Suggested Album Streams: Always You + Wojtek the Bear

It’s new release Friday, and I know some of you just want to know what you should be listening to, right? Well, luckily, I’ve got a few suggestions before I head into the oral surgeon in about 30 minutes so he can remove teeth.

Always YouBloom Off the Rose – I’ve covered most of the singles form this release, and been a fan of the Hochheim brothers when they were Ablebody, so obviously this gets my backing here. It’s a pleasant brand of dream pop meets indie pop, taking light jangles, warping them into these little seductive ear worms that wash over you. Out today via Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian.

Wojtek the BearHeaven by the Back Door – This is the latest release from Last Night from Glasgow, and once you immerse yourself in this record, you’ll clearly hear why. There are moments when this record sounds like a more orchestral Arab Strap, and other times when it very much feels like Belle and Sebastian, and as far as I’m concerned, those are great footsteps to be following along. Spend some time here and you’ll be rewarded.

John MayerSob Rock – Admittedly, I don’t know anything about this record, but felt like you needed a curveball, something to be like WTF, why is this here. Well, everyone loves John Mayer; he can play a mean guitar. I haven’t even listened, but I know it rips.


Did You Buy the Jack Name LP?

jackieboyThere were tons of releases this week, whether you wanted orchestrally-aligned pop like Belle and Sebastian or something along the psych vein, like Amen Dunes.  But, I hope you looked into picking up the Jack Name album, as it’s one of the more diverse listens we’re likely to hear all year (I know that’s bold considering it’s January).  There are marks of various influences from glam to funk and beyond, so why not take another listen to the latest single from the album. Be sure to pick up Weird Moons from Castle Face today!