H. Hawkline Shares Empty Room

Clearly, I’ve been obsessing with H. Hawkline leading into the release of the new Milk for Flowers LP, and with the release a few weeks away, Huw Evans and company have dropped their one final track. This one stretches the ornate, orchestral craft of the project, allowing Evans to deliver his most powerful vocal performance to date, with the added bonus of a bump to his acting resume too! I just love the cinematic nature of what the group are crafting, building this natural escape in their striking soundscapes. Milk for Flowers is out on March 10th via Heavenly Recordings, and I’m hoping it delivers on all the promises these singles have made.

Another H. Hawkline Track – Plastic Man

Listening through all the singles we’ve heard from H. Hawkline thus far, it seems like the project is build for deep cuts and longevity; I can’t think of another artist who seems to be operating in the same musical stratosphere at the moment. There’s this pop rock bounce that recalls Bowie at his most playful, with Huw’s vocals riding along that funky stomp of the beat all the way. You’ve got tons of accompaniment pieces in the background, throwing horns and layers of added guitar lines right at you; it’s a pop world we don’t often get to here from these days. Milk for Flowers is out on March 10th via Heavenly.

H. Hawkline Drops Suppression Street

It amazes me when people will fawn over certain artists and completely ignore other craftsmen of equal or greater talents, like H. Hawkline. We’ve got a new single from his forthcoming record, Milk for Flowers, illustrating both the blossoming craft in the musicianship, as well as the wordplay that indicates the personal nature of the album itself. I love the line “I paint my face for everyone I meet,” and you begin to wonder if we’ll ever truly get to know the inner workings of songwriter Huw Evans. His longtime collaborator Cate le Bon also has a hand in production on the record, and we’re all the better for it. Milk for Flowers is available March 10th via Heavenly Recordings.

H. Hawkline Shares Milk for Flowers

So this is probably news from yesterday, but I’m indifferent as I’m a huge fan of over the top pop vibes, almost to the point of kitsch…yet still super cool, you know. This new H. Hawkline feels like that to me; there’s something in it that captures the personality of Huw that we’ve witnessed over the last few years, yet in that, there’s something almost theatrical and playful. I think with the help of Cate le Bon‘s production aid, he knows exactly where to hold back, so you still get of that familiarity coming through your speakers. Fun and hip and I’m sold; Milk for Flowers, the new album, comes out next year via Heavenly Recordings.