Plus/Minus Share Calling Off the Rescue

As much as we probably pay attention to release dates and all that, it doesn’t seem like Plus/Minus (+/-) really have missed a beat, despite not having a proper album out in some time. This new single feels like it has the same gloriousness that saw the band rise in the indie realm by blending in sharp guitar licks with powerful vocals; there’s something in Patrick Ramos’ vocals that just grasps onto this ethereal nature that allows the tune to kind of flutter and flicker as it spins about the air. Really love the band’s breakdown around the 2:50 mark where they just let loose and revel in the noise they’re capable of bringing to the forefront. Look for Further Afield on May 31st via Ernest Jenning Record Co.


Last Week’s Jams (4.22 – 4.26)

It’s been a strange few weeks if I’m looking at the numbers on our Last Week’s Jams; we’ve run 28 songs for the last three weeks, compiling a fun playlist that runs at 1.5 hours. Well, whatever, time’s on your side my friends. We were fortunate to premiere a couple of stellar tunes this week from the Ar-Kaics and Noelle and Deserters; one offers a crackling fire of psychedelia while the other is a bit more old school western vibes. And, there was the joyous return of Bad Moves! Of course, we also filled the pages with new stuff from Lightheaded, Laughing, Luma Fade, Lunchbox and the Laughing Chimes…you know, all the big Ls! Some Austin love as always via mentions of new records from Don’t Get Lemon and Hovvdy too. Sit back and get into Monday.

Another +/- Single from Further Afield

After a bit of an absence, +/- are right back in the thick of it, offering up another single from their forthcoming Further Afield LP. This one begins with an elaborated line that guitarist James took from his son as they played on a keyboard together; it matches up with some of the fatherhood themes that run their course in the track. As you listen, it feels light and instant, like you could easily wrap it up in 2 minutes, yet they choose to flesh it out, building this dreamy melodic bridge that fills the song’s center. Then it all circles back to the lighter moments, albeit with a little more space behind as opposed to the initial immediacy. Another single, another hit…Further Afield is out May 31st.

Last Week’s Jams (4.1 – 4.5)

New music comes hard and heavy during the Spring months, as its the perfect time to set up summer releases and tours. We tried to get to as much as we could, and grabbed 24 new songs for you to settle into on this Monday. New stuff from Austin’s Variety assures the band is still on the rise in my eyes. I’ve been really into the tunes from Bibi Club‘s new LP, and they throw a plot twist with some English sparkle on it; it matches up well with the dark wave from Houses of Heaven. Friends of the site like Gabriel Birnbaum, Kaspar and Snowy Band all had new work to share with the masses., plus be sure you taste the new Babehoven tune hanging out for you at the end. Press play for joy!

+/- Announce Further Afield LP

It’s been a few years since we last heard from +/-, so excited to see that they’ve got a new record on the horizon for the end of May. I easily got caught up in that weird distant spring sound, then fell in love when the drums started snapping at the pace. When the vocals come in, riding the up and down of tones, I found myself diving right into the track. Still, they weren’t done, throwing in an energetic bit of jangling guitars to flesh out the sound; it’s crazy how a song can sound so full and employ such sparse sonics simultaneously…then again, that’s the mastery of the craft. Further Afield is out on May 31st via Ernest Jenning Record Co.

SXSW 2023 Playlist

SXSW 2023 is here peeps, and your friendly ATH crew is here once again to try and prep you for what lies ahead. If you’re struggling to pair down recommendations and highlights for the massive amount of artists coming into town, maybe a playlist will help? It features roughly 50-60 bands who come recommended from myself and the ATH team. With so many bands to choose from, feel free to hit shuffle and skip anything you aren’t feeling. When something catches your ear, our pals at Show List Austin still gather the best for unofficial parties and the official SXSW schedule will you show you everything for wristband and badge holders.

Top Aussie Releases of 2020

So, lists are pretty arbitrary, especially for a site like ours, where you mostly know what you’re going to get each day. But, still, I always fall for the “Best Of” lists, though this year, I’m personally staying away from the numbering system; it just doesn’t really mean much to me these days. That said, I do spend a lot of time covering Aussie acts, more than most, so for me, its fun to revisit my favorites. Without further hoopla…here’s my Top Aussie Releases of 2020.

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That New A Sinclair Single

Technically, our little break’s not quite over, but it’s time to get back into the music game with some things I hope you will dig, like the latest single from our friend A. Sinclair. I’ve always enjoyed the band’s work, but there’s something really special in this song. It’s like the urgency has been sort of pulled back, gradually letting the guitar notes sharply twist and turn their way through your ears; there’s even a slight twang to let the notes sort of hang out on the wind. It’s a rocker, but in the casual sense, letting Aaron’s voice work this calm drawl work beneath the brightness of the guitars. Let’s hope there’s more from A. Sinclair as this new year kicks on.

Checking in on Austin

There’s just always so much going on, I felt like I should throw in a small write-up of some things I’ve been jamming here recently. Word on the street is that the Daphne Tunes and Xetas LPs are done, Abram Shook has a new LP on the way..we here at ATH Records also have somethings in the works. And, other people just keep pumping out hits. So hit the jump to check in on Austin with me.

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