Brash Blaster from Iska Dhaaf

iskaBefore we get settled too far into Monday with some smooth pop tunes, I wanted to toss out something to get your energy up just a little bit…I think this Iska Dhaaf tune should do the trick nicely. It’s the project of Ben Verdoes, who you should know from his solo beat making or his work in Mt. St Helens Vietnam Band. The chorus is shouted from the minute the drum sticks hit the rim and blast you into the song’s twist and turns. There’s no album yet, but word is we should expect something from the duo sometime in the New Year. Such a killer tune.

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Heartbreaking Ballad from Benjamin Verdoes

nbeBen Verdoes has been a prolific force in the Pacific Northwest, be it on his own or with Mt. St Helens Vietnam Band.  Today he released this great ballad, but it’s a song laced with the difficult racial climate facing the current United States. He wrote the track after the Ferguson news broke, writing the song of the indifference many often take to the plight of the African-American citizen. Out of sight, out of mind, right? It’s a tragically alarming situation, but one I witness everyday here in Texas…even in the “liberal” capital of the State. Anyways, it struck a note with me, so I wanted to share it. It’s got this video accompanying it too; check that HERE.




More New Music From Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

We recently got ourselves a promo copy of Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band’s upcoming record Where the Messengers Meet and we like what we hear.  Back in May we dropped “Leaving Trails” your way and now we bring you another preview track called “Hurrah”.  Both songs should get you excited for what is sure to be another solid effort from the group.  Be sure to pick up the new album on August 3rd via Dead Oceans.


Download: Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band – Hurrah [MP3]

New Music From Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band

Just a short 18 months ago, Seattle based group Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band released their suprising debut LP on the world.  Now the band is already prepping new release Where the Messengers Meet for a drop date at the end of the summer on the Dead Oceans label.  Here’s wonderfully produced and epic style first single from that release “Leaving Trails”.  Count me as on board for this one.


Download: Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band – Leaving Trails [MP3]

2009 Top 50 Albums


Creating a Top 50 Albums list is never easy.  You have to battle with what you think the world believes, and what you truly believe in your heart, to be solid jams.  We have even more trouble because we have to three writers, all who have different ideas, and we have to make those ideas fit into a neat box.  Well, we got it done, and honestly, our criteria was based on two things: how great we thought the album was, artistically speaking, and how long we listened to it without getting bored.  That’s it. It’s fool proof; you might not like it, but it’s our list, so here it is… Read more

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