Masculine Pain Share Hot Suit

Austin’s Masculine Pain are fairly new to the scene, though its various members are longtime staples of the music scene here. You’ll recognize the vocals of Eric Braden of Big Bill, while Nate Cardaci of Tres Oui/Literature and Tim Bond round things out. This one’s a slow-burner, building over beats and a bobbing bass line; it’s the perfect setting for Braden’s vocal delivery, matching each syllable to the movement. Dreamy guitar notes filter in from the background as Braden sings “I’m not in control.” For me, the climax comes right at the 1:50, the mood twists, guitars and synths wash in more of a dream vibe, and as the vocals match, it’s this huge wall of euphoria blasting you right in the face; I should have been expecting this. Putting great songwriters together doesn’t always work, except when it does…and here, it does.

Motorcade Share Oblivion

Friday’s are for repping Texas, so we turn at this moment towards Motorcade, a Dallas act filled with musicians who’ve been working in the scene longer than we have. It opens up with this darkened post-punk punch, but it quickly unfolds to reach the more pop oriented vibes of new wave; it features a bold chorus that really reaches for the skies, stretching the vocals with an emphatic keyboard wash behind it. At about the 2.5 minute mark, there’s a nice little aside that flirts with elements of dream pop too, so you get a bit of everything in this number…not to mention it’s rather catchy. Give a listen.

SXSW Interviews: JAGUWAR

I’ve obviously been talking a lot about SXSW recently as I think I’m finally ready to prepare for the crazy events in a short couple of weeks. Part of me prep work is making a list of bands I absolutely have to see, and one of those is German based group JAGUWAR. Their sound blends styles of 80s new wave bands with a more modern, European pop take. Think a little dark pop, a little bit of brooding, and mix in some brightness underneath the surface. I dig it. If it sounds like something you might be into, hit the jump for an interview with the band.

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New Number from Ski Lodge

Andrew Marr and his project Ski Lodge have quietly released a few singles over the last year, and just before the music Internet takes a break, they’re dropping one last upbeat number. It opens with an almost New Order ode, bubbling yet distant, driving home an infectiousness from the get-go. Marr eventually makes his way in there with his deepened croon, accentuated by increased pace from the drums and a wash of synth. The central guitar line still captivates throughout, easily making this one huge bouncing bit of joy. No word on a future release, but for now, let’s enjoy the ride.

ATX Spotlight: Hear a New Track from Telepods

telepodsNo lie, I got turned onto this new Telepods joint by a friendly door guy just wishing to instill good tunes on me. Lucky for me, and you, the song’s got a good future ahead of it. Personally, I think the sound of the guitar that opens up the track is perfectly fitting, making way for the bass to work its way into the track. There’s a bit of a dark haunt to the vocal feeling, which can be totally entrancing, depending upon your musical tastes. Every time I listen, I think the band’s got a hang on post-punk, yet thrown in with a great deal more of pop-leaning tendency. See for yourself, and keep your eyes peeled for more as word on the streets is a new album is on its way. 

Rey Pila Deliver Another Jam

Rey Pila

My Mexican brothers Rey Pila just shared a new song today from their upcoming LP and I’m once again enamored with what the band is doing.  Their style is certainly new wave, but with some killer beats and energetic choruses that will surely have you jumping up and down as you jam along with the band.  Today’s single, “What a Nice Surprise” is no different though it might just be their most pop inspired tune to date.  Vamos a escuchar.

Rey Pila will drop The New Sugar on May 5th via Cult Records.

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Rey Pila Revive New Wave

ReyPila.RP_.web_Hailing from Mexico City, Rey Pila is a band that sort of fell off my radar until I caught one of their sets during SXSW this past year.  Now that they are back in my regular listening rotation, I’m excited to share a great new 80s inspired track with you today called “Blast”.  One will immediately hear the new wave throwback style, but the vocals from singer Diego Solorzano are what really stand out for me throughout the synth laden pop tune.  I immediately have this image in my head of a bunch of Nerds in a house fixing up montage…. And yes, that is definitely meant as a compliment.

Details of a new album will be coming shortly via Cult Records.

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Knifight Bring Dark Pop to Austin

250057_10151083173809021_217134951_nKnifight is a band that I’m sure many of us have seen play on a bill or two around Austin at some point.  They seem to be fairly active in the scene and have worked hard to stand out from the massive crowd.  Our first official post on the band will be to share new song “In the Fire” which appears on the band’s new album Dark Voices that is streamable and for purchase on their bandcamp page.  I’m sure many folks in the know here in Austin have already had a listen to this track, but it’s new to us.  I’d recommend this to anyone into the Joy Division revitalization or fans or more current bands like Cold Cave.

Check out the new album on bandcamp when you get the chance.  These guys are definitely worthy of being called a band to watch in Austin.


Download: Knifight – In The Fire [MP3]

New Wave Pop From The Mary Onettes


After their announcement of a new album back in November with single “Evil Coast”, we haven’t heard much from Swedes The Mary Onettes about said new album.  Today the band surprised us with an email containing a link to their brand new single entitled “Hit the Waves”, and it’s sure to show a marked change in sound for fans of the band’s older material.  The band describe it best themselves when they told us “Previous influences like The Cure and Joy Division have now been replaced by Sade, Whitney Houston, Peter Gabriel and Vangelis”.  That just about sums it up doesn’t it?  Put this one in the queue for your next new wave dance party.

New album Hit the Waves will be out on March 12th via Labrador Records.

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New Wave Haze Pop From Decades


I’m really into this recent renaissance of sorts with up and coming indie bands creating their very own style of new wave 80s style pop music.  It’s hard for me to put my finger on it, but I’ve been eating up every band in the genre that comes my way.  Today I’m sharing with you this song called “Tonight Again” coming your way from Toronto based new wave, haze pop group Decades.  They will quickly be compared to Joy Division obviously, but I think they offer much more than just a shoddy comparison to the genre.  The screaming and squalling vocals on the chorus are delivered unlike anyone I’ve heard before, and I’ll always support something unique.

You can get your hands on the band’s debut self-titled LP due out April 30th on White Girl Records.


Download: Decades – Tonight Again [MP3]


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