Die! Die! Die! Share This is Not an Island Anymore Single

It takes a lot to tickle my angsty tendencies, but man if Die! Die! Die! aren’t doing their damndest to keep me on board. This last week they shared the title track from their new LP, thundering with the rhythm section from the get go, while the guitar operates like a noisy transmission from another galaxy. It feels like the song’s lurching, stopping then starting until it can no longer control itself and unleashes a blast of fury, tearing through your speakers before the song is no more. The new album, This is Not an Island Anymore will be released this Friday.

The Beths Return with A Real Thing

Having had two North American tours cancelled by this damned pandemic since the release of Jump Rope Grazers, The Beths are ready to finally make their way back over here on the backs of their latest release…doing it with a fresh tune in their pockets to rock your way. Liz Stokes of course is the dominating force here, with the rise and fall of the hooks revolving around her delivery. That’s not to say the band aren’t hitting it heavy together, as the drums hit furiously, pounding out a frantic pace that matches with the fever dream that influenced Stokes’ writing on this particular tune. Plus, I’m not sure any power-rock group is writing choruses with as many catchy moments as this lot. They’ll be hitting the States throughout the rest of February, and then heading over to Europe for the rest of the Spring…so catch em’ when you can! Austin date at Empire Garage on February 15th!

Die! Die! Die! Share Video for Losing Sight, Keep on Kicking

I’ve already written about what a ripper this latest Die! Die! Die! single is, but now that it’s got this great gory video to go along, feel like that gives us another chance to turn it up and get things real loud. I love the pummeling pace of the tune, and the vocals definitely have that post-hardcore howl that hits the spot. This still feels like one of those rippers that is destined to tear through your speakers, in the best way of course! The New Zealand outfit will release This is Not an Island Anymore on February 18th.


T.G. Shand Shares New Single, Seats

T.G. Shand is the new project from ex-Miniatures member Annemarie Duff, who is now spending time living in Christchurch. There’s a new album in the works for early ’22, so now seems like the perfectly fitting time to sprinkle in a little tease. What first caught my ear was the sort of trip-hop underbelly of the beat work on this tune; it was the perfect place to set up some contrast with the song’s dreamier nature. In all honesty, it feels like the sort of tune you’d hear on tour listening to a band like Dummy, so its nice to see other acts incorporating various sounds on a genre that needs a little refresh (if you ask me). Close ears will ear washes of guitar and that sort of acid house groove working its way to the surface, and if you ask me, we’re all the better this song’s out there. We’ll keep you posted on more as it comes our way.

Die Die Die Announce New Album

Sure sure, I’ve been mostly hitting on the pop notes of late the last few years, but when something like Die! Die! Die! hits, I just can’t turn away from the abrasiveness that raised me. That thundering rhythm section that opens this song is intoxicating in its own right, then you get the Andrew’s voice barking angrily. At times, it almost seems like the drums are doubling down on the vocals and guitar, begging them so speed up and explode. Back and forth we go, reminded by Wilson’s lyrics that we all get lost in the mix sometimes, and thus we’ve got to reset. Everything about this song feels explosive, and I can’t wait for the band to drop This Is Not an Island Anymore next February.

Wurld Series Share Distant Business

New Zealand outfit Wurld Series continue to mix up their sound, blending elements of fuzzy indie rock, accessible pop and a penchant for racket. This one feels like a bit more of the latter, though there’s still a core melodic bit in the vocals to serve as the gravitational glue holding the song all together. At times, it sounds like the bastard sons of Pavement, unabashedly banging out their frivolous guitar licks without a care as to how they come across to the listener. You’ve got a love a bit of that devil-may-care attitude, and with the continuous push to mix up their sound, What’s Growing is shaping up to be a mighty nice collection of tunes; it drops on March 19 via Meritorio/Osborne Again/Melted Ice Cream.


Merk Shares Laps Around the Sun Video

A few weeks back I shared a tune from New Zealand’s Merk, a tune I proclaimed to be the best of no-pop. Here is the artist again, with a new single and the official announcement of his debut Infinite Youth. It’s a tune that sort of hangs on this slight balance between brooding introspection and blooming joy. I just love the way there’s this huge restraint in his approach, holding tight to to the song’s central pop force, but even with pop sensibility and that warm glow, there’s never an eruption, never a climactic rise; it makes you anxious in the best way, and while it might not deliver that hook, the way it keeps you on edge is brilliant. The new LP drops on April 9th via Humblebrag Records.

Slinky Pop Tune from Merk

I seem to have arisen from my funk of yesterday, so I’m sliding into this clever pop ditty from New Zealand’s Merk. We had no wave, but this feels like no-club pop; it’s got these little flourishes of club beats and dance floor ready notes, but they’re pulled way back, almost as if the song moves in slow-motion. Still, you can’t hide a natural hook, which is offered via the chorus and those little synth stabs in the far off distance. Just really enjoying the fact that I haven’t heard a whole lot like this, like dance music you’re not sure you know how to dance to. It’s okay, let your body do the work.

Wurld Series Announce What’s Growing LP

After hinting at a new album in 2019, Wurld Series have finally announced their new LP, What’s Growing; it’s being handled by our faves over at Osborne Again, Melted Ice Cream and Meritorio Records, so it seems fitting we’re already onboard. It’s really hard to extrapolate one finite influence; I hear modern styles in that sort of slow-core pop like Hovvdy, but it’s seemingly filtered through a 90s filter a la Pavement or Dinosaur Jr. Plus, throw in some sonic feedback squalls, and the band feels like its sort of all over the place. Suffice to say, if you like slow churning rock n’ roll, splashed with creativity and flare, then this one’s for you!

SXSW Interview: Yumi Zouma

Party time people. That’s right, we are kicking off our SXSW coverage this week and really going into full on preview mode. As we tend to do every year, we will coming at you with a whole slew of interviews in the hopes you will appreciate the varied look on the festival. Today we have a new one answered by New Zealand founded, yet no longer based, Yumi Zouma. As always, hit the jump for full interview.

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