Quivers Share When It Breaks

I’m a sucker for big circular guitar sounds, the kind that seem to wrap around your ear with these delicious pop tentacles, such as the latest tune from Aussite outfit Quivers. They’ve pushed out a couple of tunes since the release of their 2018 hit, We’ll Go Riding on Hearses, but this might be the best one. I love the way Sam’s voice has this sort of heavy melody to it, blanketing the track in this general warmth; it gets some great added muscle when the accompanying vocals come in to turn up the charm on their end. It’s not quite power pop, and not quite indie pop; it’s somewhere in the middle, somewhere where you feel comforted by your favorite sounds, so give a listen.

Holy Shares New Single ft Boys

I’ve already thrown my support behind the new material from Holy, but now he’s called label mate Boys to add depth to his songwriting. For me, it’s a pretty brilliant pop tune, building these layers, much as was done on the most recent LP. This time, there’s a nice little textural balance that really encourages this sort of exultation, a sort of emphatic embrace of blossoming pop music. It calls to mind work by the likes of Radio Dept, though this has a fresher pop sensibility, sort of stripped of the dense claustrophobia. Apparently there’s a new LP on the works courtesy of PNKSLM coming at us in early 2020.

Soccer Mommy Drop New Tunes

A whole ton of praise has been given to Nashville based Sophie Allison and her musical project known as Soccer Mommy. We’ve certainly boarded the hype train for her music over the years and have seen her well deserved popularity and success grow. After her growth last year, Allison stayed relatively quiet on the new music front, but is returning today with her brand new single “lucy”. It has that same sort of mellow, shoe-gazy vibe to it but with a bit more of a polished sound sure to invite even more fans into the fold. If you dig, the song will be released in November via a 7-inch single on Loma Vista Recordings.

Holy Fuck Release New Track

I had a super late night…not for partying but for you know, life and stuff. But, I woke up to this hot new track from Holy Fuck, who haven’t done anything official in several years. The pulsing electronica, the participation of Alexis Taylor (of Hot Chip) and the overall energy it provided make this tune well worth your morning listening. Just turn it up real loud, let that throbbing hook just jump right into your life and lift your spirits. Just feels like you could all use a real sweet jam to get your day going…and if you jump to the Spotify page, there’s a longer version from the band, but let’s go with the radio edit this round, eh?

The Hecks Share Flash Video

I really love how the new stuff from this forthcoming Hecks record has me guessing at every corner; they easily have me outsmarted. I spent the first minute and a half of this new single think this is what Shellac would sound like if Steve wanted to write a dance record. But, eventually, the synth work sneaks into the song, sort of washing out the balance of this angular riffs and smoothing out the vocals into this retro R&B vibe from the MTV era. Then all of a sudden it becomes this eccentric jam breakdown throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) into the mix and coming out on top with this funky coda. This is the 3-in-1 pop song that has you coming back for more; it’ll be on My Star, dropped by the kind folks over at Trouble in Mind on October 11th.

Weakened Friends Share What You Like

If you haven’t listened to Common Blah, the debut LP from Maine’s Weakened Friends, then you might be missing on some hook-laden pop rock…but fear not, there’s a new tune out there too, just to show you where you went wrong. This new track is precisely what drew me to the band (even grabbed them for our hasty SXSW show) initially; they have these huge riffs and anthemic styles. I’m also quite fond of the way Sonia Sturino has this slight hiccup in her vocal delivery…just always a fan of distinctive voices in the world. The trio have a whole slew of shows in both the Europe (September) and the US (October), so keep an eye out for ’em.

Sea Caves Share Dart

While at work on their third album, Sea Caves have opted to switch directions, albeit just by way of a new vocalist. Their songwriting still sounds similar to what you heard on Bright Forest; it still has this woodsy adventurism working within the elegant confines of expansive indie rock sounds. It’s the sort of music that entrances listeners, carrying them away with the guitar chords echoing into the night. But, with Sydney Rohrs now in the mix on vocals, things have changed up a bit, allowing a soft quiet to sweep over the band; it creates a whole new layer of calm that blankets this single. Give it a try, won’t you?

Post Punk Vibes from Mofer

Admittedly, I don’t know a whole heaping lot about Germany’s Mofer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw my support behind this great track off their forthcoming Ghosts EP. At They’ve got this wonderful post-punk sound, the kind that sort of just soars and carries you with it, attached on the wings of glorious guitar sounds. In a way, it really reminds me of the Black Watch, offering up these sort of heavy vocal tones that reach for the higher notes as guitars buzz behind them. At the same time, there’s this effortless bounce beneath the surface, encouraging toe-tapping and light bits of pogoing in place. I promise, this is right up your alley.

Durand Jones and the Indications Go Cruisin to the Park

There’s something special about Durand Jones & the Indications; they hit me on so many levels. One, they’re pretty much family approved at my house…I can jam with my wife, my soon-to-be 1 year old or my mom; that’s a really big deal over at our music obsessed household. But, there’s also this soulful vibe that most closely resembles some of that Motown era vibes, with just a hint of doc-wop ancestry. The band’s brand new single has this lightness, this breezy feeling blowing through your speakers; it’s an homage to lowrider culture that’s been so supportive of the band on their rise. I feel like any day’s a good day for Durand and company, so lets go cruising.

Indigo Bunting Return with Two New Tracks

Indigo Bunting are the kind of act you’re meant to fall in love with and know very little about. They’re an Austin outfit with some connections to Tiger Waves, but that’s where the story ends…as far as we know. Still, they pop up out of nowhere, toss an album at us, disappear then pop up with a few new gems, like today. While everything’s showed brilliant promise, these two numbers feel like they’ve finally got things clicking on all gears. “White Noise” this bursting pop hit, calling upon forefathers like Unicorns and Animal Collective to craft collage pop pieces on the right side of weird; the chorus for this one is super rewarding. “I Don’t Mind” illustrates the band’s songwriting gifts, offering warmer tones while still orbiting the same pop planet as the A-side here. Never enough words to write about such a talented bunch.

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