Mush Share Anti-World Cup Anthem

I’ve really been digging the stuff from Mush‘s forthcoming LP, and this new tune takes a slight turn in sound, which I think is great for an album listen as a whole…if you’re still doing that sort of thing. Sonically, you can immediately feel the band pulling back, letting the track trickle its way into the speakers; it sounds like any number of American indie rock bands at the moment…Kevin Morby, Martin Courtney, etc. Lyrically, the song’s hitting out at the huge human rights violations that have gone with the World Cup in Qatar; we all love soccer, but we definitely are on Mush’s side here, as the tournament should have been halted long ago…let alone awarded. Song’s good, message is on point. Winning. Down Tools will be out via Memphis Industries on July 8th.

Field Music Share Beyond That of Courtesy

As I’ve already gotten close to wrapping up 2019 in my brain, I’m starting to look forward to what’s in store for 2020. High upon that list is the forthcoming LP from Field Music, and today there’s another single to support that premise. It opens with this playful stick work and bobbing bass line, all before the lyrics and the guitar take their places in the track. It reminds me of some of the last Q and Not U LPs, but with a slightly more pop bent…neither of which is a bad thing here. I love how the guitar has this sharpness that contrasts the vocal melody as it rises and falls. This band is on fire; Making a New World is out in January via Memphis Industries.

Field Music Share Another Tune

I feel like I always take a good Field Music jam for granted, but I just got hooked on this brand new single shared today. There’s something that sort of sounds like it’s got a Byrne influence, all the way from the jagged guitar riffs to the way the vocals come across in the mix. Plus, one thing we all love about Byrne (and the TH for that matter) is the inevitable hook that comes in the lyrics; here you get the line of “money money money is a memory” to secure that same memorable moment in the tune. Making a New World is out on January 10th via Memphis Industries.

Francis Lung Offers Pop Opus

I’m a sucker for a broad sweeping pop song; the sort that always seems built to grab hordes of listeners and never look back; such is the latest single from Manchester’s Francis Lung. The front of the song opens with this dancing piano, bouncing jollily into the vocals which don’t pull back on the harmonies. I love when the cymbal work seems to crash right as a certain melody rises or falls, as they do here, bringing me to the bigger point. There’s huge production value too, from strings to textured vocal layers, all encompassing the broad pop sensibility before us. Enjoy.

Fresh Field Music You Say

fieldIt’s hard to pass up a Field Music track, even with all the great tunes that made their way into the world yesterday. The vocal performance alone looks back to classic club hits, soaring high above the mix. Still, bubbling just beneath is a rad little bass groove that seems ever-present with the band’s work. I think the one thing that sticks out the most for me is that the song seems less-frantic than some of their previous efforts, just fulfilling the promise of great pop music. Can’t wait until their new record, Commontime, comes out on February 5th via Memphis Industries.

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Field Music Return with New Single/Album

fieldmusicI don’t think there are too many bands that sound anything like Field Music, at least not in the modern landscape. Every time they release something, I’m pleasantly surprised by the influences working in their tracks, and the latest single is no different. They definitely apply a usage of groovy/funky bass lines, contrasted against tight angular guitar work and gang vocals; this track even has a nice little horn solo in its midst. They’ve titled their new record commontime, and it looks to have a release date early on in February of 2016 via Memphis Industries.

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New EP from Menace Beach

menacebeachIf you’re looking for one of the hottest stars in the biz right now, then you needn’t look any further than Menace Beach.  As far as hype goes, they fall in the vein of Diet Cig and Bully, in regards to the hottest rising stars of 15′.  I love the blend of male and female vocals, and especially enjoy the way there’s just a bit of recording haze on it.  It gives it the feeling of not having been done strictly with saccharine in mind.  This is the lead track off their Super Transporterreum EP, which comes out via Memphis Industries.

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Title Track From Barbarossa’s Imager

BarbarossaNathan forwarded this track over to the IT Dept. and within a few seconds of clicking the stream it link, I knew I was going to post it. Tones, contrast, waves progressing and complementing, a controlled vocal effect…

Barbarossa is James Mathé, he comes to us with an impressive resume, working with Jose Gonzalez and Junip, has a couple of solo records already, but the latest is aimed squarely at the IT Department. Gradually layered, but with spaces between, melancholy and elegant, you can download the title track at the site linked for the price of an email address. The album is due May 11th on Memphis Industries.

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Dutch Uncles Offer Quirky Dance Pop

doubledutchSeems like Hot Chip‘s been rather quiet, so the next big thing for those that like nerdy dance music has to be Dutch Uncles.  They use some of the same touches, offering a main vocalist grooving over the top of gang vocals; it’s playful, which matches the musical approach of the group.  But, like my favorite dance music, I like the fact that there’s a prominent instrument featured here; you can hear the guitar knifing it’s way through the entirety of the track.  This tune will appear on the band’s new album, O Shudder, which will be added to an already packed February 24th via Memphis Industries.

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Smooth Dancing with Dutch Uncles

ducthovensI wanted to post this song.  As I’m sitting here working, recapping the day, my old lady says “Is that Hot Chip?”  That sort of sums up the work that the new Dutch Uncles have released this week, though I think there’s a smoother polish to the craftsmanship of their electro-pop.  It’s not filled with these hit-you-over-the-head beats, but these subtle little electro pulses.  The group announced they’ll be releasing a new album, O’Shudder, via Memphis Industries on February 24th. Enjoy your easy-listening.

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