Manatee Commune Shares Mosaic Single

As you ease into your Monday, you need that accompanying piece. You need that tune that wakes up a bit groggy, then picks up a beat to move the day forward, just like this new single from Manatee Commune. At first, the beat is trickling, just a consistent little drop with synth notes dancing quietly behind; you can feel tension rising as each additional layer works its way into the moment. At 1:30 or so, the beat picks up, but it jettisons further around the 2 minute mark, thickening the bounce to a banger of a groove that gets you into the rest of your day. There’s a little respite in the latter half, slowing it down, just as you would perhaps tire in your day, then springs right back into the hooks. The new LP, Simultaneity, drops July 19th via Bastard Jazz.

Last Week’s Jams (5.20 – 5.24)

Sorry for being absent, but gotta take a day off when the government allows. Looking back at last week, we covered a ton of stuff, and I couldn’t even post it all, as there’s a few tracks missing from DSPs like the new Dennis Callaci/Heimito Kunst collaboration. But, my new flavor of the year, My Best Unbeaten Brother returned with a new tune, as did Oh Boland, so all sorts of really sweet pop made its way in here. Stoked to see there’s another Nightshift album coming out from Trouble In Mind later this year, thus you’ll hear that early in the mix. Somehow ended up with several great tunes stretching over 5 minutes, so if you’ve got time, be sure to not skip ahead! Bunch of tunes from your favorite ADHD curator! Also, if you’re on the site, be sure to check our friend Michael Maly’s photos from the recent Idles set here in town!

Manatee Commune Drop Faulted Single

When I was a young teen in the mid90s we used to hit up raves and dance clubs, just wilding away into the night, driven by thundering beats and house music. But, we balanced that with equal doses of rock and hip hop and country, and eventually I went full punk/emo kid. It wasn’t until Postal Service popped up in early 00s that I was reminded of how joyous electronic music can be. And while I’ve digressed, that’s the exact sentiment I get from this new Manatee Commune tune. It’s vocal free, but there’s definitely a great bit of movement, and certainly enough to make you move out of your chair. I love how the tune pulls back to offer up little glimmers of dreaminess, tugs it back, then lets the beat bound down through the speaker tubes. It’s light and fun, and definitely makes me wish I was carefree enough to break out the glow-sticks and play with that invisible ball I carried around on the dance floor. If you’re totally into this, there’s a new LP coming out in July via Bastard Jazz.


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