Green/Blue Share In Lies + Prep Paper Thin

Shout out to my friend Joe for pushing me to jam to this new album from Green/Blue; it’s an album that’s right in my wheelhouse for the current post-punk revisiting. The driving nature of this song puts some pace into it, though it’s not quite as frantic, allowing for the vocals to kind of set up the mood. In contrast to the swirling sound around, the vocal harmonizing creates this sweet pop center; it’s like a post-punk tootsie pop, and it only takes a few licks to immerse yourself in the band’s sound. If you’re into this ripper of a tune, get ready for Paper Thin, which is dropping on Jun 10th via Feel It Records.

Night Moves Share Twangy New Track

Minneapolis based Night Moves really caught and held my attention in 2019 with the release of their stunning LP Can You Really Find Me. For a year or so after the release, like most bands in the Covid era, things were slow and not much was heard from the group. But to no one’s surprise, the dudes were holed up in a friend’s cabin to record a whole slew of new material in the coming year. Having already shared two recordings from the sessions, today I am pleased to share with you this new single called “Feel Another Day”. I feel like this band continues to fill this void in need for country inspired, twangy pop music that I just don’t seem to get much more here in TX. Thanks to my Minnesota brothers.

Driving New Number From Graveyard Club

For those not in the know, Minneapolis based outfit Graveyard Club released the impressive, and critically acclaimed LP Goodnight Paradise during the summer of last year. After the success of their last album, the band eagerly began work on new material and are ready to share some of the work with this new single “Valens”. The song is an epic number featuring the band’s familiar dark pop/new wave style, but with a new driving element showing small hints of The Boss or similar artists. Seems like two very different things to mash up, but it works quite well on this new stunner.

More From Night Moves

As Night Moves prepare to release their new album Can You Really Find Me later this month, the band is dropping more new music in anticipation. Today the boys sent over this new track “Recollections” which is more of a mellow, slow grooving song when compared to previously released banger “Strands Align”. The track is helping to set up what will surely be on the best, and most well balanced albums of the year.

Can You Really Find Me hits streets on June 28th via Domino.

Absolute Banger From Night Moves

As I look out on yet another dreary and rainy spring day in Austin, I am finding myself in need of a little musical inspiration. Much to my pleasure, this new song called “Strands Align” from Minneapolis based pop hit makers Night Moves just pinged my inbox. It reminds me of a time before The Killers sucked if their sound had some elements of Tame Impala mixed with driving rock songs. Basically, it’s a hit and you should check it out right now.

Night Moves will release new album Can You Really Find Me on June 28th via Domino.

Have Some Fun With Strange Names

Drudging my way through an insane week leaves me in need of some upbeat music I can dance and sing along to. If you are in the need of the same, look no further than this delightful new track “Into Me” from NYC via Minneapolis based band Strange Names. Seriously, this thing is a fun piece of dance inducing beats with elements of electronica, disco and of course pop. I dare you need to stand up and move to the beat. Double dare.

Strange Names will release a new album of tunes sometime in 2018.

Propulsive Rocker from Deleter

deleterFrom the moment this new Deleter tune takes off, the drums push you forward, rolling in step with the ringing of angular chords. As the song begins to pick up pace, it also becomes apparent that while there are post-punk leanings, there’s also a semblance of pop sensibility, leaving the track in the region of a more angst-y power pop. This song appears on the band’s forthcoming Meaningless Chants EP, which is said to have a larger political bend; it’ll be released on January 21st via Land Ski Records on a limited cassette (as well as digitally).

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Intimate Ballad From The Person & The People

0007110867_10Last April we shared withintroduced to you Minneapolis based The Person & The People with a power pop ballad called “Hot Summer Nights”. Well Nick Costa, primary songwriter for the project, hit me up a few days ago to send along news of an album and for me to share this new track “Goin” Ape”. Fans of the previous material will notice a stark change here from what we heard back in April. This is definitely a songwriter ballad with some mesmerizing lyrics and perfect harmonies dropping in from time to time. One can feel the emotion pouring out in this song.

The Person & The People plan to drop Unemployment Blues on October 28th. Pre-order here.

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SXSW Interviews: Carroll

CARROLL_011_PG (1)We hope with our interviews you guys are getting some exposure to a few acts you may not have known about coming in for SXSW. That’s the goal with these things anyway… It’s hard to believe that we are now under a week to go, but I’m finally feeling ready. Today let’s look at another band’s perspective on the festival from Minneapolis based group Carroll. Follow the jump for more.

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Ripper Rip a Rocker

otcI feel like a good bit of pop music always needs to be juxtaposed to something a little more dangerous, a little more sinister. So, it’s a good thing the folks at Land Ski Records have been so busy lately, offering up this new blast of rock n’ roll from Ripper. Take the sound of the guitar, combine it with the angsty vocal delivery, then toss in a nice pounding beat from the drum section…add it all up and you’ve got something ready to build a riotous little pit in your favorite venue. The Minneapolis four-piece will be kicking out their new A.D. EP in early December via Land Ski and Lawn Chair Records.

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