OK Cowgirl Shares Little Splinters

Sometimes the nostalgia bug can hit us all from time to time, and that’s the feeling I get when I listen to “Little Splinters” from Brooklyn based outfit OK Cowgirl. The track gives off a strong, late 90s alt-rock vibe with the distorted, power chord driven guitar and steady drum beat. Of course the vocals from Leah Lavigne provide an additional emotional force to be reckoned with throughout. Check it out and you’re welcome.

A debut LP from OK Cowgirl entitled Couldn’t Save Us From My Gut is due out August 16th via Easy Does it Records.

Another Hit From Been Stellar

NYC based indie group Been Stellar is coming in hot this year with what might just be one my most anticipated and top releases of the year. Already we heard the jam “Sweet” back in April, now the band return this month with yet another hit called “Pumpkin.” Is it just me, or does this band give off a strong aura of Nada Surf circa the Let Go era? You certainly can hear hints of the inspiration with a delicate take on the vocals mixed in with the slightest hint of folk and a dash of shoegaze. I am here for every ounce of it.

Been Stellar will release new album Scream From New York, NY on June 21st via Dirty Hit.

BODEGA Shares Consume Culture III

Though that little festival thing we just had in Austin is now over, some of the bands who stopped into town are using their performance momentum to get some new songs out and into the world. New York based BODEGA are one such group as they just tore through Austin and released this new track “Cultural Consumer III” shortly after departing. Simply put, I love the energy behind this track and am using it as a wake up call both to myself and as a reminder that this band is a force to be reckoned with. Check it out below.

This track is part of a new album from BODEGA entitled Our Brand Could be YR Life which is due out April 12th via Chrysalis Records. Pre-orders are live now.

More from the Love Child Compilation

Seeing as this is a compilation of old Love Child stuff, this post is mostly to convince you and our friend Norman Wanklord to pony up some cash and grab Never Meant to Be. There’s two fresh tracks from the collection, and I’ve got both below. “Asking For It” is this frantic bit of rock n’ roll with Rebecca Odes spitting out venomous vocals faster than the drummer can ride the cymbals; I love how there’s a melodic slow jam to the song’s middle, reminding us that they could’ve done anything, and it would have kicked ass. “Escalator” is this sharp burst of crashing art rhythms, rising and falling, stuttering and jabbing…kind of like if Built to Spill were an 80s punk band from NYC. You can get your hands on this collection this Friday via 12XU!

Glimmer Drop New Tune Buried

New York based band Glimmer hit me in my ear holes yesterday with this new song “Buried,” and I just had to pass it along today. I love how the song starts out super heavy with loud guitars and driving beat, but then drops well into some quieter moments. When we say something like “rising action,” this is what we mean. The track also comes with a longer, more epic B-side called “Daydream,” which is streamable over on bandcamp.

Premiere: New Single From Fair Visions

For the last several years Queens based musician Ryan Work has been making some magical music under his recording and artistic moniker Fair Visions. This year, he has designs to release a new full length LP entitled Quite An End, which is due out on May 7th. Prior to that date, Work has just released what is easily my top song of the year so far with this stunning new single called “I Want You, Babe.” As far as progressions go, this thing moves along almost perfectly with a mellow, dreamy beginning as it flow into a slightly more heavy, swirling guitars sound. And those drums… ya it’s a fun one.


Chanel Beads Signs to Jagjaguwar + Drop New Track

This is the first I’m hearing of Chanel Beads, and I’m definitely spending some time with the previous work of the project; they’ve just signed to Jagjaguwar, and dropped this new single that’s the perfect texturized bit of pop. In a sense, the track reflects the murky pop sounds of the Radio Dept, albeit spun with a more sterile feel, perhaps owing to the project being based in New York City. They layer beats, strings, vocal samples, creating this sublime relaxation, with each little accent piece nearing climax, only to be dragged back into the song’s core. It’s the perfect bit of dreary dream music you’ll need to get you over the hump today.

New Double Single From Omat

New York City based indie label Fire Talk has long been one of our favorite sources for new and upcoming bands both in the NYC area and throughout the country. Over the last year or so, the label has been dropping a ton of new and unreleased tracks from bands not necessarily on their main outlet via the imprint Open Tab. You can spend your day checking out all those tunes, but also put some heavy focus on these two new ones from the Brooklyn based band OMAT. Both have a heavier focus with a sort of post-grunge inspiration and straight badass vocals from leading lady Dharma Ramirez. Dig it.

Check Out A New Single From Snailosaur

Brooklyn based group snailosaur hit our radar back in April with the release of their debut self-titled EP. Since then, we haven’t heard much from the brotherly duo until today with the release of yet another stunner with this new single called “Apartment Boxes (nyc poem).” This one hits me as a tune with a very intricate and deliberate instrumentation similar to a band like The National paired with the deepest of deep vocals akin to someone like Bill Callahan. It comes across as something immediately familiar, but also unique to the band and their layered sound.


Indie Rock Gem From Tennis Courts

Though they may hail from Brooklyn, the songwriting duo of Patrick Walsh and Andrew Clarke certainly show some Southern Rock twang in their sound as the musical group Tennis Courts. Take this new tune “Jamie’s Party,” as an example with its indie rock meets Americana vibe to it. Think a band like Young Buffalo or Band of Horses but with a more classic rock structure to the song. Whatever you like to call it, I’m sure you’ll find it catchy as hell.

This track is the first single from the upcoming debut LP due out sometime this fall.

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