New Me Share But Myles

I love the ambition of New Me, trying to release a song a month for their debut LP, but sharing the tracks along the way. Today we’ve got the newest tune, a soft bouncing pop number. After the brief opening, the song’s in your face pretty much the entire time; it doesn’t follow a traditional verse chorus verse pattern, at least in so far as it comes across to the listener. It seems a half-hearted plea for a lover to stay over, though the doom of the world hangs heavily, as if love is no longer something needed as we’re all hurtling towards the end. Stay tuned as I reckon the group will have a new jam in April!

New Me Share Three Channels Apart

You ever press play on a song and find yourself swept away in the next few minutes? That’s precisely what happened when I clicked on this new single from San Diego’s New Me, so I figured you needed the same vibe in your day. It slinks in with this bubbling synth line, and the dreamier wash definitely had my interest. But, it wasn’t until I heard the vocals from Barnabuss Chump that really sucked me in; there’s this ability to take his voice from the highest pitch, then drop it and spin it in this deeper warmth. Man, I’m hooked on this tune. It’s been a hot minute since their debut 7″, so let’s hope this means more new tunes in the very near future.

New Me Prep 7″ for Bleeding Gold

If you haven’t heard of New Me yet, that’s perfectly okay as the band’s fairly fresh to the scene. The band are currently in promotion road, as they have a 7″ coming your way fair soon, so we figured we’d give you a sneak peak. Upon pressing play, you’re met with a few quick sections of electronic pulses just before the guitars begin to dance around your eardrums. And then singer Jakob makes his presence known, presenting his deepened tones that at times share similarities with Spencer Krug. His performance aids to the dreamy element, almost haunting the track in a sense as it tries to keep pace with the frantic pace of the rhythm section. Energetic and dark, you’ll want to grab this 7″ before its gone; grab it HERE from Bleeding Gold before the August 31st release date.