High Sunn Share June’s Mist

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve covered High Sunn, but Justin Cheromiah’s project has always reminded me of our good friends Letting Up Despite Great Faults. It’s definitely something that falls in the indiepop groove, driving rhythmic elements consistently pushing the song forward as those dreampop guitars swirl around each little syllable Justin’s dropping into the track. This song celebrates the band’s upcoming mini-tour along the West Coast at the end of July, as well as hints at something more to come later this year…or so we’re told, but reset assured I’ll keep you in the know there.

Let’s Whisper Share Long Run

Obviously, I’ve been really high upon the forthcoming release from Let’s Whisper, but today, I’m even more amped, as the band has allowed new member (and one of my all time faves) Emma Kupa to pen a track and take the lead. It’s a mellow ballad, but this time Emma seems to be finding solace in letting things go, allowing yourself to find some closure. The instrumentation is really special, from little horn accents to an understated banjo working beneath Emma’s voice. As of yet, I’ve not heard anyone involved in the songwriting craft a bad song, so you can expect the In-Between Times to be a knock out; it’s out August 26th via Fika Recordings.

Premiere: Psych Pop Stunner From Sunfruits

Having recently sung the praises of Birmingham, AL based label Earth Libraries, I am not surprised to once again be receiving some banging new jams from them in my inbox. Today they traveled all the way to Melbourne to bring a new single called “Made to Love” from the psych-pop outfit Sunfruits. Overall, I love the sunny, bright energy of the track with some hints of psych pop and totally rocking rhythm section. Think late 60s psych rock/pop like Spirit with a more modern and sleek approach. Hard not to hit repeat on this one immediately after it ends.

Earth Libraries will be bringing more from Sunfruits real soon. Stay tuned.

Nervous Twitch Share We Don’t Care

When we first heard new Nervous Twitch, I was impressed at how the band opened up their style, letting the first single come up as a slow-burn pop rock ballad. But, this new single is frantic, gritty, and hook-laden like a motorcycle gang rolling through with a bunch of balloons and streamers attached to their bikes. Erin Hyde’s delivery definitely has a bit of an old school punk nod to it, hanging on to a certain coyness that makes the lyrical delivery feel like you’re bouncing off the walls. The group will release their new Some People Will Never Change via Reckless Yes on October 7th.

Enola Share Strange Comfort Video

Really digging on this Enola vibe at the moment, so wanted you to be in the know as I jam it out. The Naarm/Melbourne project just dropped this read single, and I love the cinematic nature of the tune, tied into the concept of the video. The song’s exposition trickles, with vocals seemingly picking up pace as cymbals are heard echoing in the dense environment, but then they fade, almost evaporating. Suddenly the action rises, with guitars stabbing and dancing into the frame; the energy picks up, honing in on the post-punk nature. Vocals come emphatically through the rest of the song, with these industrial guitar lines snaking their way through; it feels like a dreamier version of Blank Dogs. Buen proveche.

Stella Donnelly Share How Was Your Day

I love the dynamism in the way Stella Donnelly handles her vocals on all her work, but especially on this song. It begins with a matter-of-fact delivery, rushing at times, stern at other points. But, it gets peeled back for the chorus to kind of drift in angelically, hanging ever so lightly in the air while the guitar does a sweet dance behind. Then, as the song draws towards its end, Donnelly offers another tone, melodic but softened, almost like a midpoint between the spoken word and heavenly notes filtering through. Flood is out August 26th via Secretly Canadian.

Winter Share Atonement (ft. Hatchie)

We had a feeling that Winter had something new brewing, and today the band announces What Kind of Blue Are You, and in doing so, builds on the hype by releasing a single with Samira and Hatchie uniting on vocals. There’s a heavy groove that rides the verses, giving this darkened acid wash to the dreamy notes Winter is known to craft. You’re seduced into the semi-primal groove, burrowing deep in the song’s emotional appeal. But, then you get spit right out as the chorus erupts in this hyper-joyous explosion; it’s clearly the song’s high-point, but I think it perfectly captures the mixture of vibes we’re to expect on this brand new LP. Pretty decent way to start off the album cycle, eh? What Kind of Blue Are You is out on October 14th via Bar/None Records.

True Blue Share On Track

When you hear those sharp guitar notes here, you’re going to immediately know how it hooked me, but I want you to dig a bit deeper into this tune from Germany’s True Blue. Sure, the dreamier pop element that’s in fashion is constantly bubbling to the surface, yet the vocals kind of have this more nostalgic pop nod; it feels like something that would have come out in the early 80s underground, expressing this earnestness and cool you can’t really grasp unless you’re indulging with your headphones on tight. It’s a fairly new project on our radar, so I’m hoping we get to hear a bit more over here soon!

Dogbreth Share Like a Walletchain

Ever since I first picked up Second Home years ago, I’ve been quietly cheering for Dogbreth to get a big break in the indie sphere. To me, it sounds like Believe This Rain might be the one that gets the band to that place, if that even matters to anyone. There’s lots of current musical reference points throughout the latest single, all of which are up my alley. You can hear this sort of Hovvdy vibe going on in the vocals, providing that sense of nostalgic yearning. But, the musical elements approximate more of a power pop vibe than on previous efforts, though there’s still a bit of that twangy indie rock crunch going through. One of those jams that just feels good, so I feel good sharing it; Believe This Rain is out on August 5th.

Harlan T Bobo Announces Porch Songs

I can be pretty picky about what I cover, particularly when it comes to the singer-songwriter genre; it’s got to be something really exceptional to capture me…like this new Harlan T. Bobo tune from his forthcoming LP. The majority of the tune is a heavy strum and Bobo’s voice, dominating. For me, what caught me was the 1.15 mark in the track; you can hear Harlan strain just a bit, adding a little imperfection and a little honesty to the songwriting, making it all the more endearing. Porch Songs, the new LP, will be out on August 5th via Goner Records.

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