FT5: Songs Not To Play At Your Wedding

Over the course of spring and summer, I feel like I’ve already attended enough weddings to fulfill some sort of lifetime achievement award.  As most people say, “I’m at that age”, that age when it seems like everyone is either getting married, recently married, or making their first offspring.  Frequent wedding goers will reluctantly agree with me when I say that our favorite pastime at weddings and wedding receptions is to judge the shit out of every little detail.  Come on, we all do it.  Don’t try to lie to my face and tell me you aren’t talking trash about the way too long ceremony, the annoying wedding DJ, or why your friends decided to get married outside in the middle of July.  We all do it people.  Today I’d like to focus on the music side of things (we are a music site BTW) and point out 5 songs that should be banned from your reception while giving you an acceptable alternative.  Everyone is thinking the same thing… I’m just the A-hole prepared to call you out.  I apologize ahead of time if anyone is offended that I think their choice of “Wonderful Tonight” as a first dance number is way too cheesy.  Follow the jump for more.

FT5: WTF? Songs I Found in my iTunes

During 1989 I received my first CD player.  Since that day, I’ve collected music vigorously, but only recently has that seem to have gotten a little bit out of hand.  Some friends know I have stuff, so they want to borrow it, or they want a burned copy.  Other times, people want me to make a mix for some purpose or another, so I gladly oblige.  It recently hit me that there are some mysterious tunes lying around in my iTunes library that I really rather wish weren’t there, or that I am going to pretend like I downloaded for a friend and lay no claim to whatsoever.  Do you have those too? It can’t be just me.

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FT5: 90’s Jr. High Dance Mix

0724top5coverThe 90’s. A time of smooth R&B kicked in with some booty-grinding dance numbers and white rappers. While we all might have had different music tastes growing up, what came on when you stepped into that junior high gym was pretty consistent. All of the writers here at the ATH are in their late 20’s, so that teeny-bopping phase came for us in the early 90’s. So guys slip on those Airwalks and gals bust our your overalls (with one strap hanging down of course), and join us for a trip down awkward lane.
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