Show Review: Efterklang @ Mohawk (3.6)

Danish powerhouse Efterklang had a difficult task when they came to town on Wednesday night, which was more or less, SXSW eve.  It’s hard to entice people to a show when their racked with anxiety about scheduling and/or hiding from the masses.  Sure, it wasn’t sold out, but all those in attendance were treated to a joyous evening set by the group.

Read on for our thoughts on the show, and photos from B. Gray.

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Show Preview: Efterklang @ Mohawk (3.6)


Date Wednesday, March 6th
Location Mohawk
Doors 630 PM
Tickets $12 from Frontgate

We know that you all have your eyes on the prize.  Sure, SXSW is a few weeks away, but starting Wednesday night, we’re all going to be treated to a long week and a half of great music here in town.  Why not start things off with Efterklang?  The Danes have been crafting brilliant orchestral pop tunes for quite some time, and as a person who has caught their live set multilple times, I can attest that you won’t leave this show disappointed.  Oh, and if you need another reason to go, Nightlands are also on the bill.  Dave Hartley, who works by day in War on Drugs, has just released Oak Island, his personal bedroom recording project.  It’s got a broader, more extravagant, sonic pallette this time, so you’ll need to see him perform too.  Opening things up at 7:30 will be My Empty Phantom…from here on out there’s a rad show every night of the week, so if you’re skipping the hullabaloo, at least make it to this night of joy.


Download:Efterklang – Apples [MP3]