Friday Album Streams: Zack Rosen, RPPs, Connections + More

The Spring generally means you’re just going to have to throw down a lot of money and grab record after record after record, so let us throw a few suggestions, or just give you some great stuff to stream, as its Friday, and who really wants to work on a Friday.

Zack RosenSYZYGY (Chimera Music)

A struggling artist gone before his time; these songs remind us of the gifts he left behind.

The Reds, Pinks & PurplesThe Town That Cursed Your Name (Slumberland/Tough Love)

No one on this planet is writing songs as powerful as Glenn Donaldson.

ConnectionsCool Change (Trouble in Mind Records)

If you need a record without a throw-away tune, this is the one.

The SproutsEat Your Greens (Tenth Court)

Australia has a new supergroup, and you have a new favorite band.

Mary Anne’s Polar RigMakes You Wonder (Rama Lama Records)

A shapeshifting masterpiece of pop and rock, like if the YYYs, still had that risk factor.

Last Week’s Jams (2.6 – 2.10)

Well, it seems like we finally worked out the kinks in our lives and were able to get a solid week’s worth of jams out your way. Was excited to get that new High Water Marks tune out there, as well as new Monnone Alone, if you like your pop mixed with a bit of punch. New Austin act Daiistar has their first single, plus our old ATX friends Letting Up Despite Great Faults dropped a new single too from their forthcoming EP! There’s tons of other hits from the likes of Deuce and the Golden Dregs too. Unfortunately, new stuff from Mythical Motors and Weird Numbers isn’t quite on the DSPs, so if you like what we’re covering, check those hits too on the site.

Mary Anne’s Polar Rig Share Latest Single

Every time the folks at Rama Lama Records send us a new song from Mary Anne’s Polar Rig, I have certain expectations. Good ones, mind you, but expectations. Their latest single, however, threw me for a huge loop. The first minute or so sheds the abrasive nature they usually bring to the table, favoring a bit more of a clean shimmer, almost sparkling with Malin’s vocals carefully moving the song forward. Elements of noise begin to creep in, though done with restraint to elongate the emotional pull; even as the volume seems prominent that shine on the melodic center is clear, almost shielding the listener from the barrage in the distance. It’s a nice little mixture of everything the band excel at; Makes You Wonder is out on March 24th.

Last Week’s Jams (1.9 – 1.13)

We had a rough start last week, with a wee bit of server issues…plus getting back into work after some time off. But, we came back to a bunch of sweet tunes from some ATH favorites…new videos from Blues Lawyer and En Attendant Ana, not to mention one that tied up the excellent LP from Doom Flower. I was blown away by another fresh track from Joyeria, and RayRay did a little write up on our friends in Why Bonnie. I was really in love with that Grey Factor tune we ran at the end of the week, but it hasn’t made it onto streaming platforms, so check that out before digging into new EPs from Dippers and Peel Dream Magazine.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (9.12 – 9.16)

We covered a lot of territory last week, with a few songs not on streaming services (the Persian Leaps/Cindy), so here’s a wrap-up of last week to kick off your Monday morning blues. I was stoked to hear new Intelligence, but I had to start off the playlist with a new track from I Was a King, as its one of my favorites this year. Some cool stuff came our way from the UK, from the likes of European Sun, Chorusgirl and Pete Astor. Meritorio Records had a solid presence with the new Jim Nothing LP stream and a fresh single from Spice World. Plus, we touched up on some bonus Austin sounds from Twain and High Heavens. Stream it all below, friends.

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