Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.20 – 6.24)

I don’t even want to look back at last week. But, we had songs, there were some really good songs coming out of a really awful week. Our friend Ram Vela and his band had a new single, plus it never hurts to get a Voxtrot tune in your inbox. Think I kept coming back to these Bastien Keb, Flowertown and Tan Cologne tunes the most, well, and that Tony Molina track. There’s about 20 jams to sort through, so find a favorite. Or don’t.

Mush Share Anti-World Cup Anthem

I’ve really been digging the stuff from Mush‘s forthcoming LP, and this new tune takes a slight turn in sound, which I think is great for an album listen as a whole…if you’re still doing that sort of thing. Sonically, you can immediately feel the band pulling back, letting the track trickle its way into the speakers; it sounds like any number of American indie rock bands at the moment…Kevin Morby, Martin Courtney, etc. Lyrically, the song’s hitting out at the huge human rights violations that have gone with the World Cup in Qatar; we all love soccer, but we definitely are on Mush’s side here, as the tournament should have been halted long ago…let alone awarded. Song’s good, message is on point. Winning. Down Tools will be out via Memphis Industries on July 8th.

Fresh Music from Mush

I keep going back to the Art Is Hard page, hoping to find the new track from their Postcard Series (where is it!), but instead found this nice little jam from Mush. The group have just finished up a Double AA 7″ for the label, and you can fall in love with one of the tracks below. My ears hear little bits of Omni in the guitar chords, but also a touch of Ought in the way the vocals are delivered, as in they’re super casual. They take the latter half out for a joyride of jangling guitar jams, so keep your ears ready. Look for the new 7″ to be released on November 17th.