Here’s New Tunes from Temples

templesI’ll got out on a limb and say that I thought Temples were an excellent act; I even think I would choose them over Tame Impala (as both rose to fame at similar times). Now, the band is back with a new tune, though this seems to be in that world where their psych influences crash into the pop sensibility of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips. That’s not entirely a bad thing, as I can get behind both bits, but there’s a bit of dialing it in. We’ll see how the entirety of their new forthcoming album shapes up, but for now, I’m straddling the fence on this new stuff.

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Yesterday’s News: Warpaint Share New Track

warpaintEveryone’s favorite ethereal girl band, Warpaint, are releasing a new album quite soon and the singles that they’ve released fromHeads Upare delightful and show the group heading in a groovier direction than we’ve heard from them on their first two albums. The first single, “New Song,” is an infectious pop track, while this new song “Whiteout” is a bit of a slower burning number that still packs a bit of a shimmy within. The lighter, overall poppier sound really suits the bands’ style– the sleek guitar riffs are juxtaposed nicely by the stark drums. Take a listen below and then make sure you are ready for the new album out September 23rd fromRough Trade Records;preorder it here.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Is Back

milesbenjaminThis just made my day. There’s something about Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson that’s always gotten to me. Perhaps it’s the scratchy quality in his voice, coming off like a true troubadour. He’s been quiet lately, but today he just tossed out a brand new jam from a new album that’s slated to be released later this year. This tunes got an odd bounce to it, sort of like a everything and the kitchen sink, yet somehow that voice still carries such power. No word on the actual release, but you can rest assured I’ll keep you posted as I hear more. Also…need to find out more since he seems to be using the name Jesus Jackson. Must be related to Joshua Jackson, my fave actor.

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Loch Lomond Channel Indie Greats

lochlomondOkay, so perhaps the indie rock explosion bubble burst long ago, but the remnants of that still remain with lasting influence of Arcade Fire and the Decembrists. That’s exactly where Loch Lomond picks up, with a combination of those two, only slightly less orchestrated. There’s still a poetic note in the lyrical content, and symphonic touches that flourish in all the right places, so the Portland act isn’t too far removed from everyone’s heroes. This song was released via Tender Loving Empire to kick off the band’s tour through the West, and it’s a great way to start off your week…so says I.

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New Song + Video from Proto Idiot

Proto Idiot has been my jam since I first discovered the band via their 7″ for Trouble in Mind long ago.  Since then, the band has been hard at work, writing and recording, often with such passion and pace that it makes it hard to keep up.  The band just reached out this week to toss me this video, which is for one of the new tracks the band has been working on in the studio.  The record is on its way, and we’ll have more rad tunes to share in the future, but for now, just enjoy the song and the video


More from Skittle Alley

skittlesFor a long while now, we’ve been praising the work of Skittle Alley, and they are slowly unleashing early versions of the tracks that will fill up their new LP. It’s light-hearted indiepop, filled with jangling guitar work, precision percussion and a really warm vocal.  These are the kinds of songs that true indiepop fans dream about.  The French act haven’t released much information on their upcoming LP, but the songs they’ve been leaking out are nothing short of superb…get acquainted.

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Spiritual Ballad from Sea Lion

Sea Lion | TurnstileThis tune floated into the inbox, and I was immediately taken aback.  Something about the emotion in the simplest piano chords got to me, then the distinct vocals of Linn Osterberg, who claims Sea Lion as her project lightly shown through the song. While the song stays in once place, there’s this huge pull for the listener, bringing the listener deep into a trance within the track.  At the moment, she’s working on finishing her debut album, but this track felt really special to me, so I had to share it with you. Happy Friday to you.

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I Thought Crystal Castles Broke Up

ccSeems like we lost a lot of great bands in the last few years (the Walkmen I miss the most), and Crystal Castles was one of them.  The band evolved from an electronic Nintendo influenced act to a powerful force in the music scene, crafting these dark dance tracks that are probably best enjoyed in a fog machine filled room.  So, now we hear that the band isn’t quite done, even with Alice Glass leaving.  I guess it’s not that hard to replace the vocal aspect, though the live performances might be something quite different.  Still, glad the project hasn’t been totally negated here.

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Excited for New Crystal Antlers Tunes? We Are!

Crystal_Antlers_by_Pixie_MolBack in the day when we were a young blog, one of our first loves, nationally, was Crystal Antlers.  Sure, we had other bands we knew and love, but we caught on to Crystal Antlers, doing an interview, catching some live sets…and we love them.  Johnny Bell is one of my favorite front men, and his performances always made the show.  Now, they’ve got a new track that’s been up and jamming all day.  On first notice, I love the clarity of the vocals, which might not always have been the case.  Of course, it’s a CA song, so it blasts off into punk anthem, which we don’t mind one bit.  For now, all we have to go on is a great new tune, and promise of a new full-length in the future. We’re waiting patiently, sort of.

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Great Track from The New Tigers

thenewtigersWhile line-up changes are never fun, they sometimes push bands into new horizons, which seems like the place where The New Tigers will go after losing drummer Kece. For me, the first thing I noticed was the spritely step in the bands sound; it’s immediately more playful than anything they’ve created before.  You’ll still find swirling guitar work in the background, but the light-hearted attitude is immediately charming.  You’ll be able to find this track, and others on the band’s second LP, which will be released by our great friends over at Soliti Music.


Download: The New Tigers – Quicksilver [MP3]

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