The Reds Pinks and Purples Announce The Town That Cursed Your Name

It wouldn’t be a year in music without at least one release by Glenn Donaldson, so it’s good news that there’s already a new Reds, Pinks and Purples LP on the books for Slumberland Records. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better song to live through the shit-show that is Austin right now; there’s this comforting feel in Glenn’s voice, sort of what I imagine some celestial being encompassing, wherever I end up. According to Donaldson, the entirety of the new LP is based around “living while also feeling called to make music.” I’m definitely glad he’s had that calling, as my record collection wouldn’t sound nearly as moving if Glenn’s work wasn’t catalogued accordingly. The Town That Cursed Your Name is out in March via Slumberland Records.

Another H. Hawkline Track – Plastic Man

Listening through all the singles we’ve heard from H. Hawkline thus far, it seems like the project is build for deep cuts and longevity; I can’t think of another artist who seems to be operating in the same musical stratosphere at the moment. There’s this pop rock bounce that recalls Bowie at his most playful, with Huw’s vocals riding along that funky stomp of the beat all the way. You’ve got tons of accompaniment pieces in the background, throwing horns and layers of added guitar lines right at you; it’s a pop world we don’t often get to here from these days. Milk for Flowers is out on March 10th via Heavenly.

babybaby_explores Share Pants Video

Despite my tendency to get caught up in the easy fun of guitar pop, I definitely continue to look for tunes outside of the beaten path, like babybaby_explores. The group have recently signed with Angus Andrew’s art imprint No Gold to release their forthcoming LP, Food Near Me, Weather Tomorrow. The first half of the tune has this warped version of the modern post-punk, sort of distorting the slowed delivery with these angular cuts that mess with your ears. Then when you’re a minute out from the finish line, the group hit on this sort of creative pop vibe that’s got some lineage to acts like Broadcast. If you’re willing to take some risks, the group drop their LP on March 3rd.

Rad Gnar Premiere Are You a Friend

Our old friends in Rad Gnar are living in the same space as I am at the moment, raising young kids (with another on the way–congrats Ben!). So, as we all do, or so I think, they’re writing songs that reflect those changes, with this tune serving as a reflection of the birth of your first child and the cosmic energies that surround us all. Musically, you’re going to hear the band blend heavier pop rock a la Superchunk with little elements of pop-punk and emo thrown in to create this huge ripping sound; it’s filled with yearning in the vocals and giant guitar-monies, so feel free to fall in love. You can find this track on the group’s Dead Strings EP.

One More Stunner From Pile

Well this late winter going into early Spring release season looks like it’s going to nuts and filled with tons of bangers to start the year. While we tend to see a lot of the huge names getting all the talk, I think many of us music fans may have forgotten about the upcoming Pile album, All Fiction, due out next month on Exploding in Sound. Already we’ve heard album banger, and song of the year winner “Loops” as well as the slightly poppier (for Pile) song “Poisons”. Today we have yet another new track called “Nude with a Suitcase” which may just be the darkest of the dark wave from the band. It’s a real slow burning, almost gothic approach and should slide in nicely to the album’s tracklist.

Pre-orders for All Fiction are live now with a release date of February 17th.

Blues Lawyer Drop Video for Nowhere to Go

The Bay Area, for me, is one of the hottest musical commodities in the States at the moment; it seems like every band is just dropping hit after hit. Blues Lawyer are no different, with this quick burst of fuzzy pop to rock you right out of your seats. Pounding drums melt with these angular riffs, both rushing through the gates from the instant you press play. The chorus hits with this powerful little emphatic stomp, briefly, then running right back out the door with that driving rhythm; we’re all in a hurry out there. It’s an infectious vocal delivery that certainly makes the song’s darker subject matter seem sunny and bright…like only the best pop can do. If you’re digging it, grab All in Good Time from Dark Entries on February 17th.

Joyeria Shares Brand New Single

I was super impressed by Joyeria‘s FIM EP, which came out last week. But, the artist is already back with a brand new track, and one that is even more striking than what’s already been accomplished. Opening up, the song’s just this driving guitar line working over light drum work; then the production ramps up the volume, letting the rising action of the track hit. That’s when the vocals come into play, with Joy’s voice embracing the little imperfections and offering up this brilliant viewpoint on the life of artistry. Bubbling beneath are some noisier elements, adding texture to the tune that’s really enchanting. So, if you haven’t already, please listen to Joyeria.

En Attendant Ana Drop Same Old Story Video

I apologize for not having this up when it dropped a few days ago, but we were hitting some technical difficulties, on top of returning to work for the first time in a few weeks. So, clearly we love En Attendant Ana, and Principia is in my Top 5 of most anticipated releases for this year. The song definitely flirts with hints of what Broadcast was bringing to the table, continuing to sort of flesh out the edges of the tune with a little bit more dissonance and noise to kind of guarantee there’s some lineage between their first record and the new one. Personally, I love the rise and fall of the song’s title in the vocal work. You can grab the new LP from Trouble in Mind Records on February 24th.

Nighttime Share When the Wind is Blowing Video

Ba Da Bing has been on quite a roll as of late, with their Heather Trost LP last year, and now the forthcoming Nighttime LP is shaping up to be another adventurous listen. There’s something spiritual in the way Eva Goodman’s voice comes across, taking on this otherworldly nature that seems to be resemble an omnipresent ghost guiding you through the song’s journey. That journey circles about a nice light strum, layered with additional guitar and textural to build on the ethereal psychedelia that encircles the listener’s head. Keeper is the Heart should definitely be an album on your radar come the end of January when it drops (1/20). Plus, there’s an added ATX connection, with the album’s artwork being done by former resident Sarah La Puerta.

Monnone Alone Share The Silos Video

Late in 2021, Monnone Alone dropped Stay Foggy. You’d think we’d just move on, but we’re hanging early in the morning with Aussie sounds, so I of course have to throw my weight behind this new video from the album. The tune is fairly simple, and one of the shorter on the LP, with just a light strum and Mark’s voice hanging in the air. In the video version, you get the shadowy Monnone figure walking through a changing backdrop created by director (and also musician) Lehmann B. Smith. It’s a quick reminder that the album cycle never dies, so revisit Stay Foggy by jumping over HERE.

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