Dinner Shares Connection (ft. Molly Burch)

A little bit of Denmark and a little bit of Austin come together on the latest track from Dinner, the project of Anders Rhedin; he’s joined by Texan Molly Burch, who provides these dreamy notes to the new single. This track has a more ethereal quality to it, though perhaps I’m being too influenced by the fog machine visuals drifting across my screen as I listen on repeat. There’s something milling about in Anders performances on this record that’s really moving; he seems to have locked into something that combines his deep tones with a very casual delivery, leaving things feeling more organic, embracing the natural state of his songs. Dream Work is yet another album dropping on October 22nd, courtesy of Captured Tracks.

Molly Burch Shares Heart of Gold Video

Molly Burch will be dropping Romantic Images at the end of the month, so we’ve got to keep you up to date by sharing her latest single and its accompanying video. As always, Molly’s voice is the star, able to hone in on its natural smokiness, but not afraid to let it broadcast angelic notes as she strikes the chorus. In the rhythm section you get pure steadiness, it actually makes the whole tune kind of dizzying, letting you tap your toes while your head spins with the vocals echoing in the distance. Captured Tracks will be dropping the new LP on July 23rd, and it’s destined to get raves, so don’t miss out!

Get In The Holiday Spirit With Molly Burch

We had a bit of a wintry mix last night here in Austin, and temperatures dropped below freezing, so while we’re not even past Thanksgiving yet, I feel a bit in the holiday mood. Molly Burch released a cover of George Michael’s “Last Christmas” a little ways back, and released a silly recording studio video alongside it. While this cover doesn’t offer much of a change from the original, Burch’s classic vocals do it justice and add a bit of color to the Christmas banger. Burch has a whole album of Christmas songs coming out on 11/15 via Captured Tracks. Pre-order The Molly Burch Christmas Album here.


Molly Burch Shares Only One

I don’t think I can get enough music from Molly Burch, so it’s a good thing that the Austin songwriter has quickly followed up First Flower with a new 7″. Our first listen to the album’s A-side has me salivating for that flip side; I’m always sitting here marveling at her range as I listen to her sing. She operates with, as she describes it, ‘drama,’ but in that, she moves back and forth between smoky lounge crooner and jazz belter. Musically, the mixing on Molly’s record is always superb, with strings and guitar applying the perfect accent to her performance, yet never really over-stepping their role in the song. Finally an artist I can get my parents into! Her new Ballads 7″ is out on August 2nd via Captured Tracks. There’s also a huge tour throughout August, culminating in an Austin show at Barracuda.

Nathan’s Top Austin Albums of 2018

In the year’s end, those who “write” about music claim our superior tastes by spouting off about our favorite releases. I figured I should start off all the shenanigans with a list from our home base, Austin, Texas. Below you’ll find a list of my favorite releases from the confines of our fair city.

Let it be known that we released albums by Marmalakes, Feverbones and David Israel (and an EP by Blushing), but those will not make this list for the sake of favoritism…though they’d all obvious take the top spot…duh. Read more

Fest Preview Friday: Local Love at ACL Festival 2018 (Weekend One)

Y’all! We are straight up one month away from another ACL Festival! I know you’re all stoked to see Paul McCartney and Arctic Monkeys and Childish Gambino and The National, but what would ACL be without a little love for some great bands making sweet tunes right here in our city? You know we here at the ATH love to keep it local, so you can bet your bums this is a post dedicated to getting yourself to Zilker Park early every day and showing up for that band you saw at Cheer Up’s a few months back. Or if you’re less versed in the local scene (how?) now’s the time for you to figure out that there’s some solid bands here (duh). Wanna be that knowledgeable guy/girl that gets to brag to your friends from out of town about what a great choice you’ve made to move to the Live Music Capitol of the World? Click through the jump to get a preview of your (possibly) new favorite Austin bands.

Read more

Another Charmer from Molly Burch

It should probably come to no surprise to us, by now, that Molly Burch would charm us all over with her latest single. For my two cents, I love the playful, almost tropicalia-esque guitar chords being used in the distance. It plays as the great set-up for the deep smoky tones that dominate the various verses in the album. She also takes on a more crystaline vocal during the chorus, once again illustrating what a powerful music tool Burch’s voice can be. Her new full lenght, titled First Flower, will be released by Captured Tracks on October 5th; it’s probably going to be ridiculously good.

New Music from Molly Burch

It’s never a bad day for a Molly Burch tune, especially as she’s just announced her second LP is coming our way in October. This new track opens up with this sparse bit of instrumentation, allowing light guitars to twinkle amidst the percussion. Once the song moves along, Burch’s vocals take on the sublime and the guitar is ever-present; I like the tones operating here, particularly the cosmic leaning guitar chords. Her new album is titled First Flower, and it’s slated for an October 5th release via Captured Tracks…not to mention a huge tour including a post at ACL Festival.

Watch a New Molly Burch Video

We’ve always got to rep Austin, particularly for our artists that have had huge successes. So, today we’re revisiting Please Be Mine, the excellent debut from Molly Burch that dropped earlier this year. Today she just released a video for “Wrong for You,” one of the standout tunes on said album, with the focus of the video revolving around the relationship of a couple (starring Molly). If you haven’t listened to this record, well shame on you. But, if you have, this is the perfect place to revisit the whole thing. It’s available now from Captured Tracks.

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