Check Out Quitter From Brother Bird

Towards the end of last year, Caroline Glaser, straight out of Nashville, released a stunning single under her recording name Brother Bird titled “Something Better,” which made it onto my list of top songs of the year. This year will bring the release of new album Another Year, and a lengthy tour, including some dates next week for SXSW here in Austin. Prior to the new album, Glaser just shared one last preview of her new material with this slow burning new single “quitter.” Though it is slow in build, it features an immaculate progression and yet another expertly written song in the Brother Bird cannon.

You can pre-order the new Brother Bird album, Another Year, right now via Easy Does It Records. It’s out on Friday.

Check Out Something Better From Brother Bird

Caroline Glaser is a Nashville based songwriter who has been making music under the moniker Brother Bird for several years now. She’s never made the pages of ATH until today and this new single “something better” is certainly more than worthy of praise and recognition by us. I love the way this tune almost tricks you into thinking it might just be another indie pop song, but evolves and opens up into a straight rocker with loads of energy and glee. I hope you do check it out below.

This single is part of a new album from Brother Bird entitled another year due out March 8th. Pre-orders are live now.

Stream New Album From Bedroom

Happy almost weekend to all you loyal ATH fans out there. While you step away and possibly enjoy some relaxing new tunes this weekend, might a suggest this stellar new album entitled Thread from Nasville based songwriter Noah Kittinger under his recording moniker Bedroom. Kittinger is now working on his fourth release as Bedroom and each one has shown a young artist maturing into a seasoned songwriter, capable of holding his own amongst the greats. The new album is at times delicate, but also full of some twangy, Southern inspiration and just the slightest hint of experimentation to keep things fresh and vibrant. Right now, I am loving the twang and alt-country vibe of “All Good” while I think about the possibilities of weekend freedom.

Bedroom’s new album Thread is available for physical pre-order now or totally streamable below.

One More Stunner From Pile

Well this late winter going into early Spring release season looks like it’s going to nuts and filled with tons of bangers to start the year. While we tend to see a lot of the huge names getting all the talk, I think many of us music fans may have forgotten about the upcoming Pile album, All Fiction, due out next month on Exploding in Sound. Already we’ve heard album banger, and song of the year winner “Loops” as well as the slightly poppier (for Pile) song “Poisons”. Today we have yet another new track called “Nude with a Suitcase” which may just be the darkest of the dark wave from the band. It’s a real slow burning, almost gothic approach and should slide in nicely to the album’s tracklist.

Pre-orders for All Fiction are live now with a release date of February 17th.

Another Banger From Pile

Nashville based band Pile is full of veterans in the music scene, but I think they might just be making some of their best new music this year. February 7th will be the much anticipated date for new album All Fiction, and I am here to tell ya, it is full of banger after banger and is 45 minutes of pleasure. Prior to that release date, Pile have this new single “Poisons” as yet another teaser of this straight badass new record. It’s just full of so much raw energy and somewhat restrained and palpable tension. You’ll surely enjoy it.

Pre-orders for All Fiction are live now via Exploding in Sound.

Dark Wave From Pile

Nashville by way of Boston based Pile is a band that has been constantly working and generating new music for over 15 years. Ever evolving and growing, this new single “Loops” shows a band delving a bit further into a more dark wave, eery and post-punk inspired sound. For me, this may be the best work from Rick Maquire and crew as it is full of deep, heavy bass depth and sort of restrained, yet impactful energy. Check it out with new video below.

Pile has a new album entitled All Fiction coming out on February 17th via Exploding in Sound. Pre-orders are already live.

New Double Single From Trash Man

With a band name like Trash Man, it’s going to be hard to drum up much information other than the sparse release details and whatnot via bandcamp pages and internet searches. In reality though, who needs information and silly details when you’re releasing songs like this new one “Are You Glad I’m Gone?”. It’s a very last 90s brand of indie rock for fans of early Weezer or even a more straightforward version of Pavement. The rocker A-side also comes with a B-side featuring a more indie pop ballad which plays nicely off of the focus track. Stay tuned for more from Trash Man out of Nashville, TN.

For now, check out several more jams on the Trash Man bandcamp page.

Catchy New Tune From Future Crib

Having released three albums over the years, Nashville based upstarts Future Crib are starting to look less like a “new” band and more like an established outfit with an ever developing sound. Today I’m happy to share with you this new single “Most Likely Never Going to Die” which is a delightful piece of indie pop music worthy of being compared to the early days of a band like Mystery Jets. It’s an incredibly catchy pop diddy that can certainly be in consideration for your summer playlist.

Future Crib will release this song on their upcoming fourth album entitled Full Time Smile due out September 10th. Pre-orders are up on bandcamp now.

Say Hello To Annie DiRusso

It’s a cold ass day here in Austin and we are all in need of some rocking music to get the blood flowing. Today we look no further than the young, Nashville upstart Annie DiRusso and her latest single “Dead Dogs”. Obviously the tune falls into the vein of some solid lady rockers like Lucy Daucus or Courtney Barnett, but with a bit more force and power behind her words and music. DiRusso is sure to be a name you’ll be hearing more from very soon.

ACL Gimme 5 – Judah & The Lion

ACL may be done and gone, but our post-coverage will still be trickling in this week as we recap both weekends of fun. When I said my Gimme 5 feature was over, I meant for you to maybe not take me too seriously and expect one or two more. So though the festival is over and this is not a preview, we all love playlists and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one from Nashville based Judah & The Lion. Hit the jump for their words and songs.

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