New Tunes from Pretty & Nice

Man, what a trip down memory lane!  When we had our first SXSW party back in the day, we were a young site and super excited to have any bands participating.  One of the great acts that we were lucky to have was Pretty & Nice.  They’ve been a it silent since then, but there’s been slow hints at a return to form; that day is finally here!  The group has just released a new single from their forthcoming EP, Us You All We, which will be released on November 16th.  Based on this song, it’s going to be high energy with tons of fun tied into the mix–two great things the band never ceases to provide.


Download:Pretty & Nice – Capsules [MP3]

New Jam from The Denzels

Over the last years we’ve seen an increase in sunny guitar-pop, filled with jangling guitars and soaring choruses.  The Denzels are another such band, though I’m really enjoying the deep vocal tones of their singer, giving them a bit of a twist on the formula, though not too far away from their peers.  They’ve got a new EP out now titled Easy Tiger, which is their second EP as a group.  If you listen to the whole thing as a set, you can tell that there are more hooks lurking behind this band, ready to make us bounce in the very near future.  Need a pick me up? Here it is.


Download:The Denzels – Black Girls [MP3]

Dream Pop from The Belinda Butchers

The last several years have left me with a pretty solid impression of what to expect with San Francisco bands, so I was surprised when I started checking out the latest EP from The Bilinda Butchers, Goodbyes.  If you can catch the allusion in the band’s name, then surely you’ll think you’ve got them locked-down, but they’re not out to blaze the trails of their namesake…though you could possibly throw the haze/gaze word around a bit.  I like the rhythmic electronic of this track, with it’s vocals immersed beneath the song a bit.  This definitely gives me a different idea of what San Fran is all about.


Download:The Bilinda Butchers – Hai Bby [MP3]

New Pop Number from Pale Sunday

It’s already been a great year for our friends over at Matinee Recordings, having released the new Cats on Fire and several great EPs.  And they’re at it again with a new EP from Brazil’s Pale Sunday.  The title for the release is The Fake Stories About You and Me, and you can grab it from the label right now.  Gentle pop music seems to be the group’s specialty, and you can see similarities to the great Teenage Fanclub, but personally I think that things on this listen are a lot softer–in an endearing way of course.  Find yourself falling in love with this new track…it’s easy to do.


Download:Pale Sunday – Happy (When You Lived Here)  [MP3]

Great New Pop Song from Charlie Big Time

Long have I supported Jimmy and his crew over at Matinee Recordings.  Somehow they’re able to scour the world and find some of the most creative and pleasurable pop music, and this time they’ve landed on UK band Charlie Big Time.  While the band was a duo early on, they’ve added Beth Arzy of Trembling Blue Stars to the fold, and her presence is best exemplified on this track from the group’s new EP, Dishevelled Revellers. The EP is currently available over at Matinee’s Shop, and you’ll find all sorts of pop goodness—which is just par for the course from the label–and the band to boot!


Download:Charlie Big Time – The Liberation of Love [MP3]

New Jam (and tape) from Velcro

A few weeks back my friend Guy from Chapter Music turned me on to Velcro, a Melbourne band that I really dug.  They’ve just released a new tape overseas, and the lead track is pretty solid; I’ve been jamming to it all this afternoon.  They’ve also seemingly tossed it up for free on their BANDCAMP page, so you have the right to enjoy it, just in case you’re not into ordering tapes from abroad.  Regardless, these guys are really warming me over with their mellow affected pop tunes, and I have a feeling that it’s only a matter time before the rest of the world gets to see the talent laying in wait.


Download:Velcro – One Day [MP3]

Incredible New Pop from The Proper Ornaments

Don’t you love when you run across an incredible pop tune that you just can’t get out of your head?  This new self-titled EP from The Proper Ornaments is absolutely incredible, and you can definitely find yourself getting carried away listening to it on repeat.  For me, it reminds me of a smoother Beach Fossils, with the same sort of drum beat and jangle to the guitar lines, but the vocals definitely are a lot gentler.  Those in love with all things jangling and twee will find themselves falling head over heels for this record, so head HERE to get yourself a copy.


Download: The Proper Ornaments – Who Thought [MP3]

Surfer Blood – Tarot Classics

Rating: ★★★★ ·

If you haven’t heard of the riffy surf rock of Surfer Blood, where the hell have you been? No really, these guys have been to at least two SXSW’s and put out a killer first album. Well, if you haven’t heard of them before, they are a four part, all male band hailing from West Palm Beach Florida, who pack all the balmy weather of Florida into a neat sound package to be sent all over the world. I guess if you’re still a stranger to this band, Tarot Classics is an excellent place to start.

The first song, “I’m Not Ready,” comes out kicking and rocking, with hooking guitar parts and the gravelly vocals of John Paul Pitts’s familiar yells. Instantly, you’re bobbing your head along with that bubbling bass underneath and grooving along to the playful matching of vocals with guitar. At 4:24, this first song does go other places than what makes up the first minute of the song, which is excellent. Surfer Blood refuses to fall into that realm of already-done-before, and somehow manages to keep things fresh. Towards the very end of the song, they drop into this old-time swoony, beat, complete with backing ‘oohh,’ that brings the track out of, and then back into, its hazy garage rock zone that this group are the kings of.

 “Miranda,” is up second on this EP, and it comes across as Surfer Blood’s stab at a track devoted to a lady, and the chorus consists of just her name repeated over and over. While not as interesting as the first track, it does provide for a change in tempo. This second song explores more of a classic rock jam, one that you could hear echoes of from other bands. Yet, while it does go places other bands go, Surfer Blood manages to put their own flair on it, with the backing vocals giving it that extra dimension.

 The third and fourth songs are also excellent jams that add to Surfer Blood’s listening catalog. Both of them, well all of these songs, serve exactly as an EP should: as a lovely appetizer. These tastes of new material from this band make me hungry for their next full-length release album and if this is any testament to the merit of the next album, we should not be in for a disappointment.

New Slow Burner from Little Silver

There’s a certain genre of music that I would have discarded long ago, but as I have matured (barely) my tastes have as well.  Slow songs with woodsy folk influences are now jewels, so when I got this new track from Little Silver I had to share it with you.  They’ve just put out The Stolen Souvenir EP, and this little number is absolutely superb.  The attention to detail, the inherent melody and vocal harmonies make for an incredible listen.  You’re gong to fall head over heels when you listen to this track; here’s to hoping you enjoy it as much as I do.


Download: Little Silver – Sleep Til Morning [MP3]

New Music from The Great Nostalgic

Make no mistake about it; we’re huge fans of Austin band The Great Nostalgic.  Just recently they released their second album, Hope We Live Like We Promised, but they’re not stopping there.  Currently the band is holed up, hard at work on a brand new EP.  You can clearly tell the band’s sound has changed from their first effort, sounding tighter here than they have in the past, throwing out a melding of sounds in the middle of the track to bring you effortless brilliance.  It’s about time more people start taking notice of this great act.  Heed my warning folks.


Download: The Great Nostalgic – Doomsday Radio [MP3]

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