Non La Signs to Mint Records, Shares New Single

A few years have passed since Non La release Not In Love, which is one of my daughter’s favorite records to grab off the shelf (she’s really into pink!), so I was really pleased to hear that DJ On has signed his project on to work with Mint Records. Listening through this single, you can definitely hear the slight change in direction DJ, mostly as it feels a little more minimal upon the first minute or so. Still, the track certainly explodes, giving you that hook-laden punch that drives home all lyrical content from On. Visually, the video pays homage to the moments of “queer joy, love and tenderness,” hopefully shining a ray of light through the darkness of our times. There’s a new record in the works, but for now, you’ll have to just enjoy the hell out of this track.

Faith Healer Share The Game Single

Faith Healer are set to release The Hand That Fits the Glove, and before the LP drops, we’ve got one last chance to hear what’s in store for listeners. This track’s a bit more of a mellow piece, in comparison to the earlier singles from the release. Black and white imagery is tied to an atmospheric wash of synths that set the backdrop for a reserved performance from Jessica Jalbert; you get a little lift around the 1:25 mark of the tune, with careful percussive elements swinging into the track to give it a hint of buoyancy. That spirit is needed, particularly when you immerse yourself into the lyrics, a rumination on the challenges many of us face interacting with the outside world without losing ourselves. You can get the new LP on October 13th via Mint Records.

Faith Healer Share I’m a Dog, Prep New LP

With a handful of releases under their belt as a duo, Faith Healer opened up the doors to some like-minded friends, creating a record that feels as organic and natural as it does creative and fresh. The first single from the group’s forthcoming The Hand That Fits the Glove is filled with self-loathing, as Jessica Jalbert chronicles how her Catholic upbringing left her feeling “like an unruly dog or some kind of trapped animal.” Still, the track has this natural buoyancy to it, whether that’s the marching rhythm of the snare drum or the dreamy swirls in the musical lollipop that run amok in the background. Jalbert’s steadied voice has this brilliant pull to it, like the guiding light in the midst of everything the group and their new players have put down…even that jamming boogie that pops in mid-track. If you’re looking for growth and pop spirituality, grab the new LP from Mint Records; it drops on October 13.

Kamikaze Nurse Drop Pet Meds

I always get excited by a Mint Records release, and this forthcoming LP by Kamikaze Nurse is no different, particularly as this new single just rolled out. When it begins, you’ve got this animalistic drum beat, creating this sort of meditative chant that feels like it’s building towards some sort of release. But, once you hit the 1:08 mark, the track completely switches places and takes on a sort of Kim Gordon brand of Sonic Youth, breaking into discordant noise that seems tethered to a melodic center. And, just as you think they’ve settled into balancing the two sides of the coin, the song takes a sort of pause to freak out, before settling into a close. Not too many stuff coming out like this, so take a chance on Stimuloso; it drops June 3rd.

Kamikaze Nurse Share Come From Wood Single

Vancouver outfit Kamikaze Nurse will release their new Stimuloso LP come this June, thus seems pertinent to share another single. This track opens minimally, setting you up for the furious roll in that races in after the one minute mark. Personally, this song feels all about contrast between the musical elements and KC Wei’s steadied vocal work throughout. Wei holds onto a muted melody, occasionally letting it rise, but the band behind is rioting, drums rushing and pounding, guitars screaming…and in the end its all balanced, setting the scene for a great new album. Stimuloso drops on June 3rd via Mint Records.

Dumb and Tough Age Are Pizza Punks

It’s going to be really hard for you to pass up listening to this new jam from Dumb. On one hand, it comes with the announcement of a split 7″ with fellow punks, Tough Age…so musically, you’re already on board, eh? Then, you get the support of a great label, Mint Records, with the added bonus of supporting Conundrum Press, the print label for Cole Pauls and his comic, Pizza Punks! Plus, all the songs are about punks eating pizza, which ties into Pauls’ thematic comic of that very name. Art meets art meets my belly! Pizza and punk? Count us in! This 7″ will drop on July 9th…but check out the work of Dumb, Tough Age and Cole Pauls while you wait for your slice! The 7″ includes an 8 page comic!

Sook Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz Announce Jooj Two

This song’s been bumping around for the last few days, and I’ve been battling rolling blackouts (not coastal fever) getting through emails and what not. But, Sook Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz have a new LP coming out via Mint Records, which is always as reliable as Lee’s creativity. With jooj already under their belt, Lee took control of the jooj two tracks while Litovitz fulfilled other responsibilities until his passing. Lee’s voice is one of those darkly distinctive voices; you can feel her haunting every corner of this track, accented by careful beats and loops as her solitary figure walks about town in the accompanying video. Jooj two is out on April 9th.

Tough Age Share Penny Current Suppression Ring

The new LP from Tough Age is going to be one hell of a ride, as cliche as that might sound. Sonically, it kind of bounces around all my favorite areas of post-punk, art rock, pigeonhole-core, what-have-you…but we’re all the better for it. On their latest single Penny once again takes the vocal lead, and her lyrics detail how important it would be to “get signed to Flying Nun,” though that might just be a metaphor for any band’s dreams to make it onto their favorite label and the trials and tribulations you must face to make it there…if you ever really do. The more I’m dissecting this song, does it not have like a mid-period Sonic Youth vibe going on in the guitar work? I mean, not that I mind that sound by any means…just a thought. Anyways, Which Way Am I? drops on August 7th via Mint Records.

Tough Age Share My Life’s a Joke & I’m Throwing it Away

Just a week ago, we got the news that Tough Age had a brand new record on the horizon, and not even a week later we get another single to make sure we don’t have to wait too long. This run you get Jarrett handling vocals, and his delivery very much feels in the vein of those acts bordering on the edge of C86; I feel like recent Boyracer tunes align well here. Musically, everything is jittery and bouncing, though just a hint rough around the edges; its the perfect scenario for a good rock n’ roll show where you’re frantically jumping about with all your mates, screaming at the top of your lungs. In short, this song makes you feel like you’re having the time of your life. Be sure to take part when Which Way Am I is released on August 7th via Mint Records.

Tough Age Announce Which Way Am I

When one sets out to “write a song about peaceful things” we tend to already have preconceived notions of what we’re about to hear. That said, I think the way Tough Age open up on their new single is exactly the opposite of what I had in mind. It’s jagged, guitars stabbing like knives before the rest of the picture is filled in for the listener. Of course, Clark’s calming delivery quickly offers that peaceful contrast against the sinister pulse of the guitars; it really does fuck with your head, as these two sounds are perfectly juxtaposed. In weaving it all together, you find yourself entirely immersed, ensnared by the band’s balancing musical wizardry. Their new LP, Which Way Am I, will be released on August 7th via Mint Records.

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