Brand New Dum Dum Girls

This track’s been all over the Internet today, and deservedly so.  Dum Dum Girls always seem to have something going on, be it a tour, an EP or a full-length album.  You’ll find this track on the group’s upcoming End of Daze EP, which will be in stores courtesy of Sub Pop on September 25th.  Of course, it’s one of those drawn out tunes the band has been working towards for some time, and I love the light little touches of backing vocals that come in about midway through the track. You’ve got to love the consistency from these ladies.


Download: Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows [MP3]

Great New Jam from She Sir

I really feel like there’s a lot of great music being made in Austin lately.  I know, that should come as no surprise, but some years are weaker than others, but this new jam from locals She Sir is a guaranteed hit, promising us more great music from the group in the near future. They’re recording with Erik Wofford, which always seems to guarantee good things for bands here in town, and the forthcoming record from the group should definitely benefit from his work.  Here’s a track they’re giving out as a teaser, with just a small catch: it’s a new track, but it won’t be featured on the album.  Get it while it’s hot; it’s definitely hot.


Download:She Sir – You Could Be Tiger [MP3]

New Jam from Crystal Castles

Interestingly, I don’t think I’ve ever actually written about Crystal Castles on this site, though I jam to the band quite frequently.  On their newest single, which should be from their forthcoming album, the group is showing some real progression, musically.  They’re not relying on the old 8-bit samples and heavy-handed beats, rather they’re working on letting the song evolve.  Alice’s vocals are sort of hidden in the track, and while it doesn’t hit nearly as hard as their earlier club-bangers, it’s still got a groove you can throw on when you’re dancing with your homies. Totally digging it.


Download:Crystal Castles – Plague [MP3]

Premiere: New Rocker from Woollen Kits

It’s about time for Woollen Kits to take over the US, completely.  After releasing their self-titled album on RIP Society, the band is back with a fresh new 7″, this time on the great American label, Trouble In Mind Records. The A-Side is titled “Shelley and it encompasses everything I love about the band.  There’s an effortless bit of swagger that has me imagining the band swinging their guitars about the stage; the usage of gang vocals gives the track a raucous feel—and then a sharp-edged guitar solo cuts through. One listen to this jam and you’ll be stomping your feet, begging for the release to come your way.  You won’t have to wait too long, as the single hits streets (with B-Side “Down Your Street”) on August hold your horses; good things come to those who wait.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Great New Tune from Cate Le Bon

I was fortunate enough to catch Cate Le Bon last year at ACL Live as an opening act, and ever since then I’ve clamored high and low for her music.  I dug CYRK, but now she’s readied the CYRK II EP, which comes out on August 21st.  Just listening to Cate, you can’t help but be completely swept away my her simple guitar work and incredible vocal prowess.  She seemed a bit timid live, but she’s definitely not playing that role any more.  You can tell that she’s ready to take on the world with this tune. Can’t wait to pick this one up.


Download:Cate Le Bon – What Is Worse [MP3]

New Jam from Cult of Youth

I get it, I get it, the day is almost over.  But, as I’m slowly making my way back to the rest of the world after hours away from the Net, I caught this wonderful Cult of Youth track.  I loved the group’s self-titled debut, especially considering the vocals of leader Sean Ragon have a definite punk leaning. Still, one of the things I appreciate the band, and it’s apparent on the following track is that the group’s not really a punk band.  In fact, they’re almost more of a folk band with dabblings in psych rock and punk.  At times you can find energetic tunes in their recording, but you also find solemn gems like this tune.  Look for more great songs on the bands up-coming record, Love Will Prevail, on September 4th via Sacred Bones.


Download:Cult of Youth – Man and Man’s Ruin [MP3]

Chilled Out Tune from The Ocean Party

You’ve heard me rave about Velcro for a few months now, but the members working on that project also dabble in another great group called The Ocean Party.  Curtis, a member of both groups, reached out to us with the band’s latest single, In A Knot.  It’s a mellowed out four song-single, which the band are currently offering up for free download, though you can purchase the single via CD. It’s precisely the chilled out pop music I’ve come to expect from the heavy-hitters in Australia featuring gently gliding guitar lines, cool melodies and real world lyrics. You can expect a full-length titled Social Clubs to come from the band in October, but for now, enjoy this gem.


Download:The Ocean Party – In A Knot [MP3]

Great New Track from Tame Impala

You’d think that I would have been head over heals for Tame Impala when they first released their album Innerspeaker; the band is from Australia and they make sort of an avant-pop sound.  But, I didn’t warm to them immediately for some reason or another, but as you’ll see with this new track from their forthcoming Lonersim, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the group is on top of their game.  I love the wash of the vocals atop the instruments, and the breakdown near the middle of the track sees the group breaking up the monotony of the typical formula.  I’m definitely on board this time; you can pick up the record in October from Modular.


Download:Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams [MP3]

Another Gem from Arc in Round

In late April I brought you one of the tunes off of Arc in Round‘s self-titled album, and since the record just came out this week, we’re going to toss up another gem for you get behind. This tune is called “One-Sided,” and I love the way the guitar discordantly works in the background, fighting for space with the lofty female vocals (which have a unique echo effect).  Once again, the group’s used some great texturing to their work, creating a sound that’s definitely pop-centric, but shows the abilities of band’s that can incorporate layer upon layer to create gems such as this.


Download:Arc in Round – One-Sided [MP3]

You can get the S/T album from La Societe Expeditionnaire.

New Tunes from Yeasayer

As we draw closer and closer towards the release of the new Yeasayer album, Fragrant World, which comes out in August via Secretly Canadian, more tracks are starting to hit the Internet, building a swell of excited fans. The first track “Henrietta” was definitely a summer banger built for grooving.  This round, the group seems to have a more soulful approach, unfolding a bit slower.  It’s definitely a different spin on the group’s electro art pop, but I admit that I’m really feeling this jam…so I’m sure that the rest of the Internet will be clamoring for more Yeasayer.  A few short months and we can all have the whole record in our hands.


Download:Yeasayer – Longevity [MP3]

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