Die Die Die Announce New Album

Sure sure, I’ve been mostly hitting on the pop notes of late the last few years, but when something like Die! Die! Die! hits, I just can’t turn away from the abrasiveness that raised me. That thundering rhythm section that opens this song is intoxicating in its own right, then you get the Andrew’s voice barking angrily. At times, it almost seems like the drums are doubling down on the vocals and guitar, begging them so speed up and explode. Back and forth we go, reminded by Wilson’s lyrics that we all get lost in the mix sometimes, and thus we’ve got to reset. Everything about this song feels explosive, and I can’t wait for the band to drop This Is Not an Island Anymore next February.

Wurld Series Share Distant Business

New Zealand outfit Wurld Series continue to mix up their sound, blending elements of fuzzy indie rock, accessible pop and a penchant for racket. This one feels like a bit more of the latter, though there’s still a core melodic bit in the vocals to serve as the gravitational glue holding the song all together. At times, it sounds like the bastard sons of Pavement, unabashedly banging out their frivolous guitar licks without a care as to how they come across to the listener. You’ve got a love a bit of that devil-may-care attitude, and with the continuous push to mix up their sound, What’s Growing is shaping up to be a mighty nice collection of tunes; it drops on March 19 via Meritorio/Osborne Again/Melted Ice Cream.


Merk Shares Laps Around the Sun Video

A few weeks back I shared a tune from New Zealand’s Merk, a tune I proclaimed to be the best of no-pop. Here is the artist again, with a new single and the official announcement of his debut Infinite Youth. It’s a tune that sort of hangs on this slight balance between brooding introspection and blooming joy. I just love the way there’s this huge restraint in his approach, holding tight to to the song’s central pop force, but even with pop sensibility and that warm glow, there’s never an eruption, never a climactic rise; it makes you anxious in the best way, and while it might not deliver that hook, the way it keeps you on edge is brilliant. The new LP drops on April 9th via Humblebrag Records.

Slinky Pop Tune from Merk

I seem to have arisen from my funk of yesterday, so I’m sliding into this clever pop ditty from New Zealand’s Merk. We had no wave, but this feels like no-club pop; it’s got these little flourishes of club beats and dance floor ready notes, but they’re pulled way back, almost as if the song moves in slow-motion. Still, you can’t hide a natural hook, which is offered via the chorus and those little synth stabs in the far off distance. Just really enjoying the fact that I haven’t heard a whole lot like this, like dance music you’re not sure you know how to dance to. It’s okay, let your body do the work.

Wurld Series Announce What’s Growing LP

After hinting at a new album in 2019, Wurld Series have finally announced their new LP, What’s Growing; it’s being handled by our faves over at Osborne Again, Melted Ice Cream and Meritorio Records, so it seems fitting we’re already onboard. It’s really hard to extrapolate one finite influence; I hear modern styles in that sort of slow-core pop like Hovvdy, but it’s seemingly filtered through a 90s filter a la Pavement or Dinosaur Jr. Plus, throw in some sonic feedback squalls, and the band feels like its sort of all over the place. Suffice to say, if you like slow churning rock n’ roll, splashed with creativity and flare, then this one’s for you!

SXSW Interview: Yumi Zouma

Party time people. That’s right, we are kicking off our SXSW coverage this week and really going into full on preview mode. As we tend to do every year, we will coming at you with a whole slew of interviews in the hopes you will appreciate the varied look on the festival. Today we have a new one answered by New Zealand founded, yet no longer based, Yumi Zouma. As always, hit the jump for full interview.

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Bright Indie Pop From Mermaidens

It’s a nice and sunny day here in Austin and I think a bright, poppy tune would suit the atmosphere just fine. My desires for such a tune comes today by way of New Zealand based artist Mermaidens and their new song “I Might Disappear”. It’s perfect for fans of Alvvays if they could bring a bit more of an edge with crunchy guitars coming in from time to time. I hope you dig it.

Mermaidens will release new album Look Me in the Eye on September 9th via Flying Nun Records.

Miss June Sign to Frenchkiss Records

Frenchkiss Records is a longtime favorite label of ours and they seem to have found another great unknown band with the signing of Auckland based band Miss June. Celebrating the new signing, the band are dropping a video for this new single “Best Girl” which can be found below. Anyone with an open ear will immediately be drawn to the bands large amount of energy and power thrown into their music. It’s as if Garbage had more of a rocking sound like Screaming Females. Dig it.

Miss June will release this song on a 7″ vinyl release coming on June 10th via Frenchkiss Records.

Tiny Ruins Announce New Record

Tiny Ruins, the project of Hollie Fullbrook, is ready to share its third album, this time with Ba Da Bing as its home. The first single we get is, as we expected, pure excellence. Hollie’s voice rises up and down, changing registers, moving in and out, almost as if it was meant to haunt your ears. Perhaps that emotion stems from the details in the accompanying music, whether it be the work of the guitar, layered strings, or the percussive elements that bubble to the top of the mix. Fullbrook stars in the video, a lone figure walking through nature…a clip perfectly fit for this track. Olympic Girls will be out February 1st of 2019.

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