their Gol EP will be out on December 12th.

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