Catenary Wires Announce New 7″

When we were fortunate enough to have Rob and Amelia of Catenary Wires take over our web site last year, they hipped us to all they were working on, be it Swansea Sound, Heavenly reissues, European Sun and…well, we knew there was fresh CW on the horizon. Today, they announce their Mirrorball 7″, and they do so in typical fashion sharing a whimsical pop tune to give your day some wings, some spirit (maybe its only me that needs that!). Electronic buzz and horns open up before the light guitar strum provides the stage for the back and forth melodic banter between Rob and Amelia. For me, having listened to the band, and their various projects, this one feels supremely mature, like a lesson in the joys of indiepop being given by its elder states-people; it just gives you this warmth, almost as if it can’t be pigeonholed as anything other than a really great song. This 7″ will be out via Shelflife/Skep Wax on April 16th…and includes a Human League cover! And just a hint, this tune is the first single off a forthcoming LP later in the year.

Hobby Announce New 7″ EP

Parisien quintet Hobby have just announced their brand new 7″ EP for the esteemed Hidden Bay Records. The group, formerly known as Deaf Parade, aim to strike right at the heart of the indie rock cognoscenti, driving rhythm and chaos into a tightly wound ship of infectious rock n’ roll. Just imagine pop fans taking notes from early Sonic Youth and deciding you can indeed have your cake and eat it too; you get the phenomenal energy bounding throughout, touches of explosiveness and a nice little dose of pop hooks to keep you circling back to press repeat. You’ll love it, and you’ll love the accompanying video; the 7″ is available on December 11th.

Love, Burns Share Their New 7″

We fell for the charms of Phil Sutton’s solo outing Love, Burns when he shared the splendid “Gate and the Ghost;” it’s a must have track for anyone in love with the purity of pop. Today, we get to hear the B-Side “It’s a Shame,” which features Hewson Chen of Lake Ruth on lead guitar. I like the slight adjustment in the approach, perhaps offering a glimpse at the various influences Sutton toys with in his songwriting. In part, there’s a definite paisley pop feel operating with some steady electronic organ, but as the tune progresses you can hear a sort of Spaghetti Western guitar coursing through, adding in this ominous touch that may (or may not) allude to the track’s theme. It’s like we’re all waiting for our pop hero to climb the mountain of indie rock with the setting sun behind him, casting this glorious shadow that is Love, Burns. If you’re inclined, the 7″ is immediately available from KUS in Germany, but there will be some stateside copies ready within the next month. Plus, a full LP is on the way for next Spring.


Gustaf Sign to Royal Mountain Records

Up until now, it seems that new brand of post-punk has been sensationalized and dominated by boy bands (Shame, Fontaines DC, Idles, etc)…and all that’s well and good, but I’m glad that Gustaf is here to throw a wrench in that whole push. The New York outfit has much more of a pop sensibility about their work, which is owed to the rhythm section; it definitely has that Entertainment nod when those riffs come cutting into the song’s core…followed by that call and response vocal closing. Honestly, I love how refreshing this sounds; it doesn’t sound formulaic or like a costume, and I love that about it. The band celebrate this rad tune by signing with Royal Mountain Records; they’ll drop a 7″ on December 4th.

K. Campbell Shares Every Little Thing

We’ve gotta rep the Texas scene, even beyond Austin, so when I heard this new track from K. Campbell drop the other day, I knew I had to share it with you immediately. It’s solid piece of power pop, falling somewhere between the landscape of Nada Surf and Teenage Fanclub, which doesn’t seem a bad place to find yourself. Soft melodic vocals glue the track together nicely, and the noisier bits get sanded along the edges, really polishing off the pop sensibility in the perfect way. If this is your style, as it should be, there’s a wonderful 7″ that features this track available HERE.

Love Burns Shares Gate and the Ghost

Phil Sutton has played in some incredible bands, such as Pale Lights who we’ve covered countless times. But, his focus right now is on his solo project, Love Burns; there’s this great new 7″ he’s recorded with a bunch of heavy-hitting friends that will be released on October 23rd. When I first turned this on, I felt awed by how his voice seems to soar; it works perfectly in the song’s stark opening and still carries on when the track pushes forward with more layers. Speaking of said layers, there’s enough texture to create this thickened pop feeling, though with enough restraint to still make everything feel so airy. This is the perfect lesson in how to build a perfect pop song! The 7″ will be available on October 23rd via KUS!

Memory Keepers Share Forskalii Video

The Sour Notes are one of my favorite local Austin acts, particularly as they’ve really come into their own over the last few years. But, this is about two of their songwriters using a more electronic approach to exercise their musical muscles as Memory Keepers. Last week they dropped the Forskalii 7″, which features a nice Primal Scream cover (rumored to be praised by the band!). In this video for the A-side, the pulsating synths get mixed with live footage from the band’s last show, courtesy of photographs from Vineet Gordhandas; you’ll also find some great texture work, layering guitar lines and synth lines just beneath the wash of Jared’s vocoder-modified voice. It’s always fun when you try to tie the two bands together, trying to see where their pop sensibilities united in their different approaches to craft. Plus, if you enjoy it and grab the 7″, the band are donating all those funds to the NAACP-LDF…so everyone wins.

Capitol Announce New 7″

Late last year I was super into Capitol when the Canadian band dropped Dream Noise, and here comes the band around the corner with this striking new single. It opens with this sparkling dream pop, accented by these dancing sharp guitar jangles. Suddenly the space opens up and Josh Kemps solemn vocals enter the picture, blanketing the dreamy ambiance in this indifferent sense of cool; his voice gets a little help by the appearance of ELIO, who really does add an extra melodic charm that playfully trades lines with Kemp. If you’re a fan of the track, be sure to grab the 7″ from Meritorio or Kingfisher Bluez; it’s out on July 29th.

Alex Izenberg Releases Disraeli Woman

Honestly, I have no idea who Alex Izenberg is, but I’m going to spend today correcting that mishap by listening to his debut, Harlequin; for now, I’m stuck on this new gem he’s just dropped. He’s got this soulful croon to his vocals, and the song itself seems drenched in R&B rhythms. There’s all these little nuances lurking in the nooks and crannies, which elevates the song’s emotional pull, not to mention making it every bit as current as anything else you’re likely to hear; it’s one of those tunes straddling the past and the present. This tune appears on a new 7″ available from Domino Recording Co.

Slumberland Records Announce Pale Lights and Odd Hope 7″

When I willingly gave away my money to the Slumberland Single Series I had no idea what to expect, and I’ve been really fortunate to get some gems coming to my doorstep. But, with the announcement of new 7 inches coming from both Pale Lights and Odd Hope, I don’t think I could be any happier that my money was well spent. This Pale Lights single might just be my 2nd favorite track of the year thus far, pretty easily I might add; it’s the brand of pop I’ve always adored, which is perhaps greatly in part to the work of Slumberland. With Odd Hope, it’s just always great to hear new songs from Tim; his work has been an important part of my life, despite just a couple of releases. You couldn’t ask for more, and yet here we are; both 7 inches drop on April 23rd.

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