Fun Pop from Menahan Street Band and Roge

From time to time, I like to indulge the site in my obsession with tropicalia, samba and cumbia, which is sort of the middle ground where this new single from Menahan Street Band & Roge pops into our coverage. Sometimes, when you let your inhibitions go, you’ll find that your body will just respond to what’s before you. The Menahan Street Band have created this celebratory vibe, bursting with horns and sharp percussion that naturally makes your shoulders shake and your feet shuffle. Rising star Roge definitely does his part, playing into the soulful feel that I’m hoping makes your day. This new track appears on a fresh 7″, available from Diamond West Records.

Qubinoix Share Everyday is Sunday

Today seems as good a day as any to throw some noisy pop from Japan right your way, and thus I’m here with Qubinoix. The tune below is the B-side from their forthcoming Girls Are Alright 7″, which is being handled by Brooklyn label Living Waters. The founding members of the band have decades of experience crafting the shoegaze scene in Japan, and when they go at it hear, they’re melding influences of metal, shoegaze, alternative…really its an amalgam of pop music that hits just the right notes with Ichimaki’s vocals. Those vocal notes have this brightness to them that sort of shines through the dense cavernous music they’ve created, ensuring you get the sweetness balanced perfectly. You’ll be able to grab a copy of the 7″ tomorrow for Bandcamp Friday!


A Place to Bury Strangers Announce Chasing Colors 7″

When I first turned on this new track from A Place to Bury Strangers, I thought for a brief six seconds that maybe they were going to start flirting with the realm of indiepop; they employ a jangling guitar line immediately, and it runs through the whole track. But, almost as my brain recognized one of my favorite sounds, the group bring aboard a heavy wash of fuzzy riffs to layer atop the tune. When you set that alongside the soft coo of the vocals, you get that sort of nostalgic Jesus and MC vibe going on here, and that definitely doesn’t hurt my feelings. Another banger in their 7″ series, that you can grab from Dedstrange today.

Gentleman Jesse Preps 7″ for Drunk Dial Records

Drunk Dial Records is an interesting concept; the label encourages bands to get together for a 24 hour drinking session, record a new tune and then rip a solid cover. The spontaneity and inebriation always land on interesting results, and we’re stoked to hear that ATH fave Gentleman Jesse is on board with a new 7″ dropping this week. If you’ve been following Jesse Smith’s trajectory over the last several decades, the power-pop enthusiasm should come as no surprise here. But, for me, it’s the breakdown, perhaps booze-infused jamming, where I begin to grin, as Smith stretches the tune into some darkened regions that he pulls off perfectly, right before jetting right back into a perfect howling close that would make Bolan proud. Then the trio switch into a swaying power-stance version of Mark Morrison‘s “Return of the Mack.” If you weren’t familiar with the tune, such as this 90s nerd, you might not even know its a cover, as they take it to an entirely different place. You can grab the 7″ HERE.

Alien Eyelid Share Brand New 7″

If you happened to stumble upon my favorite albums of last year, then you would have hopefully noticed that Alien Eyelid‘s Bronze Star made the cut; they return today with a brand new 7″ that you’re going to want to grab right away. “I Didn’t Mean To” is a country twanger, and I swear that the tune’s built around the chorus melody from Four Non Blondes hit “What’s Up.” An emphatic boogie breaks out about a minute into the tune, putting the musicianship on full display. “Not Ready Yet” brings about a nice ballad vibe with guitar sliding between the dual vocal work, occasionally dropping in a barroom stomp to provide movement for the listener. Both these stellar tunes can be found on the new 7″, which you can order today by jumping over to Tall Texan Records.

Alicja-Pop Share I’m Here I’m There

If you’re looking for something to catch you off guard this morning, then might I suggest trying out this new track from Alijca-Pop, the recording project of Alijca Trout. Interestingly, I had this song completely pegged wrong; the angular guitar notes that began had me expecting a finite post-punk sound, but Trout has no intention of playing it safe here. Instead, Alicja cooly delivers verse vocals with a seeming hint of indifference, as if she was completely oblivious to the audience and their expectations. There’s a few moments where the track pulls on that come-hither vocal curl that Debbie Harry rocked so well, beckoning the listener to come closer. In the end, however, this song could survive on the chorus alone; the nonchalant vocal set-up is perfect, hitting you immediately with this brush of emphatic pop glory. If you’re into it, there’s a new 7″ from Feel It Records out on September 29th.

The Laughing Chimes Announce Vinyl Release

Breaking last week, we wanted to remind you that you’ll now get a collection of great tracks from young Ohio janglers The Laughing Chimes on vinyl. They’ve hand-picked a few tracks off their various releases to put them on in one beautiful 7″ that you’ll have spinning on your record player for some time to come. Through these three tracks, you’ll get the earnestness of the band, be that from their youth or just their enthusiasm, they’re highlighting the best of the sounds that those into the jangle realm adore. The Laurel Heights 7″ will be available from Slumberland/Prefect Records on September 22nd.

Vintage Crop Announce New 7″

Felt a little power-poppy this morning, so felt like I should turn into something a little sharper, a little more brooding, such as this fresh track from Melbourne’s Vintage Crop. The guitars on this song really get you wound up; they curl around your ears, snaking inside in this sort of off-kilter chug, thrusting you right into the pounding stomp of the drum. Jack’s vocals come across in this similar throttle, almost hitting you as each syllable tries to step in line with the rhythm. You get a hint of respite in the track’s middle, with some punctuating synth stabs hitting from behind the mix, all of it leading to the resolution. The video was directed by Oscar O’shea, who aimed to present three parallel versions of Jack, coinciding with the feelings of change in the lyrical content. This new 7″ is available on September 8th via Upset the Rhythm and Anti Fade.

Melody Fields Share Hallelujah Single

I know it’s early in the day, but I can’t help other than to indulge myself with this sweet tune from Sweden’s Melody Fields. Honestly, everything about this track feels like a seedy early 90s dance track; its got this almost tribal percussive element, bouncing along to these keys as the track swirls with these delicious ups and downs. There are some vocal samples in and out, but they’re more like ghostly whispers or folks grooving on the floor to this mystical world the group have created. This track is available via a new 7″, but it’s also expected on the forthcoming 1991 LP, out later via Coop/Nudie.

Supermilk Drop Fresh 7″

Listening to the new tracks that are on Supermilk‘s new 7″, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards a band I know a lot of people hold dear, though keep quiet about, Superdrag; the similarities aren’t just in the “Super!” When the song below kicks off, things are in this sort of brooding punk mentality, but when the quietness of the vocals trickle in, the song emerges as this darkened piece of alternative pop. You only have to wait a few moments for the chorus to drop and that’s where it soars; the vocals burst into a higher octave and the band brandish a catchy distorted wall of guitars. It’s catch and it’s fun and it rocks and you need it, so grab the new 7″ HERE.

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