Matt Pond PA Is Still Going

unnamed-10Matt Pond PA is a group, or musician if you’d rather, who has been around since the early days of ATH and beyond. It’s crazy to me that he’s still going strong after all these years while many of the bands from those early, almost pre-historic, days of Polyvinyl have long since died out. Well the dude is back again with another song called “The Glow” to add to his already impressive and overwhelming discography. Honestly, the best way I can describe this is by simply saying it sounds like Matt Pond and it bring me great joy. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

Matt Pond PA will release new album Winter Lives on November 11th. Pre-order here.

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CONTEST: Win Matt Pond PA Tix @ the North Door (10.24)

mattpondpaThere’s a lot of shows coming through Austin this month, and what better way to celebrate than by offering you a chance to win a pair of tickets to Matt Pond PA!? He’s touring the states behind the sound of his excellent LP, The State of Gold, which came out not too long ago. He’s been a huge part of the music scene since 98′, just illustrating how great songs and musicians can stand the test of time. Opening for him will be Laura Stevenson over at the North Door. You can also buy yourself a set of tickets on your own HERE, if you’re not into playing contests.

If you want free tickets, leave a comment with your favorite album of 2015…I’ll pick a winner. You can also tweet your response to @austintownhall.  I’ll pick a winner on Thursday at NOON.

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I Saw Young Buffalo & Matt Pond PA @ Stubbs

Upload Pond Buffalo 03On Sunday I started my week off on a positive note by heading down to see one of my long time favorite bands Matt Pond PA.  Making the evening even better was an opening set by a more recent favorite of mine Young Buffalo.  Though both bands could feel the sleepiness of the crowd due to possible long weekends, everyone seemed to have quite the good time.  Follow the jump for some thoughts and recent music from both bands.

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Show Preview: Matt Pond PA @ Holy Mountain (6/29)


Date 6/29/13
Location Holy Mountain
Doors 9pm
Tickets $12 @ Frontgate

Lots of shows are going down this weekend in Austin, but my most highly anticipated show has got to be Matt Pond PA stopping into town at Holy Mountain.  Having been a fan of the band for such a long time, I’ve personally been looking forward to another chance to catch the band in the live setting for a long time.  To make things even better this lineup is loaded with North Carolinians Matrimony and local favorites Tiger Waves.  Come join the ATH crew for a solid evening of tunes.


Download: Matt Pond PA – Starting [MP3]

More New Music From Matt Pond PA

Matt Pond PA continues their extremely hard working ethic with more and more music coming your way.  This new tune called “Someone’s Daughter” is a beautiful track that really conveys that intimate style we’ve come to know from the band.  The song appears on the soundtrack for the new film Lebanon, PA which is scored by band members Matt Pond and Chris Hansen.  For now, we’ve just got a stream for you and are hoping to offer a download soon.


The Wooden Birds – Two Matchsticks

Rating: ★★★☆☆

It’s not like Andrew Kenny is new in town, so if you haven’t heard of his work before, you better get back to your homework.  But, that being said, his work with American Analog Set has seemed to dominate discussions, at least in comparison to his other projects.  While he made small steps away from that with the first Wooden Birds release, Magnolia, it appears he can clearly put the past aside, as Two Matchsticks is his best work date.

The meandering guitar line, softly walking across your speakers on “Folly Club,” is something that has come up often in Kenny’s work, as he’s really simplified his compositions of late.  What does stand out upon the first track is Leslie Sisson, who has spent time with Matt Pond PA (Matt is also all over this album).  Her voice is the perfect accompaniment for Andrew’s gentle warmth, providing almost a folk aspect to the minimal indie rock sound. Listening to the title track from Two Matchsticks, you continue to immerse yourself in a bit of folk, with the group giving what might just be a small nod to Iron and Wine.  This should come as no surprise, as the recording was done in a small bedroom in Austin, as Sam B. used to do in the golden years.

While the proper pacing might lack at times for The Wooden Birds, it’s the differentiation of presentation that really appeals to you on this LP.  For instance, Sisson takes control of the lead vocal on “Baby Jeans,” which provides a different dynamic, though the music sounds similar.  But, that’s the thing this round that makes the album a new step for Kenny and his mates, they share in the songwriting/singing duties fairly equally, giving the record a wider range than what you might have found on Magnolia.

Still, there’s something classic to the way the lyrics are being written on Two Matchsticks.  In a time when many are likely to shirk literary responsibilities in favor or obscure references or “carefree” (read careless) lyrics, things go differently in this land.  While I have no idea about the narrators in the songs, at least you can see story lines,  and personable notes within the lines, allowing listeners to make those connections with either the band, or themselves.  This isn’t to say this Oxford English here, a la Colin Meloy, but the crafting of the phrases and the stories within the songs should definitely be something that piques your interest.

You know, the first dozen listens to this record, and it might be fewer for most, may not strike you as anything breathtaking or otherworldly, but give Two Matchsticks just a bit more time.  Just as you begin to find things rather drab, you discover lyrical gems, drawing yo closer into the landscape of the songs, such as “Too Pretty to Say Please,” laying in wait for you near the end of the record.  If anything, those extra listens will lead you to see the careful little touches made by Kenny and The Wooden Birds, leaving you with a fairly remarkable listen.


Download: The Wooden Birds – Two Matchsticks [MP3]

New Music From Matt Pond PA

Yesterday we received word of a new EP entitled Spring Fools by old time ATH favorite band Matt Pond PA.  The short player is due out April 26th on Altitude Records and features this new jam “Love to Get Used”.  I gotta say, this band has really lost some of their initial appeal to me over the last few years, but this track redeems them a bit with a nice little pop tune.  The new track also features guest vocals from Austin’s very own upstart singer-songwriter Ariel Abshire.  Keep it up PA, keep it up.


Download: Matt Pond PA – Love to get Used [MP3]

Show Preview: Matt Pond PA @ Stubbs (3/1)

Date 3/1/11
Location Stubbs
Doors 8pm
Tickets $13 @ Frontgate

The veteran songwriter known as Matt Pond PA is making a stop into Austin at Stubbs on Tuesday night.  Joining the PA is fellow veteran songwriter Rocky Votolato to provide opening support.  Those looking for some chill music to enjoy on a Tuesday night should definitely check this  one out.


Download: Matt Pond PA – Starting [MP3]

Matt Pond PA @ Mohawk (6/21)

Date 6/21/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 8pm
Tickets $14 @ Frontgate

An old school favorite of the ATH crew Matt Pond PA are making their way over to the outside stage at Mohawk on Monday evening.  The now veteran act will be joined by Wintersleep and Woolgather.  I haven’t been a huge fan of the band’s latest material, but I’m sure they can still put on a solid show.


Download: Matt Pond PA – Starting [MP3]

SXSW Watchlist: Matt Pond PA

mattpondpaMatt Pond PA is a band that we’ve been following for years now so they were an easy choice for us to spotlight on our SXSW watchlist.  Matt Pond PA have been around for a loooooong time and they seem to be that band always coming in just a bit under the radar.  You won’t hear these guys on the radio nor will you read much about them on P4K or The Gum.  Regardless, we’ve always found the songs of Matt Pond PA a soothing mixture of slow pop jams that best fit in with a good cup of coffee during your Sunday morning hangover time.  Their 2004 release Emblems has also got to be one of my favorite “indie” albums of all time.  Continue after the jump to read our short interview with leading man Matt Pond.

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