Last Week’s Jams, Today (9.6 – 9.9)

Last week came and went in a flash, but there were definitely a few hits we wanted to remind you about that were on our radar. Two relatively unknown acts on our radar finally dropped their LPs, so be sure to listen to the hits from Pet Owner and Tin-ear. I was fortunate to see a sneak Voxtrot warm-up set before they head out on the road for a quick reunion tour, so made sure I included a jam in there. Plus, you’ve got new stuff from Winter and the Smashing Times, so there’s just 14 quick hits for you to digest this morning.

Nervous Twitch Drop History of the Wild West

ATH faces Nervous Twitch are back with a brand new jam that’s filled with the type of sugary hooks that will have you pressing repeat as soon as the tune fades out. But, like many a tasty pop morsel, this song lyrically takes on the subject of escapism, leaving the stresses of daily life behind in search of something brand new. The group bring their ideas to the surface hidden behind these heavy riffs that bring in just the right amount of punch, with the chorus sure to please with its bratty sense of fun. This hit features on the group’s new record, Some People Never Change, which drops on October 14th via Reckless Yes.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (8.1 – 8.5)

Back to the grind! I’m back at work, getting read to teach the kids and what not! But, looking back at last week, we covered a lot of rad territory I think that’s worthy of you easing into your work week, or just your day. I was stoked to hear Emma Kupa popping up on the latest track from Let’s Whisper, a band she’s joined recently. RayRay dropped new tunes from Sunfruits and Pale Blue Eyes, as well as threw some love towards the new Mall Walker EP. I know there was a lot of love and buzz on the new Peel Dream Magazine and Winter tunes, but personally, the track I couldn’t stop playing was the Enola jam inclued. Anyways, enjoy.

Nervous Twitch Share We Don’t Care

When we first heard new Nervous Twitch, I was impressed at how the band opened up their style, letting the first single come up as a slow-burn pop rock ballad. But, this new single is frantic, gritty, and hook-laden like a motorcycle gang rolling through with a bunch of balloons and streamers attached to their bikes. Erin Hyde’s delivery definitely has a bit of an old school punk nod to it, hanging on to a certain coyness that makes the lyrical delivery feel like you’re bouncing off the walls. The group will release their new Some People Will Never Change via Reckless Yes on October 7th.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (7.5 – 7.8)

We packed as much sweet music as we could into four days, especially considering one of us was down with the ‘Rona…and on vacation no less. Still, there was so much great new music that it was hard to stay away, from brand new Lande Hekt and Alvvays to the release of that latest Flowertown LP. Personally, I was glad to see Northern Portrait back on the menu, with a new album slated for a Fall release. Sit back, start you week, and enjoy a replay of what we got into last week!

Nervous Twitch Share Forgive Yourself

I did a lot of jamming out to Nervous Twitch‘s self-titled album, and I have a feeling that with a new record on the horizon, there’s going to be a lot of the band on these here Interweb pages. Today, we’re stoked to bring you their first single from the forthcoming Some People Never Change LP, offering a nice little ditty to set the scene for what’s in store. A heavy bass line slowly opens the track, and in doing so, it sets the scene for this track, allowing the band’s patience to spill through your speakers. The playful melody becomes instantly obvious, but where other bands rush to fill your ears with earcandy, Nervous Twitch just want to hang out; they want you to tap your toes and bob your head, but there’s no need to rush. Heavier riffs and pounding drums build throughout, giving the edge to the tune; I keep thinking of a slow burning Donnas jam when I hear this hit! If your’e into it, Some People Never Change will be released by Reckless Yes on October 7th!

Nervous Twitch Drop Alright Lads Video

Feel like Nervous Twitch are taking me to task here, but their sound is so joyous that I don’t even mind that they seem to be mocking those rock show know-it-alls! Just listen, ask yourself if you know it all, then apologize and be better! As for the song, the band Leeds bunch just hammer away at this classic pop rock feel, somewhere between Elvis Costello and the Go-Gos, with hints of punk and classic girl-group pop swirling about your ears. It’s got just enough sugar to make you feel sweet, but an underlying bit of attitude (atop the band calling out those know-it-alls!) gives it just enough of an edge to make it a breezy jam you’ll want to spin at your next party! Give a listen! … Courtesy of Reckless Yes.

Nervous Twitch Share Keeping Faith in Something Video

Been a minute since we’ve heard from Leeds outfit Nervous Twitch, but we’re getting word that the band will be releasing a new LP in early 2021…and we’ve got a sneak peak! The first single teases you with an off-kilter stomp and steady spoken vocals. Suddenly, those guitars shimmy into the picture, the drums move into a roll and things pick up pace so we’re all having a blast as we’re bopping along. They have this knack for offering sugary punk ditties that are undeniably fun, which, on a personal level, has me really excited for a new LP, which we’ll know more about soon…for now, enjoy this tune courtesy of Reckless Yes Records!

Nervous Twitch Deliver New Video

Seems like just yesterday that Nervous Twitch released their excellent I Won’t Hide LP for Oddbox Records; in fact it was last November. It’s a great listen, and the band have just sent us this video for one of the album’s standout tunes, “Promised Me the World.” This track takes on a bit more of a classic fuzzy punk sound, which builds in hooks while still sounding tough as nails. And, as with all Nervous Twitch songs your toes begin to tap uncontrollably; you might even find yourself bouncing about the room…so be sure your listening area is safe. If you’re digging the Leeds outfit, go check their LP HERE.

Nervous Twitch Announce New Album

You’ve really got to pay close attention to what’s going on over at Oddbox Recods; they’re quietly going about business releasing gem after gem. They just announced that they’ll be handling the release of the new Nervous Twitch record, I Won’t Hide. The first track off the album has this classic jagged punk vibe, shuffling feet and drums while kicking out a rough-edged vocal that’s here to take no prisoners. Feel like we could all use a bit more of good old rock n’ roll in our lives, while we wait for the album to hit in late October.

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