Plus/Minus Share Contempt Video

If you haven’t delved into Further Afield just yet, might we encourage you to indulge in the entirety of Plus/Minus (+/-) latest opus. While I think the whole of the record is chock-full of incredible moments, “Contempt” certainly feels like something built for the indie masses. It’s got an insatiable groove that hits you almost instantly, then cut up with these jagged guitar licks that rip and recede, all of it merely textured to provide an emotionally charged vocal. Honestly, every moment within this tune fits absolutely perfectly, whether its the gentle vocals or the sharp edged guitar, it all just collides into one perfect pop moment we recommend you take on by grabbing it HERE.

Holy Wire Share The Ending of An Age Video

Those of you that like to indulge in deep club bangers will certainly want to turn your ears towards this new tune from Austin’s Holy Wire. It sets up with this budding bass line, then it just drops right into this club-friendly groove that allows Alain to croon atop, offering up lyrics that capture a sense of looking back. This fits perfectly with the theme of the video, with the band telling us they “wanted a sense of voyeurism, like you’re watching the world from inside, and a sense of disconnect. Its sort of a culmination of the themes of retrospection and being removed from things across the whole album.” I love the way it feels as if you’re the voyeur, watching the performance from the side yourself; don’t forget the band’s new album, The Ending of An Age pops up today!

Constant Follower Share Turn Around For Me Video

Not exactly sure when and how I stumbled upon Stephen McAll’s Constant Follower, but I’ve been a pretty avid supporter of his craft, especially as he’s taken the intricate early days and continued to flesh them out into these sprawling folk pop opuses. Below we’ve got a brand new tune from the band, recorded here in Austin oddly enough. Listening through the tune, I still marvel at how the songwriting and production have grown over the years, yet there’s still this sincerity that you don’t find in a lot of place. And, Dan Duszynski’s production work allow the song to swell to the edges, though never flowing over, masterfully capturing the pure sentiment of McAll’s songwriting. And, as everything Constant Follower does carries great personal weight for the music, they pour that into the art as well, as we see with this animated video from Tsumugi Yagi. Check out the Bandcamp for another single paired with the below tune!

Blushing Share Seafoam Video

We’re really excited for Blushing and their new album, Sugarcoat, as we’ve long been in the band’s corner cheering their successes. They’ve got a brand new video out today, and it’s one that shows the group flirting with a little bit of the band’s range, sonically speaking. Sure, you can hear the guitars encircling overhead, building on their classic dreamy textural repertoire, yet as that washes through, I was drawn to the vocal work on this chorus; it even encourages the guitars to stretch a hint too, taking on almost more of a darkened pop goth feel. That vibe gets furthered around the 2 minute mark with an almost spoken monologue whispering through. Sugarcoat is going to rule, and it’s out on May 3rd via Kanine.

BODEGA Shares Consume Culture III

Though that little festival thing we just had in Austin is now over, some of the bands who stopped into town are using their performance momentum to get some new songs out and into the world. New York based BODEGA are one such group as they just tore through Austin and released this new track “Cultural Consumer III” shortly after departing. Simply put, I love the energy behind this track and am using it as a wake up call both to myself and as a reminder that this band is a force to be reckoned with. Check it out below.

This track is part of a new album from BODEGA entitled Our Brand Could be YR Life which is due out April 12th via Chrysalis Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Fantastic Purple Spots Share Vibrations Now Video

It’s been just over a month since we helped Fantastic Purple Spots get their Vibrations Now EP out into the world, and today we’re here to encourage you to revisit those jams by checking out the band’s self-created video. The video takes the same visual art that the band used for their EP cover art, only this time, there’s movement, with the psychedelic notes signaling movement within the visual journey. It’s almost as if you’re witnessing the ebb and flow of the vibrations alluded to in the title track. Have a nice little trip below! And be sure to stream the whole EP over HERE.

Blushing Announce New Album + Share Video

Once upon a time, in a music city long ago, ATH Records helped press Blushing‘s Weak EP to hot wax; it sold out and has since been reissued as the band have risen to meteoric status in the dream pop/shoegaze scene. I actually take little credit in that rise, as the band have been one of the hardest working acts, which has seen them get huge and sing to Kanine Records. Today they dropped us a new tune and a new video to announce Sugarcoat; this song feels like they’re dipping beyond the modern “gaze” era and looking almost towards an alt-rock of the 90s…at least when it gets to the chorus. Give this deserving act a chance; Sugarcoat drops on May 3rd.

R.E. Seraphin Preps Fool’s Mate + Shares Bound

Think we’ve got 2 degrees of separation from R.E. Seraphin, but that’s neither here nor there, as we’ve got a fresh LP and a new track that immediately require your attention. A light little jangle and a wash of atmosphere opens things up, with the song taking a propulsive bass line under its wings as they push towards a meet and greet with the melodic center force. Seraphin’s vocals have a really nice warm jacket atop, perhaps with a nod to the album’s producer Jason Quever (Papercuts)…and whatever, it’s a really nice move that really takes Ray’s songwriting to the next level. Fool’s Mate is the new album, dropping on March 22nd via Take a Turn Records and Safe Suburban Home Records.

Touch Girl Apple Blossom Share Sidewalk Video

One of the under the radar gems that I didn’t discover until a bit late in the game was the debut EP from Touch Girl Apple Blossom, and they were right in my own backyard (metaphorically, not actually!). This Austin quartet sounds a bit like they’ve taken all the charm from acts such at Juliana Hatfield and Diet Cig, borrowed the hooks, then run away to pile a little bit of grit and atmosphere to the mixture. It’s sort of like an amalgam of pop and weirdo, which is everything I absolutely love. So, now that I’m all over the band, I wanted you to be too, which is why I bring you their fresh video for “Sidewalk,” with a reminder their EP is now available via 7″!


Six Organs of Admittance Share The Mission + Announces Time is Glass

It’s strange how the world works, as my brain definitely feels a bit like wandering about, kind of drifting. As I sit down this morning with that presence, the music in my inbox seems fittingly matched, particularly this new Six Organs of Admittance tune. Ben Chasny’s voice alone wins me over here, dripping with emotion as the hairs on your arms stand-up. Musically, and forgive me as my brain wanders, but this tune feels like being lost in some great expanse of nature, and from the hills you hear this song echoing, bounding down and calling you home, distant but all encompassing; it feels timeless, like the world has beckoned you to find your place of peace. Perhaps that is what Ben has found on his new record, Time is Glass, which drops on April 26th via Drag City.

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