Netherfriends Residency in Austin!!!

netherfriendsLast week I brought you this rad jam from Netherfriends, the project of Shawn Rosenblatt.  He came to Austin recently to start up a residency at the heralded local venue Cheer Up Charlies; he plays every Wednesday night throughout the month of December (including tonight!).  Shawn claims to have come our way to take advantage of the weather, but I feel that he’s been rather unlucky in that matter (though today is beautiful). You can catch him playing his beautiful blend of pop music each week, accompanied by various friends.  We wish him much success in his visit, and we wish you would get out there and see him! I mean, this song alone warrants your attendance.

Have Fun with Netherfriends

netherfriendsI love when you open an email to a track that you immediately find a place for in your daily rotation.  That’s just what happened to me when I tossed on this new track from Netherfriends.  There’s this upbeat quality to the song that’s pure fun, but the lyrics and the gruff quality of the vocals seem to indicate something entirely different from the music of Shawn Rosenblatt. It’s a track that begs you to play it again, whether you’re there for the emotional appeal or to dig deeper into the meaning.  More importantly, Shawn will be offering up his debut LP, P3ACE, for free on March 3rd.  If it’s got more tracks like this you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there to jam it out.

Free EP from Netherfriends

You want something creative and tasty? Try listening to Netherfriends.  After the 50 Songs 50 States project, the group has now constructed an entire EP based around Harry Nilsson samples.  While it might push some buttons as sort of kitsch pop, it’s definitely pushing the envelope in regards to the music we can create with electronics pushing us into the future.  Just go to the group’s BANDCAMP page and search around; you’ll surely find something interesting, and the odds are it’s going to be something good.  If you’re looking for something that challenges your opinion of traditional pop, look no further, Netherfriends is here.


Download: Netherfriends – Full of it [MP3]