Watch This Video from Luxembourg Signal

I have been looking for a reason to post Luxembourg Signal‘s “Laura Palmer” again, as I’m pretty sure it’s in my Top 5 tracks of the year…luckily this new video from the band just popped up. Aside from the fact that the song is simply remarkable, the filmed version begs your eyes (and ears). It begins along a long dark road, racing into nowhere as the drums work rhythmically and guitars cascade around. Eventually it moves into a fading mix of band members and nature, capturing the beauty in both the song and the world among us. If you haven’t gotten your hands on the new 7″, I suggest heading over the Shelflife and grab it now before it runs out!

New Split 7″ from The Luxembourg Signal/Soft Science

testpatternThe key to discovering great new music, or being reminded of bands you love is to stay close and follow your friends (even if they’re only Internet friends–don’t buy into the hype!). Lucky for me, I troll some great people, which is how I got pointed in the right direction of this Luxembourg Signal/Soft Science split 7″. I’ve actually covered both bands before, but it’s hard to keep up with everyone, so I’m glad this came to my attention. Luxembourg Signal offer up a great dreamy pop tune for their side, filling 4+ minutes with ringing distorted guitar and melody. Soft Science take a slightly janglier approach, though still in the same vein, it’s got a completely different feel…it all leaves you feeling quite well about the world. The 7″ is now available through Test Pattern Records!

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Introducing Luxembourg Signal

LuxBand2This isn’t actually an introduction, so much as a return visit to some of our old friends.  Luxembourg Signal are in fact various members of Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars (JJ,BA, and BE to be exact), indicating to some that you’re alredy in love with the band, and you haven’t even heard them yet.  They’ve just signed on with the respected folks over at Shelflife Records to release their debut 7″, and we’ve got the tune below for the A-Side.  The song is crafted where it provides warmth via the the vocals, yet still holds an expansive sound that seems to always have been present in the songwriting of the core writers.  Hopefully we get to hear more from the group, sooner rather than later.



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