The Slow Summits Share Budge

Too Good to Be True Records has some solid singles ready to go throughout next year, and our first peak is with the beloved Swedish outfit, the Slow Summits. They offer up a classic indiepop sound, albeit one with their own bits of nuance and flare. You’ve got deep vocal tones, similar to those releases by Cats on Fire that charmed your pants off. Sure, there’s some jangling here, but it’s calmed, not rushing, letting little bits of horns and backing vocals creep in from the background to add the perfect bit of texture to this tune. They always craft these tunes that fit any time of day or year, so right now seems the perfect time for this new single!

The Umbrellas Return with New 7″

A little less than a year after their stunning debut, San Francisco’s The Umbrellas return with a bopping new tune, and a new 7″ to get in your collection. What I love about this new track is that you can trace the breadcrumbs back to the self-titled LP, but the sound feels sonically, well, different. The sharp jangles are a little less present, changed in favor of a fuzzier blast of guitar work, pushed forth with a little bit more rhythmic urgency. Still, the band don’t stray too far from the playful melodic harmonies, which is where you can hear the ties to their earlier work; it fills the stomping interlude as guitars scream behind it! The new 7″ is out on June 24th via Slumberland Records.

Martha Drops Fresh New Single

I raved and raved about Love Keeps Kicking, not to mention kept screaming at the top of my lungs to the whole record, so I’m glad to hear Martha come back with a new 7″. Today they’ve got the A-side out for all of us to stream, so I reckon we should put it up for ya, eh? Following the opening piano tease, the track starts off with this sort of jittering angular riff, setting the tune up for the unique vocal style to jump into the foray. Those guitars get a little heavier and a little more straight-forward, driving the pop punk punch right to your face. But, their hook, combining the vocal harmonies sneak in mid-track, and dammit if the band haven’t left us with another sweet jam. Start Friday here. The new 7″ is out June 24th via Specialist Subject, with a B-Side Allo Darlin’ cover!

The Holiday Crowd Return with Party Favours

We haven’t heard from Holiday Crowd in quite some time, but boy is this new single a welcome return. The group just dropped new of a new 7″ for Shelflife Records, and the A-side is the sort of slinky-jangle pop nod, toying with a hint of croon to the vocals. In a way, it’s kind of a Sarah Records influenced take on Two Wheels Good-era Prefab Sprout, which should hopefully catch your ears. The jangles aren’t over the top, but the melodic charm of the chorus really helps sell the sound here, particularly when pace is added to the vocals giving the song that sort of swirling allure. Party Favours 7″ is out on April 15th.

Speedy Wunderground Announce Jane Weaver Single

If you’re not hip to what’s going on at Speedy Wunderground, can you count yourself among the hip? They just announced a new single from their series with Jane Weaver, the sound-shifting songwriter, toying with pop fans by mixing all the elements that make her utterly fascinating. It all begins with a very pop croon, steadied and seductive. Moving forward, the pulse of this tune takes on a mixture of sounds, kind of like an amalgam I’ve dubbed post-proto-punk. But, as the guitars add texture, the song moves into a purely electronic affair of sorts, reveling in its own majesty and dizzying listeners. Plus, it comes with this really great visualizer that’ll only add to that effect. Grab the 7″ HERE, but be warned, they always sell out rather quick!

Wah Together Drop 7″

I’m surprised given the pedigree of the members in Wah Together that the band aren’t getting more hype; the group features members of Longwave, LCD Soundsystem and the Rapture, so they’re cool in my book before they even started singing. But, with Jaiko Suzuki on vocals, singing in Japanese, the band take this blend of sort of skronky post-punk and rev it up into this mashing of pop and noise. It’s this swirling mixture where drums crash heavily while the rhythm section spastically pushes you forward, all of it circling around the gravitational pull of Suzuki. I can totally get behind this; you can too buy grabbing the 7″ from the band HERE. They’ll have an album out next year via Dedstrange in March.

Stutter Steps Shares Lift Video

Ben Harrison recently released his Lift/The Bend 7″ under the Stutter Steps moniker, and today we’re here to encourage your listening by sharing the new video for the A-side. The video was shot on Super 8 by Dan Finegold, giving this sort of grainy feel to the visual presentation, which covers a lot of scenic shots featuring Ben and his guitar. One of the reasons I love the video and the track is that the two seem really complimentary. The song has this Americana feel, but with Harrison, he adds a bit more bravado and punch, brining in some of his power-pop stylings from earlier releases; it fits well with lots of striking landscape work, tying the two pieces together. If you’re digging, you can grab the 7″ courtesy of Blue Arrow Records HERE.

The Smashing Times Share Dreams on Union Avenue

There’s something nostalgic in the craft of the Smashing Times; it’s definitely a sound that seems steeped in classic guitar pop sounds that evolved out of the early 90s; think Galaxie 500 with a little more risk. The vocals on this new tune have this distinct delivery, like they’re sung half-heartedly, save for a few spots where they really get belted out. For me, this song’s all about the guitar sound, churning over and over like billowing smoke blowing through my speakers with this sense of melodic yearning. There’s some slight jangles, a tinge of psychedelia, and it’s all just so glorious that I can’ really imagine you loving a better song today. The band will release this tune on a 7″ which you definitely need to pick up from Painter Man Records before it comes out this weekend!

Stutter Steps Drop New 7″

When I first heard Stutter Steps, I’ll admit, the jangles had me up in my feels. But, over the last few releases, Ben Harrison has kept the jangles, but rounded them out just a bit, bringing about these more circular notes, the sort that ring high above with sparkling melody. This past week, the band dropped a new 7″ via Blue Arrow Records, and while the ever-present warmth remains intact, there’s almost a classic rock aesthetic to what Harrison and Co. are offering here; it borders on Americana even, though these little finite details on repeated listen tend to offer up a certain DIY ethos. On the B-side, there’s this great almost radio friendly ballad, but the buzz of the guitars in the recording keeps the song just left of center, the way I like it. Always great to hear what Stutter Steps are up to, and if you’re so inclined, grab yourself a copy of the 7″.

Buffet Lunch Share Cheeks Video

Fresh off the release of their stunning The Power of Rocks LP, Scottish outfit Buffet Lunch have returned with their brand new 7″, and today we get a video for the A-Side! I love how this entire 7″ is exploring the weirder elements of the band’s sound; the more skronk and textured side if you will. It’s just taking that sort of post-punk brand and getting a little weirder, which we need. Plus, speaking of strange, take a moment to marvel at the incredible video; it’s all combined with the pop-centric cacophony swirls about in attempt to warp your brain…in the best of ways of course! The new 7″ is available today from Upset the Rhythm!

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