New One From Fraternal Twin

unnamed (1)New York based Tom Christie ha been making some music under the moniker Fraternal Twin for the last couple of years now and he’s begun to make some noise in the indie scene. Today I’m excited to bring some new music your way with this new song entitled “False Alarm”. Imagine if you will a slow core artist like Owen merging with a bedroom pop artist like Real Estate and I think that’s about what you’ve got here. I’m into it.

Fraternal Twin will release new album Homeworlding on October 14th via Ghost Ramp Records.

Slacker Rock From Gap Dream

unnamed (1)Wasn’t I just saying something this morning about how impressive Burger Records has become with picking up new talent and sharing their music with the world? Well they are at it again in a short span of a few hours with this new single and album from previously ATH approved band Gap Dream. The tune is a meandering bit of slacker style indie rock music with an entrancing little guitar diddy carried on throughout the song. Carry on dude.

New album This is Gap Dream will be out on July 22nd via Burger Records.

Nice Rocker From The Britanys

unnamed (1)Many folks in the music world are crowing New York rock band The Britanys as saviors to rock n roll music in an industry increasingly filled with DJs and electronica. Now I’m not sure I’m ready to call them the next Strokes, but I do rather enjoy their music. Maybe you will enjoy it as well when you listen to this new single from the guys entitled “Get My”. Funny thing is, the new single was produced by legendary producer Gordon Raphael who produced The Strokes ground breaking debut This is It. The guys will also be working with Raphael on an upcoming EP. Stay tuned.

Promising New Track From Nail Polish

unnamed (8)Many of you are likely unfamiliar with NYC based band Nail Polish since they currently only have one EP release under their belt. I’m starting to think that will be changing here soon after you check out this promising new track “Stay Gone”. The new single brings to mind similar groups like Wavves or even some of the punkier elements from a band like So So Glos. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about Nail Polish in the future. Those of you interest in a free download of the song can head over to the Illuminasty Records site for a pay what you want type deal.

Another One From Exiles

12002237_501338333359178_7099498794113871273_nExiles has picked up some major coverage from us over the years, and the band slowly became one of those ATH approved types. Once you’ve won us over, it’s more likely than not to see your music posted on this here site. Today is no different as I give you the band’s second new single of the year entitled “Search Light”. The dreamy and bright state of this group’s sound grows ever irresistible with each new track.

New EPSearch Lighthits streets a few short days ago. Buy it in on bandcamp.

ACL Preview: Rey Pila

Rey Pila

Once again ACL Festival weekend has crept ever closer and I can’t say I’m fully ready just yet.  Of course I still have a couple of weeks to prep which should be plenty of time to get my mind and body ready for another festival.  As always, we will do our best to offer some advice, spotlight some bands we like, and also interview those bands we like.  So today I’m going to begin my coverage with a short bit on my current favorite band out of Mexico, Rey Pila.  Follow the jump for more.

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Single Premiere: Exiles

EXILES BAND PHOTO 4We’ve offered our support in the past for New York based band Exiles and I’m excited today to be premiering their new single here for all you fans.  Going by the name “Dawn Patrol”, the new single is in the vein of the shoe gaze genre I suppose, though a label so simple really doesn’t do the song justice.  It’s a breezy tune, full of good vibes, mesmerizing female vocals, and an almost trance inducing sound.  All things worthy of our ATH stamp of approval.

Exiles will be releasing their latest Secrets EP on tape via Beautiful Secrets and on CD via Dufflecoat Records.  Both of those links should take you to a pre-order.

Spend Friday With The Parlor

the-parlor-promo-2015-650x400Altamont, NY based The Parlor has been the recipient of some major praise from online music critics recently.  Their style is this sort of breezy, while quirky bit of pop music genius.  Below is a sample of their sound with new track “Wishes in the Sheets”.  Hopefully you’ll find something to enjoy here as we ease into the weekend.

Wahzu Wahzu is due out September 18th via B3nson.

Late to the Party: Jack + Eliza

15389_868043193280575_9085091377776735403_nSometimes we get busy and sometimes we miss some truly superb music as a result.  Jack + Eliza is one of my recent brain farts and today I hope to remedy such an atrocity.  The band is a  young duo hailing from NYC who craft a throwback style of pop music featuring a folk inspired, harmony laden sound.  This single “Oh No” should cause you to fall in love with the duo.  Enjoy.

Jack + Eliza will drop their debut album, Gentle Warnings, on August 7th via Yebo Music.

Give A Listen to Whitewash’s New Tune

whiteyA lot of acts get labeled with the slacker-pop genre tag, and I’m not really sure exactly what it means, although I think it means that the band doesn’t seem to be trying too hard. That’s kind of a dick thing to say about a musician I reckon, but fuck it, Whitewash are one of the coolest “slacker” pop acts around.  Just take a listen at how the vocals are traded back and forth here, seemingly with no effort. It matches perfectly with the relaxed composition of the song itself. If you like the tune, look for Shibboleth on May 19th.

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