Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.29 – 12.3)

Happy Monday! We’re still here, still covering sweet jams, though we’re not really working too hard on the cred-required year end lists. Still, last week we tossed up almost 20 new jams, so figured we should run a little recap. You get new hits from the Bay Area via Reds, Pinks and Purples, Kids on a Crime Spree and Sad Eyed Beatniks, plus some videos from our friends in Central Heat Exchange. I included a Smashing Times track from their 2021 LP because we loved their new 7″, though its not quite up on the streaming sites yet. Also, if you didn’t check out that Fortunato Durutti Marinetti track yet, what are you waiting for?

Marissa Paternoster Shares Final Single from Peace Meter

This Friday Don Giovanni will be dropping Marissa Paternoster‘s proper debut as a solo artist, and we’ve been covering the singles all along the way. I’m excited by the album because I feel like we’re really getting some insight into Paternoster’s life, and while its been there before, it feels much more intimate and relatable in the presentation of this record. Musically, this song seems full, yet stripped down. The mix feels peeled back like the layers of an onion, leaving us with the core that is Marissa’s unique voice driving the emotional pull of the track. Peace Meter drops Friday, so be sure to check it out, grab it, you know, support your favorite artists.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.8 – 11.12)

We’re here with your weekly addition of Last Week’s Jams, with a slight little spin on things this week. For starters, there were certainly some jams on our pages, so we hope you’ll revisit…may I recommend the Crabber record again? Plus, you’ve got the new hits from Slumberland Records (who had a killer week in our eyes). And, in the end, I threw in a couple of tracks from shows we were able to see last week, or the week before, just as a reminder for us when we listen to our own playlists! Listen to some songs, and have a really great week friends!

Marissa Paternoster Shares I Lost You

One of the great things about a songwriter you love going solo, even for a one-off, is that they get to spend the narrative of their craft in an entirely new direction. Such is the case with Marissa Paternoster‘s latest single from her forthcoming solo album, Peace Meter. On the first single, you could hear some sort of tethering to Screaming Females, but in the latest track, you’ve got to really peel back the layers to get to the core. Honestly, the voice carries a lot of the mood, accented by a tight little drum beat; its only as the song unfolds in the latter half that you really get to hear the guitar kind of make its case. I actually love the fact that it feels nothing like Marissa’s work, yet definitely feels tied to her work as you come to the song’s end; I hope she keeps pushing herself, which we’ll find out when Peace Meter hits via Don Giovanni.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (October 11 – 15)

So last week Ryan and I had to do tons of training and such things for the job that pays, so we took Monday off. Thus, our week ran a little short on tunes…that and it feels like there wasn’t a whole lot out there that I really dug. Maybe I’m just being an old curmudgeon. Thus, we let you off light this week, with only 9 little jams, so you can get in and out on this last week’s listening playlist in just over 30 minutes…then move on your way. Some jams from Austin’s Zero Percent APR, as well as that beautiful new tune from Dummy from their forthcoming album.

Marissa Paternoster Announces Peace Meter

Seeing as I love Screaming Females, I was super excited to hear that Marissa Paternoster would be releasing her debut solo effort; we got news today that Peace Meter will be out via Don Giovanni on December 3rd. On the opening single, we get Marissa marching through a cemetery as she repeats the chorus of “your feathers soaked in blood.” The imagery is striking, but what really hits home is the construction of the song as a whole. There’s this patience that’s evolved in Pastnoster’s songwriting, based on this calmed guitar strum, allowing her to maximize this huge wall of emotion; it’s buoyed by the production and added arrangements from Andy Gibb (of Thou). It’s a pretty powerful opening statement from a record we’re sure to adore.