Phantom Handshakes Drop The Flowery Man Single

One of my absolute favorite dream pop acts, Phantom Handshakes, has a new single out this week, and they’ve given us an advance listen we’d regret if we didn’t share with you immediately. Understated jingles hang on the horizon, waiting for the drums and synth washes to catch up, while Federica’s voice coos atop the mix. Once the opening verse kicks in, my focus immediately shifted to that vocal; it has this really unique way of hanging a tonal switch at the end of each syllable. There’s also a moment when she steps away from the sort of shimmering nature, and delivers this softer melodic vocal that perfectly slides into the mix. Toss that performance in with the classic twinkling guitar sound, and you’ve got yet another hit on your hands; I hope we get a follow up to No More Summer Songs real soon.

Oneida Return With Latest Single

It seems like my posts this week are sticking with the more upbeat, rock n roll vibes. No song truly epitomizes my current tastes better than this new one called “Beat Me to the Punch” from NYC based outfit Oneida. It has a true indie rock theme to start, but then builds into this gnarly and gritty guitar solo which matches the “Punchy” name of the track. I’ve had it on repeat this morning and I’m thinking you may do the same.

This track appears on Oneida’s new album Success due out August 19th on Joyful Noise.

SXSW Interviews: Babehoven

Hang on to your hats ladies and gents! If you thought we hit you last week, well then get ready for even more previews and interviews this week as we draw ever closer to SXSW week. Please tell me you’ve started to make a list of bands you need to see? Of course we will have you prepared either way so no worries. Today I am happy to share with you an interview from Hudson, NY based outfit Babehoven. Hit the jump for the full interview and some tunes.

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The Latest Tunes from Pazz Kluger

While we were all clamoring for year end magic (really we should all just be listening to more War on Drugs, right?!), I’ve been going back through emails and notes from friend, which is where I came into this Pazz Kluger tune from the recent Fairy Tales EP. It’s filled by this sound that reminds me a lot of the Black Watch, taking notes from dark wave and post-punk and channeling them in a more melodic manner; I think the chorus is spot-on its restraint, fitting for the style. There’s some nice vibes going on in your EP, so if you’re into the mellower melodies of post-punk, visit below.

Tempers Announce New Meaning

I was hyper-focused on getting our Year End Albums list up, so I missed the announcement that there is a new Tempers LP coming out early next year. The press release for this tune listed their new record as something to be defined at “quietly intense,” and I think that’s perfectly fitting having spent a few days with this single. It’s got that classic synth pop sound, though the beats aren’t overindulgent, allowing this light propulsion to kick the song forward; it almost creates its own tension the way it never quite seems to reach full speed. When you mix that with these heavenly vocal notes, you understand that things in this world really do operate on multiple levels. Enjoy this tune, and keep an eye out on New Meaning next April via Dais.

Pleased to Meet You: Glimmer

Our friend Jeff from Dead Stars recently undertook a new project named Glimmer, just like many artists during the pandemic. Today we get our first listen to the project, and of course, it features these heavily fuzzed out guitar riffs, with Jeff’s voice remaining central to the natural melody rising from the tune itself. In a way, it sounds a lot like Dinosaur Jr, balancing noisy riffage and melodic tendencies, so I’m sure that we’re all going to appreciate what’s coming through our speakers, as its a pretty timeless sound. All of the recording was done in his new home up in New Paltz, NY after he moved away from Brooklyn, so let’s hope we get to hear more from Glimmer, sooner rather than later!

Levitation Interviews: A Place to Bury Strangers

Remember yesterday when I said Levitation is going down this weekend in Austin? Well it started last night and will continue throughout the weekend, so if you don’t have plans, go check out some live music and support local businesses. Not everything is sold out yet, including a nice lineup tonight featuring Black Angels, Ringo Deathstarr, and old time ATH favorite A Place to Bury Strangers. Prior to this night’s event, we sent Oliver our Levitation Festival questions and he was kind enough to answer them. Hit the jump for responses, set times, and music.

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Levitation Interview: Moon Kissed

Hey did you know that Levitation Festival starts here in Austin TODAY! You didn’t? Well I guess technically it kicked off last night, but the true shows around downtown start this evening. If you have yet to check the lineup/schedule, you should definitely do so now and consider buying tickets to the few things that are not yet sold out. As we tend to do during festival season, we will try to give you a bit of a preview of things before you head out into the fray. Today we kick things off with a sweet little interview from the NYC based band Moon Kissed. Hit the jump for full interview, set times, and music.

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Baby Combat Share Tammy

I’m a super sucker for good old fashioned pop rock, particularly when its all dolled up in an indie rock disguise, like the latest track from New York’s Baby Combat. The guitar work floats purposefully between surf rock and jangling dream pop, which of course, leaves plenty of room for the vocals to star in the show. They get presented in this fashion that seems like they’re going to soar through your speakers and out into the world, only to hold back on the last syllable and have them drop so they can set up the next rise and fall. Totally dig it, so why don’t you try these hooks on for size!

Baby Combat Share No Stranger Thing

I’ve really been enjoying the bobbing pop feels of Baby Combat and their latest single “No Stranger Thing,” an ode to the TV show. I’ll admit, that it moves in a bit slowly, almost as if the band are happy to sit back and let you come to them; it reminds me of Beulah at their very best, toying with us by luring us into their pop trappings. Here, Baby Combat erupts at the chorus with this really light-hearted pop twist that’s definitely undeniable, at least if you’re a sucker for all things pop. Plus, if you check the single version, it comes with a slew of remixes to see what other artists are thinking of the project.

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