Another Single from Massage

Bobo Integral is out there proclaiming that this Massage LP might be the best indiepop record of the year; while I’m pretty sure Glenn Donaldson might have something to day, I think that’s reason enough to give an added push to the sounds. Clearly everyone involved isn’t far off, particularly with the sort of soft pop underbelly of this tune; this gives you sort of that dreaming whimsy, that smiling as you stare longingly out the window feels. Twinkling guitar notes and some great arrangement really do make you feel like this could be the stellar indiepop record we were promised. Still Life is being supported by Bobo Integral/Tear Jerk/Mt. St. Mtn. on June 25th.

That New Massage Tune

If you happen to be into the same style of jams as us, you’re likely to know there’s only a handful of sites covering some of these genres regularly, which is where this tune first popped up yesterday. Massage has former members of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, which to me shines through; you can imagine some of these tunes showing up as acoustic demos in the band’s practice space, taking notes from 80s UK indiepop (and some other nostalgic notes). Of course, we wouldn’t love a good slow burn if it didn’t feature delicate little touches of ringing in your ears rock n’ roll, placed delicately throughout so as to walk that tightrope between traditional pop and blends of shoegaze. Heavy hitter labels Mt. St. Mtn./Tear Jerk Records/Bobo Integral will help get Still Life out into the world on June 25th.

The Wind-Ups Announce Try Not to Think

I don’t know what’s happened to the water in California as of late, but every tune coming out of the state is fucking brilliant. This track from the Wind-Ups just tore through my speakers as I didn’t heed the warning to not turn up to 11! Drums pound and the guitars just scream with distortion, but while I love that, and my eardrums still shake, the hidden gem comes in some of the vocal’s and their slide nod towards pop; I love how it captivates you with this thunderous wall of noise, then slips a note under your door to say “Surprise, its a pop song!” This feels like its going to rip; look for Try Not to Think on Mt. St. Mtn.

Rock n’ Recipes: Flowertown

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve done a proper run with Rock n’ Recipes, so wanted to return this year with a banger; we were fortunate enough to catch up with Mike and Karina of Flowertown. They recently announced that they’ll be putting two of their recent EPs for Paisley Shirt Records onto one great LP for Mt. St. Mtn. If you’re not familiar with the duo, you might have heard lots of buzz about their other projects like Cindy or Tony Jay, but jump below to catch up on the current work! Pre-Order the LP HERE.

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Flowertown Announce Self-Titled LP

If you are hip enough to follow Paisley Shirt Records then you might already have Flowertown on your radar, and in fact, you might have already heard versions of the song from the band’s self-titled LP. But, Mt. St. Mtn. has announced they’ll be compiling these songs and remastering them in proper format for a first ever vinyl pressing. The band is comprised of Karina Gill (Cindy) and Michael Ramos (Tony Jay) and together, they’re dropping breadcrumbs all the way back to the early days of K Records and Flying Nun. Guitars twist and turn around the steady percussive element; it sounds at times as if the band’s finding their footing together in the a live space for the first time…giving that lo-fi aesthetic that can’t be faked. My favorite moment, in a very weird strong Nathan only way actually comes at 1:25-1:43; its this guitar interlude that has these perfect tones that sort of breathe air into the vocal duet, giving more charm than one man can handle. The LP will be released on April 23rd!

Lars Finberg Shares Satanic Exit

While Lars Finberg is most likely associated with the Intelligence (and deservedly so) and A Frames, his solo work seems to be taking on this incredible life of its own. This track from his forthcoming record is not quite a rocker, but not quite an electronic eargasm…it’s somewhere happily inbetween. Slight percussive upticks effectively change the tempo, but Finberg stalks through the song like some circus ringleader, orchestrating this sort of brilliant post-punk fuzz rock. Plus, just as a big fuck you to us all, he throws down a rocking 25 seconds to close the song out. This tune appears on the forthcoming Tinnitus Tonight, out November 27th by Mt. St. Mtn.

Christian Singles Announces Maybe Another Time

In case you weren’t hip to the news, Christian Singles is the solo moniker of Rob Miller, who has played in Mall Walk and Blues Lawyer; he’s just announced Maybe Another Time. While the songs were recorded during quarantine, the album was influenced by news that Miller’s father’s cancer had returned…forcing him to face issues of family and forgiveness. While he’s working over synthesized beats, the song snakes its way around that pulsing sensation, honing in on a very new wave sound, only reimagined through the pain of the world that surrounds us. If your’e digging it, the LP will be released by Mt. St. Mtn. this October.

Fresh Hit from Blues Lawyer

Pretty sure I’ve been waiting for this new Blues Lawyer LP for my whole life, or at least it seems that way. Somehow the Bay Area four-piece craft these insanely catchy pop songs with a little bit of the traditional slacker/DIY ethos. There just always seems to be this influx of energy and sugar in their songs; they inevitably bounce around my head for hours after they’ve been played…a sure fire sign of a hit if you ask me. There’s all sort of pigeonholing you could do here too; jagged riffs, male/female vocal interplay, etc, but why not just let ourselves have some fun with our music all over again? This tune is off the group’s new LP, Something Different, out November 8th via Mt. St. Mtn.

Swirling Pop from Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer have made a name for themselves in the San Francisco scene, and they look like a continually rising star with the announcement of their new LP, Ivy. What I love about their new single is the way the guitars rise into the air like a smoke, billowing through your speakers as the vocals quietly, and softly, crawl out on top. It walks that careful line between dreamy pop and the gazier elements that modern listeners find endearing…I certainly could do with more songs like this. Look for their debut LP via Mt.St.Mtn. on June 30th.

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Darkened Number from Mall Walk

mallwalkI think its time you gave into the dark side of the force, and in that, you’re going to want to give into the brooding power of Mall Walk. Just listening to the musical tones should have you dwelling in the beautiful caverns of your soul, while the lyrics provide a calming bit of introspection. Personally, the distorted guitar echoing in the distant background keeps drawing me deeper and deeper into the tune. Still, while there’s a bit of a haunting spirit, you’ll also hear a touch of light, especially as the song fades to a close, which will keep listeners such as yourself coming back for more. Be sure to grab the new LP, Funny Papers, from Mt.St.Mtn while supplies last!

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