Dig the New Mind Spiders Tune

As avid Mind Spiders fans at ATH, we feel we should help you circle back to the band’s latest track, dropped just yesterday. It’s an interesting number, opening with what seems a sampled drum pulse before vocals start being thrown through your speakers from a distance. You can hear a faint tension in the building of the guitars, but it’s never fully unleashed, coated in a darkened cloud that rides the track out. Eventually, voices are gone and you have the band delving into their own propulsive sound as the track fades out. It’s the title track from their new effort Furies, which will be released by Dirtnap Records on January 26th.

Brand New Mind Spiders

MindspidersIt doesn’t seem like Mark Ryan ever quits writing songs, and his work with Mind Spiders is always high on my list. They just tossed out this brand new song from their fourth album, Prosthesis, and it’s showing the continued progression from the band. Ryan’s voice has this haunting delivery on the track, while the guitars race you towards some evil late night crash scene, swerving in and out of your speakers. I love the fact that listening to this band feels so familiar, yet there’s always something refreshing and new from them in the way the songs come to a head. The new effort hits on March 12th via Dirtnap.

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Show Preview: Mind Spiders @ Red 7 (11/15)


Date 11/15/13
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $7 @ Door

Incredible show going down tomorrow night at Red 7 with what might be the best bill in town for the evening.  Sure Of Montreal is playing across the street, but when you can rock out with Mind Spiders, Gentleman Rogues, and Broken Gold all in one evening, count me in.  Oh and did I mention it only costs $7?  That’s a bargain basement price for what is sure to be a show you won’t forget.  See you at Red 7.


Download: Mind Spiders – Make Make Make Make [MP3]

Brand New Punk Jam from Radioactivity (members of Marked Men)

radioactivity3x372Those of us in Texas have reason to be proud today.  Not only does this tune allow me to throw out a little bit of rock n’ roll your way, but it also marks the return of Jeff Burke from Japan. Jeff, who has renamed his work with The Novice, out of respect for his mates in Japan, has reunited with Mark Ryan, who you might know from The Marked Men (or Mind Spiders).  Together, they’ve formed Radioactivity, and this new tune’s a sweet introduction to the great things that are sure to come our way shortly. The band will be releasing their self-titled debut on Dirtnap Records at the end of  October.  Welcome home Jeff.


Download: Radioactivity – World of Pleasure [MP3]

Mind Spiders – Inhumanistic

mindspidersRating: ★★★½☆

Inhumanistic is the third LP by Mark Ryan’s Mind Spiders, and it’s the one that I think sounds the most like what you would expect from the former Marked Men leader.  It’s still punk rock, with a tinge of power-pop tossed in for good measure, and it includes a dark bent on both the world and music.

After a brief prelude track, Mind Spiders blast off doing what they do best on “Inside You, utilizing driving guitars and speedy drumming to build towards the release of tension, which always comes with a bit of pop enthusiasm.  Then you’re thrust into “Suicide,” which, despite its lyrical content, is probably one of my favorite tracks on the record.  The chugging guitars are accompanied by a synthesizer, and although there’s a dark tint, it serves the song well, allowing for the inherent hook in the chorus to shine perfectly.

What I didn’t expect from Inhumanistic was a gem like “City Stuff.” It’s a track that surely was formed on an acoustic guitar, leaving a wonderfully hidden melody.  But, instead of going with the easy acoustic ballad, the melody’s been replaced by synth work, using the guitar only to enhance to song where necessary.  It goes right back into the rock n roll with “Electric Things,” though at this point in the record things start to become formulaic for the group.  Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it; I like every track on here individually, but as a whole piece, there’s only two instances when things don’t go as expected.  I mentioned one above, and the other comes in the sonically haunting “I Want You.” Again, this is a song that’s relaxed in essence, though the accents try their best to make more out of it.  And it all leads up to the record’s pinnacle single.

As long as I’ve been following Mind Spiders, I’ve loved their ability to edgy riffs with catchy hooks, and no track to date has done such an exceptional job as “Make Make Make Make.”  This song is a fast paced jam from the get-go, with the chorus providing the ultimate emotional release.  This track was built for maximum crowd participation in the live setting, and even at home, you’ll have a hard time not screaming “make make make make” as you’re mopping the kitchen floors.

In the end, Inhumanistic is another solid release from Mind Spiders, but there were a few things that changed the easy 4.5 stars to 3.5.  After three records, you notice some shifts in the band’s overall sound, but this record seems to be really predictable in some areas.  Those areas that aren’t are incredible, and appreciated, but I’m wondering if I’m ultimately going to get worn down songs that seem too similar.  For now, the answer is no; I love the songs here, just looking for a little more variety.  Perhaps next go round.


Download: Mind Spiders – Make Make Make Make [MP3]

Mind Spiders Rock It Out

Mind SpidersThe last two LPs from Mind Spiders have always received adulation and heavy rotation here at ATH, so it probably won’t change when the group releases their newest, Inhumanistic; it’s going to be released via Dirtnap Records on October 8th.  If you’ve caught the band in the last year, you’ve probably seen the track below; it’s a quick blasting song in the band’s traditional rock n’ roll fashion, pushing guitars quickly in anticipation of the group’s dynamite drumming.  And with an anthemic chorus of “make make make make” there’s no reason you won’t have a blast hopping about to this tune.


Download: Mind Spiders – Make Make Make Make [MP3]

Top Albums of 2012: 100-51

It’s really hard to narrow down a list of Top Albums of 2012, especially when you have four contributors with different opinions.  We gave the reins to Nathan.Lankford and Nicole Baumann on this one, since they write the majority of the album reviews, but we all have a little representation within this.  Now, we do realize that our site has specialized tastes, so please realize that these are our OPINIONS.  You’re welcome to disagree, and, in fact, we encourage that process.  Also, we’re doing a Top 100 because so many records came out this year, it wouldn’t be fair to narrow it down.  Not to mention it might lead you to discover some hits you hadn’t heard about yet. Oh, and we don’t really like Frank Ocean or hip-hop…just a personal choice…here’s the first segment.

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Show Preview: Superchunk @ Mohawk (11/1)

Date 11/1/12
Location Mohawk
Doors 7pm
Tickets FREE with FFFfest wristband

Well now this ladies and gentlemen is one hell of a show we’ve got going down in Austin on Thursday night at the Mohawk.  Our headliner for the evening is legendary band Superchunk on the outside stage. That alone should be enough for most of you, but let’s also mention that supporting outside bands are Imperial Teen and Joyce Manor so that should sweeten the deal.  Oh and you’ve also got some awesome up and coming bands playing the inside stage known as Terrible Feelings, Mind Spiders, Wiccans, and The Impalers.  I wish could say that’s all folks, but also remember that the entire show is FREE with your Fun Fest wristband.  Thanks you Mohawk and thank you Transmission.  You rule.


Download: Superchunk – Digging for Something [MP3]

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