Bratty Release New Single ft. Nsqk and Mene

A new year is upon us, and RayRay and I won’t shy away from our love of Spanish pop, like this brand new tune from Mexico’s Bratty. Despite the linguistic difference, you can slide this track right alongside any of the adored acts in the States; it holds a gentle melody, light jangles and this sort of dreaminess that ties it to trends from the 80s. In this song we also get to hear the voices of other rising Mexican artists Nsqk and Mene, who both lend their help to Bratty here. If you’re digging these bits, then check out the Es Mi Fiesta y Si Quiero Hago Un EP, which is out today!

Nada Share Juego Video

I only recently discovered Mexico’s Nada, but I’m deeply thrilled by the music they’re crafting. They’re latest single picks up where the first left off, taking this sort of dreamy pop realm and just twisting it into this incredibly dark brood. Everything on this tune feels like it’s anxiety-inducing; you feel as if you’re running from something, being filmed as you scream for your life…only there’s this beautiful little pop moment cruising through. The video of this tune matches up with the vibe, offering a sort of found footage that feels like its fresh from the new Paranormal Activity films. If you’re digging it, they just dropped Fin, their debut LP last Friday via Registros El Derrumbe.

Nada Ready Fin + Share Noche

Obviously we’re extremely fascinated here at ATH by what’s going on in the Mexican scene, and thanks to Registros el Derrumbe, we can keep a closer idea on acts like Nada. On Friday, the band will be releasing Fin, their debut LP, and I keep coming back to the video for “Noche” time and time again. There’s this uncanny jaggedness to the tune, like its sort of an angular post punk tune performed as a haunting seance; it carefully creeps, lurching you forward inch by inch; the band begin to embellish the sound just a wee bit at the 1:30 mark, adding in the slightest dose of texture. This tune’s pretty brilliant, and absolutely why you should give their LP a listen on Friday.

Mercvrial Share Look Inside

This track from Mercvurial came through this week, and I’m pretty sure it requires your attention. Listening through, the vocals are heavy, weighing upon the listener, though they stretch with melody as they work their way into the chorus. Musically, the talking points would likely dwell in the post-punk realm, though this track offers quite a bit of brooding too; it’s pace in the verses feels measured, waiting to soar as it hits the refrain “you’ve got to look inside,” smashing through your speakers with an emphatic burst of light. The band release their debut album Brief Algorithms on April 29th via Crafting Room Recordings.

Driving New Tune From Sei Still

Berlin by way of Mexico based upstarts Sei Still released a stunning debut LP last year but have no plans to slow down in 2021 with more new music on the way. The first taste of new music from the group comes in the form of this driving new single “Exilio” which is the crazy melding of German style electronic music with a new wave meets gothic influence. Sort of like Cold Cave if they leaned a bit heavier into a Joy Division vibe. I do hope you dig it.

This track will appear on new album El Refugio due out on November 26th via Fuzz Club Records.

Los Velvets Drop Nomado Single

The great thing about this new single from Los Velvets is that it hits on multiple levels for me, personally. I love the softened shoegaze sound that drops into the tune immediately, pushing those light guitar stabs along with a clear wash of distorted atmospherics. Song along, I’d be on board, but I also love the fact that the group hails from Mexico and push their sound with Spanish lyrics. Sure, you could dismiss it based on that, but that seems kind of counterintuitive to exploring new sounds and cultures? So for me, this rips in more ways than one, so share in my joy!



Los Blenders Release Mazunte 2016

Los Blenders are a group of young men from the Mexico City borough of Coapa who have been making music together for close to 10 years. Thought they’ve spent quite a bit of time together, the band has maybe flown just a bit under your musical radar. Tomorrow, September 25th, the band will drop their 3rd full length LP Mazunte 2016 via all streaming platforms and for purchase on bandcamp. I was fortunate enough to speak with the band about the new album and you can read the Q&A after the jump. We’ve also been given a new song to stream from the album prior to the release date tomorrow. Check it out!

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Upbeat Pop from Husbands

Oklahoma City has a special spot in my heart (90% of my friends live there), so when I find a band coming out of that town I can adore, I tend to swoon. So here I am with Husbands (who also spend some time in Seattle); they craft this bouncing sort of pop that seems perfect for the last days of Summer here. In fact, it kind of reminds me of early Drums or Generationals, driving these infectious hooks into your brain where you can’t escape…and suddenly you’re bouncing around the house having the time of your life. I don’t know about you, but Tuesday feels like a great day to sort of turn up some tunes, put on a grin and have a hell of a time.

Dig on This New Tune from Mint Field

It’s a strange place where the propulsive grooves of club beats crash into the dreamier zones of psychedelia; this is the precise place where you’ll find Mint Field. They manage to blend minimalist hints of electronica inside these swelling guitar lines that meander into the ether. Musically, it’s fascinating in and of itself, but when placed inside the video below listeners are sure to be completely lifted out of their body as they journey outside of their body. The duo have a slew of dates coming up, including SXSW…all supporting their new album Pasar de las Luces, which is being released by Innovative Leisure on February 23rd.

ACL Preview: Rey Pila

Rey Pila

Once again ACL Festival weekend has crept ever closer and I can’t say I’m fully ready just yet.  Of course I still have a couple of weeks to prep which should be plenty of time to get my mind and body ready for another festival.  As always, we will do our best to offer some advice, spotlight some bands we like, and also interview those bands we like.  So today I’m going to begin my coverage with a short bit on my current favorite band out of Mexico, Rey Pila.  Follow the jump for more.

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