Show Preview: Megafaun @ Mohawk (4/10)

Date Tuesday, April 10th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

In a busy week for our rock n’ roll community, this seems like a great place to start off with previews, unless you catch ATDIMegafaun has quietly been making a name for themselves with their gentle brand of folk rock–and we’ve love every bit of it. Their self-titled album from the fall of last year received some great praise all over the Internet, and it should say something that they’ve been chosen to pack Mohawk right after the Hold Steady finishes. Also on the bill for the evening is Field Report and Dana Falconberry, designed to perfectly whet your appetite for the Faun.  Come on, it’s time for us all to get out and take in the great music we’re so privileged to have come into town.


Download: Megafaun – State/Meant [MP3]

New Music from Megafaun

What? You don’t want more new music from the bearded lads in Megafaun?  Well, too bad! They’re prepping their self-titled double LP, Megafuan, which will land in your lap on September 20th via Hometapes.  As more new songs leak out, you can’t help but hope that the mastery these guys have shown in their gentle song construction will be replicated throughout the entire album.  There’s bits of banjo, which the band promises is the only time its used on the record, and the whispering vocals compliment the emotional quality of the song.  Is September here yet?


Download: Megafaun – State/Meant [MP3]

Bowerbirds @ Mohawk (8/13)

bowerbirdsphotoWe’ve really been looking forward to this Bowerbirds show with Megafaun at Mohawk for awhile now and the time has finally come!  The show will be on the inside stage and should start around 10pm.  Tickets are only $8 at the door.  Even better news, our very own Martin Crane of Austin band Brazos will be opening things up.


Download: Bowerbirds – Northern Lights [MP3]


megafunWe don’t know a whole lot about this band Megafaun other than we really like their tunes and they hail from Durham North Carolina.  From first listens their sound draws a lot from fun countryish sounds similar to maybe our own Brothers and Sisters with maybe even more twang.  Or you could just call it fun.  Here’s latest single from the band “The Fade” which will appear on new album Gather, Form & Fly due out July 21st.  You Austinites will also be pleased to know that Megafaun will be opening for Bowerbirds when they come through town in August at Mohawk.


Download: Megafaun – The Fade [MP3]