Soliti Welcome Kaspar to Their Roster

We love when our friends Soliti Music reach out from Finland to offer us a glimpse of what’s going on in their scene, and today, we’ve got a tune from their latest signing Kaspar; the duo will release a AA single this Friday via the label, with a sneak peek below. For all intents and purposes, the song’s a slow-moving pop ballad, but it was the way they crafted the soundscape behind the vocals that caught my ear. Early on it’s a rolling synth line, with the faintest heartbeat bubbling beneath; I love how the empty space leaves a lot of room for the melody to kind of build and grow, like a rolling ball of snow gathering mass as it moves down the mountain. Give a listen, and look out for the new single on Friday!

Echo Ladies Sign with Rama Lama Records; Drop New Single

One of the hotbeds of Swedish music is the stable at Rama Lama Records, who today announce the signing of Echo Ladies, along with a fresh single from the Malmo outfit. The darkened texture is set up from the get-go, with this cavernous ambiance and deep rhythmic pulse. I loved the dark-wave feel there, but the hairs on my arm didn’t raise until that guitar started jabbing into the mix, offering up this sort of post-punk texture that evolves into a dreamier world when Matilda Botwid begins to stretch the band’s performance with her voice. I love how the track just closes out emphatically too, pushing this gale-force volume right through your speakers. Looks like they’ll have a new LP before the year’s up, so we’ll keep you posted on that one!

Adults Sign to Fika Recordings, Drop New Single

Man, Fika Recordings sure knows how to pick them! They’ve just picked up Adults, and with that announcement, dropped this joyous rock from the group that’s going to blast through your speakers for the rest of the day. There’s an ample buoyancy from the vocal work, and the guitars are crunchy, though I like how they’re a bit tempered here; think of Martha having to play at your local library…hooks, but just a little more subdued. There’s just something about this song that radiates joy, and it looks like they’ve got a record planned for the Autumn sometime, so let’s rejoice that there’s more tasty treats on the way!

Joyeria Signs with Speedy Wunderground

Speedy Wunderground is always pushing really great music our way, so it should be no surprise that the label have picked up Joyeria. I can’t stop playing the band’s latest single to go along with the announcement. Just imagine the wordplay and tonal qualities of David Berman, but maybe its spun with a bit more of a kind of fuzz rock attitude. The verses hold the stability, setting up the chorus for this hook-laden exuberance where things get a little outlandish. This band’s already won me over with their sound, so here’s to hoping we find out more about an album in the very near future.

Soliti Music Sign Team Play

Our Finnish friends at Soliti always uncover great gems; we’ve most recently fawned over bands like Pintandwefall…but, now we’ve got Team Play to be excited about. The duo is made up of friends Minja Koskela and Tapio Viitasaari, two dear friends who love writing songs about human existence. At times, this song’s stark nature creates this sort of elegance, a brand of folk that feels as fragile as it is moving. Both singers wrap their vocals atop one another, building this musical texture that provides stunning depth, enabling the project to take pop music to new heights. The label promises that there’s a new album planned for summer, but we’ll keep you informed as we hear more!

Cola Sign with Fire Talk (former members of Ought)

Man, I’m a huge Tim Darcy fan, so hearing that Ought are calling it a day is a bit sad; the band had a solid run that I’m grateful is part of my collection…not to mention the great shows I’ve caught. Luckily, with the announcement of their disbandment comes news of Cola, a new project featuring Tim and Ben) is very much welcome on my end…particularly as they’re sprinkling it in with a new single courtesy of Fire Talk. Honestly, hearing the song and the way that it sort of feels like a meditative state feels very much like the next logical step. Hints of playing with the expanse of sonic exploration was always on the cards, but this feels somewhat leaning into that a bit further, tossing in some melodic undercurrents too to maximize the charm. This sounds like a crash between Ought and Broken Social Scene, and I don’t mind that one bit.

Chapter Music Sign Teether & Kuya Neil

You’d be forgiven for having expectations when it comes to a Chapter Music release/signing; I’m probably even guilty on my end of promoting a certain sound from the label. But, if you look into the label’s discography, as well as their online tastes, you’re going to see a really diverse sound, which no doubt influenced their latest signing Teether & Kuya Neil. Today the label announced they’d signed up with the band to work with them on the follow up to their acclaimed God of Surprises EP. The duo’s sound combines the lyrical flows of rapper Teether with Neil’s darkened dance beats, leaving you with this eclectic sound that’s hard to pigeonhole. Is it rap? Is it down tempo electro? Well, I’m not sure, but its good, and thus, warrants your enjoyment.

Sludgy New Single From Mister Strange

If you’re in the mood for something a bit heavier, might I suggest you check out this new single from Manchester based lads Mister Strange. The song “High Heel Heavy” features this sludgy, kinda dirty, yet bright somehow, take on the garage rock genre. This one would be perfect if you’re into things like Fuzz, Thee Oh Sees, or Wand. You can stream the song below or via other platforms as a part of the band’s recent signing to Pnkslm.


Swinging Track From Honeycutt

Boston based trio Honey Cutt just signed to Kanine Records and are celebrating with the release of a brand new single. Their first Kanine release, “Suburban Dream”, is a surf inspired, swinging track that is sure to help you ease into a fun weekend. Now gaining exposure on a bigger label, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Honey Cutt this year.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 track=12317444 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

New Track from Delay Trees (Sign to Soliti)

One of our favorite little labels, Soliti Music, just grabbed a hold of this band, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Delay Trees will release their new album in the Autumn, but for now they’ve given us this beautiful sprawling track of pop gold.  It builds slowly through the first minute or so, but as the pace of the song picks up, you find yourself whisked away by the creativity and dynamics of the group.  We’ll keep you posted as more details come our way, but for now, allow yourself a little time to get lost with this song.


Download:Delay Trees – Pause [MP3]

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